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  1. Sludge

    Spring Cleaning - Isn’t She Purdy?!

    Way better than new. Love the color of the leather seats.
  2. Sludge

    Spring Wash & Wax

    Washed and tried out P&S Beadmaker, a spray sealant.
  3. Thanks all, I drove about 700 miles this weekend, 1/2 the trip through rain and fog. The car looks terrible, but I managed 32.5 mpg for the whole trip. I have a bad back like most my age and actually feel good today (the day after the trip). This is the nicest car I've owned. Gordon
  4. Thanks all. jmcgliss, don't settle too close to a river. 100 year floods seem to happen frequently in the Carolinas.
  5. Sludge

    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

    My 2015 does not show tire pressure.
  6. Finally got around to cleaning up the 2015 I picked up in July. My wife and I really enjoy this car and the handling is better than I expected. Hi to everyone.