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  1. wahconah98

    Wheels for M12 lugs vs. M14

    I ended up buying 4 of these. I wanted 18" wheels for snow tires but I couldn't pass up the deal on these 19s. I'm going to try 245/45R19 tires to buy me an extra half an inch of tire above the rim compared to the factory 245/40R19 size.
  2. wahconah98

    Wheels for M12 lugs vs. M14

    As a follow-up, I was able to locate a set of previous generation MKZ wheels on Craigslist. I can confirm that they bolt up just fine on my 2017. There's less clearance in the cavities where the lug nuts live but my 21mm impact socket fits. Now I don't have to deal with any offset or width issues that were prevalent in all the aftermarket wheels I had been looking at.
  3. wahconah98

    Wheels for M12 lugs vs. M14

    That definitely looks promising! I'm surprised my Google-foo didn't get me to that page.
  4. wahconah98

    Wheels for M12 lugs vs. M14

    Hi everyone, I have a 2017 MKZ 3.0 and I'm currently in search of a second set of wheels for winter tires. Since they are going to see a lot of road salt and other harsh conditions, I'm not interested in spending a lot of money on current generation OEM wheels. What I have found are 18" previous generation Fusion wheels for a very reasonable price (picture below). The wheel size, lug pattern, offset, and center bore match the current generation Fusions and MKZs. The only difference is the Fusion up to 2016 used M12 lugs where the current generation uses M14 lugs. Do any of you know if these older wheels will accommodate the larger lugs and nuts? Thanks, -Bill