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  1. Under200

    Fuel System Cleaners

    I have used STP 5 in 1 cleaner with good results. These cleaners do fall into the area of snake oil since regular modern pump gas already has detergents. But since I have read that DI engine do get dirty with crud due to the technology I put a bottle or two in per year to help keep things inside with less carbon buildup.
  2. Under200

    MKZ and Concealed carry

    Any pics or descriptions on how you carry your ccw firearms in the MKZ. In my armrest now but not hard mounted, looking all options.
  3. Under200

    2017+ maps

    Curious on the map software on the 2017 and after models. To the best of my knowledge Lincoln did away with the SD card updates. So where is the map info on our systems? Is it live and current all the time or it is hard coded at the factory and you have to pay for yearly updates via cd or dealer flash. Have found that sometimes it cannot find some places where Google nails it in seconds
  4. Would say that if you like the 4cyc go for it. If thinking about the 6 I would go for a 2017 and get the upgraded 3.0 twin turbo. More powerful than the 3.7 and better mpg. I average between 22 and 23 with my 3.0t driving 75% hwy. good luck on any choice. If and is not important to you you may even consider the hybrid, 40 mpg
  5. Under200

    Just want to say thanks!

    Do it!!.....Get the mkz. Same color as mine and I love it. Am sure the Continental is amazing but I cannot get over those spaceship looking seats and the rear end is not my cup of tea.
  6. Under200

    Oil change price, impressive

    Lincoln is to classy but it would be a great ad if they put up service charges to remind buyers of other makes what it cost to maintain once free service runs out.
  7. Seems every few days I get reminded what a great choice I made buying a Lincoln. Emailed my dealer today inquiring how much an oil change costs. I am due for my first one in about 3000 miles. my great sales guy replies that an oil change, wash and tire rotation is $55. I was shocked on what a great bargain this is. My Mazda I had befor this was almost 80 for this are service. Again Lincoln proves that you can have a true luxury car without the crazy upkeep cost that is typical with most premium brands. Know people who drive bmw and audi who would kill to get a simple oil surface under $250.
  8. Under200

    Just want to say thanks!

    Haha......No kidding. While not economy priced a year old Lincoln is one of the best bargains out there. I paid $15K less than what it went for just one year ago new. Lincoln CPO's are very good deals. Was happy to let the previous owner take the big depression hit.
  9. Under200


    Color looks great, love it. Congrats
  10. Under200

    Metal chrome trim cleaning suggestions

    Awesome, thanks for the tip. will get some!
  11. Anyone have any suggestions on what to use on the metal chrome trim around the windows? Although very new it looks like my trim has some age imperfections. Would like to clean it up and wax. So far soap and water, detailer spray and spray wax have not helped improve its appearance. Want it to look smooth and brite
  12. Under200

    Regular vs Premium Gas

    Just for fun I filled with mid-grade 89 to see if there would be any difference from 87. I feel no performance difference however have noticed that so far about half way though the tank and I am getting 1mpg less. Not exactly scientific of course but so far I notice no gain in spending the extra $4 or $5 per tank for the slightly higher octane #
  13. Under200

    3.0T turbo?

    My understanding is that the twin scroll turbos like mist modern ones come on between Low 2000 to 3000
  14. Under200

    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    Anyone else care to add their model, driving habits and mpg?