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  1. We also have summer and winter fuel blends. Seems to make no difference in the vibration, just the mpg. I will report any changes. It's still early with this tire/wheel change.
  2. R2D2, I have just replaced my bald 19" michelins with 18" Yokohama's. I changed the wheels only because I was told that I had damage on one wheel. I also wanted a smoother ride with 18" wheels (the jury is out on that one). I kept track of the wheel as rotations we we done and sure enough there was minimal damage to the wheel in question. From what I was told, I expected to see major obvious damage. It was a 3" flat spot on the inside of the decorative side of the wheel. I expected to have the small continuous vibration fixed (which it did) but the vibration at engine shut-off to electric is almost undectable every time. The delay between switchover to electric is now almost immediate, consistantly. And, I am using regular gas again! I am beside myself as to why wheels would cause this problem especially since this wheel has been rotated to the front and back drivers side multiple times. I now cannot wait to get behind the wheel and experience what my car felt like when it was new. I don't hate my car anymore but I don't like Lincoln service not knowing their product. There's lot more to the story than just vibration. Strange fix to this problem but I hope it helps others.
  3. Hi R2D2, found your post after looking for a cure for this problem. I have a 2014 MKZ hybrid that exhibits this problem. I read that you tried injector cleaner. I tried cleaner On a few hundred mile trip. In a few miles into the full tank, the vibration seemed 90% cured. I was thrilled but before I reached my destination, the vibration at switch over from gas to electric increased and on the next tank of gas, vibration returned. I use Costco gas almost exclusively but had to stop at 76 once for gas and the vibration acted as if I used injector cleaner! I then tried and now use Costco premium with the same results as the 76 gas. By the way, my gas mileage is still what I expect, mostly freeway 34-38 mpg. Lincoln service at a few different dealers had no idea what may cause the problem. They blamed tires, wheels and anything but the engine. I am surprised that these mechanics cannot figure out an apparently basic problem. I am toying with the idea of replacing the injectors and plugs.