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  1. Smokestone10

    What’s your next car?

    Speaking of cats... mine is the worst wash mit ever.
  2. Well.... I don't hate it. I'm more put off by the front plate bracket. States that require front plates really need to cede from the union. 🤣
  3. Smokestone10

    Welp... I've joined the dreaded "DOA PTU" club...

    I got the car back Thursday, and everything is great. Funny thing is- the car always had a very slight buzz every so often at certain speeds. Barely audible but there. That buzzing sound is gone now. Kinda makes me wonder if the PTU was on it's way out the whole time.
  4. Smokestone10

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I was one of the people convinced it would never happen, given GM's legendary stubbornness and refusal to change. Feels ok to be proved wrong this time.
  5. Smokestone10

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I'm just shocked at how the ultimate Boomer car has become the anti Boomer car. It's getting so much backlash from Vette purists I lone it. 😂
  6. Smokestone10

    Welp... I've joined the dreaded "DOA PTU" club...

    I'll be keeping a closer eye on that from here on out. Hopefully the car will be out of the shop today or Monday.
  7. Thursday I took my 2010 in for it's oil change and tire rotation. The tech informed me of a weepy rear diff seal, which I've known about for a while, and let me know my rear pads are due for replacement, but had some really bad news. My PTU decided to barbecue itself. I knew that was a common flaw on my car, but even that doesn't seem to soften the blow too much. Not really looking for advice or tips- the car will be headed to the shop tomorrow to get the ball rolling. More than anything, I just wanted to vent. Much like my PTU did with it's fluid. 🤣 Other than this incident, however, I still have absolutely zero regrets getting the car. And I'm happy I've managed to keep it looking good for this long too.
  8. Smokestone10

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    Sounds spot-on. Chrysler.... designed by experts, assembled by amateurs.
  9. Smokestone10

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.... no. Also, am I the only one who thinks the MKZ is the better looking of the two? I like the Connie's tail light treatment, but the nose and overall proportions of the MKZ just look better to me.
  10. Smokestone10

    Rocker panel rust

    If you want the factory part, you can only get part of the rocker- the rear third or so, which comes with the entire rear quarter. And they're about 1200 bucks. So.... yeah. I'm thinking of ordering a set of aftermarket rockers to see how they look, as my '10 has a few nasty bubbles in the rockers. The aftermarket pieces are the entire rocker and cost less than 100 from what I see online.
  11. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    The junky blue '62 has been reborn as a period-style custom, and I also recently wrapped up a crusty '41 Connie lead-sled
  12. Smokestone10

    What’s your next car?

    My next car will be a 2018 MKZ. In about eight years when I can get one with 112k on it like I did with my 2010. 🙂 Or maybe I'll find a nice low-mile Continental Black Label. I have a few years to make up my mind.
  13. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Two more recently completed '65's- both done as open limos for a historical sightseeing tour. They're part of an ongoing series of models I'm doing and both were made from cast-offs and spare parts.
  14. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Recently picked up another original AMT annual '62, a convertible this time. It needs a total resto but I think I can do something with it.
  15. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    And finally... a beater '65 that was built from spares and finished a few days ago, and yet another original annual kit, this time a '68 in terrible need of a rebuild.