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  1. Hi BBF, I, of course, hope mine arrives 10 or more weeks from today order date....gives me more time to return to Fl. Ty
  2. Thanks so much BBF. The last time I ordered a car, none of this tracking was possible, so it's all new to me. My dealer is great so I expect to be kept in the loup. So, in your experience, how long after it's produced does it land on the lot? It's all very exciting!
  3. Ok, dealer will work with my schedule. Generally, I was told it shd arrive 8-12 weeks after the order was placed and then I have 30 days to take delivery. It was ordered 7/9 and I've heard nothing yet, so maybe t takes a while even to process the order. Does anyone know? I guess dealer will give me VIN number when it's actually on the line? I LOVE the metallic paint.
  4. I want to head in the opposite direction...delay the building and shipping of my newly ordered mkz! The order was placed late 7/9/18. I hope it won't hit the dealers lot until Oct. Is there anything I can do to delay the,process. I'm out of state till Oct.