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  1. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Speaking of that lousy old Pyro-based kit, I just picked up three built examples as rebuilders today. Here they are on the trunk lid of my MKZ.
  2. I"ve had my 2010 AWD for just over year now. The "new" feeling has worn off, but unlike many of my previous cars, the charm of the car is still totally intact. It still irks the living hell out of me when it's dirty, and I haven't started skimping on the regular maintenance schedule like I have so many times in the past. The car now has 130,000 miles, and is free of squeaks and rattles unless it's really cold out. Most of those go away once the interior warms up too. Other than basic wear and tear items I haven't had to put much money into it as far as repairs. My PTU burned out this summer, but my extended warranty covered that. I can say many good things about the dealer and my warranty (Alpha), but the repair took the better part of a week because O'Reilly Auto Parts forgot to send out the PTU the first time. I also had the rear differential seals replaced, as they were starting to weep a bit, and had the right front wheel bearing replaced. I did those out of pocket just to get them done more quickly than going through the warranty company. Just today I replaced the brake light switch myself... that was nice, easy three-minute job! With this car I found out how uncooperative State Farm can be, after I nailed a train track on a washed-out street and wiped out both passenger's side tires (which had less than 3,000 miles on them) and both wheels. After getting that fixed I switched insurance providers. You'd think after being a loyal customer for almost two decades (next April would have marked 20 years of me using State Farm) and putting up with increasing rates a company would be more willing to work with you, but nope! And by the way- I'm now paying about fifty bucks less per month, and my deductible is half of what it was with State Farm. For a nearly-ten year old car with 130k, I'm impressed with how well my little Z has held up. I do wish the CD4 rocker panels were a bit more weather tight, as my car is going to need rockers pretty shortly. What irks me is that my brother's Fusion is four years older and has nearly twice as many miles, and while my rockers are rusting, the rockers on his junker are perfect. Every other panel on his is messed up, but those rockers are cherry. 🤣 And I love how everyone knocks Lincolns for being Ford based, but I don't need to tell any of you here that when the time comes for repair or service, that works in your favor. And if you have the repair or service done at the dealer, the car gets a wash. As of right now I have every intention of sticking with Lincolns for my daily drivers. Not sure what the future holds for the MKZ, but I'm hoping the future for my personal MKZ is bright enough.
  3. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Just did a somewhat relevant new post on my website. It just so happens my first disappointing scale model purchase was a Lincoln kit. http://chuckmost.wixsite.com/madhouse-miniatures/single-post/2019/11/09/Sht-Kits--Lindberg-1948-Lincoln-Continental
  4. Smokestone10

    What’s your next car?

    Speaking of cats... mine is the worst wash mit ever.
  5. Well.... I don't hate it. I'm more put off by the front plate bracket. States that require front plates really need to cede from the union. 🤣
  6. Smokestone10

    Welp... I've joined the dreaded "DOA PTU" club...

    I got the car back Thursday, and everything is great. Funny thing is- the car always had a very slight buzz every so often at certain speeds. Barely audible but there. That buzzing sound is gone now. Kinda makes me wonder if the PTU was on it's way out the whole time.
  7. Smokestone10

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I was one of the people convinced it would never happen, given GM's legendary stubbornness and refusal to change. Feels ok to be proved wrong this time.
  8. Smokestone10

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I'm just shocked at how the ultimate Boomer car has become the anti Boomer car. It's getting so much backlash from Vette purists I lone it. 😂
  9. Smokestone10

    Welp... I've joined the dreaded "DOA PTU" club...

    I'll be keeping a closer eye on that from here on out. Hopefully the car will be out of the shop today or Monday.
  10. Thursday I took my 2010 in for it's oil change and tire rotation. The tech informed me of a weepy rear diff seal, which I've known about for a while, and let me know my rear pads are due for replacement, but had some really bad news. My PTU decided to barbecue itself. I knew that was a common flaw on my car, but even that doesn't seem to soften the blow too much. Not really looking for advice or tips- the car will be headed to the shop tomorrow to get the ball rolling. More than anything, I just wanted to vent. Much like my PTU did with it's fluid. 🤣 Other than this incident, however, I still have absolutely zero regrets getting the car. And I'm happy I've managed to keep it looking good for this long too.
  11. Smokestone10

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    Sounds spot-on. Chrysler.... designed by experts, assembled by amateurs.
  12. Smokestone10

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.... no. Also, am I the only one who thinks the MKZ is the better looking of the two? I like the Connie's tail light treatment, but the nose and overall proportions of the MKZ just look better to me.
  13. Smokestone10

    Rocker panel rust

    If you want the factory part, you can only get part of the rocker- the rear third or so, which comes with the entire rear quarter. And they're about 1200 bucks. So.... yeah. I'm thinking of ordering a set of aftermarket rockers to see how they look, as my '10 has a few nasty bubbles in the rockers. The aftermarket pieces are the entire rocker and cost less than 100 from what I see online.
  14. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    The junky blue '62 has been reborn as a period-style custom, and I also recently wrapped up a crusty '41 Connie lead-sled
  15. Smokestone10

    What’s your next car?

    My next car will be a 2018 MKZ. In about eight years when I can get one with 112k on it like I did with my 2010. 🙂 Or maybe I'll find a nice low-mile Continental Black Label. I have a few years to make up my mind.