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  1. That's great to know, considering I live in the midwest and winters are no joke and eat batteries from the low temps! Thanks!
  2. ERock

    14 Space Zipper

    I like the de-badged look on this one. Though if I were to commit to removing the badges I think I would also paint/dip the grill to match the wheels. Just a suggestion.
  3. ERock

    Badge Removal

    I know this thread is kinda dead... but hoping to get some ideas. Anyone removed these dealer stickers before (screenshot attached)? It's not vinyl, and it's not a bumper sticker. It's thicker and almost plastic-ish. I was going to try goof-off but then I'd have to re-wax the car as it will strip off absolutely everything it touches.
  4. ERock

    FOB range

    Anyone know the expected distance/range of their FOB? I was experimenting with my workplace and I can't seem to find a place in the building where it won't open the doors. It is frankly ridiculous the amount of range on this thing! It was well over a football field's length of direct sight distance before I noticed issue getting the FOB to trigger the light. My last car (08 Impala SS) had issues where the remote wouldn't shoot through walls, or if the back of the car was facing me the range was depleted because the transponder was under the hood. It's a rather pleasant creature comfort to have.
  5. ERock

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    So what's to stop a computer-inclined individual making a copy of the A8 card and dropping it in their MKZ? Hypothetically speaking of course 😉
  6. Thanks for the advice. There were no outstanding recalls for mine. Seems like there are very few things these have been recalled for - some type of airbag that's discontinued and a steering wheel bolt. That's all I could find.
  7. Hi there. New to the forum, so thanks for having me 🙂 Just recently purchased a used 2014 MKZ 3.7 in tuxedo black. Car was a lease prior (little old lady) and only has 52k on the odometer. I drove about 6 or 7 of these prior to deciding on this one. Passed up some 2015 models because this car seemed like it was such a cream puff. Even has the 22pt seats with the massage functions and the AC/heat seats. I think the only options it does NOT have is AWD/Heated Steering Wheel/Panoramic sunroof. I have CPO so I am protected for another 50k. I'm typically the guy who keeps his cars for 8-10 years, so I am curious of some of the things/issues I should look out for in the future. I live in the midwest outside Indianapolis, so winter is a thing. Thanks for the feedback! Here's a photo of her first day at home. https://imgur.com/a/hwA4HEK
  8. ERock


    I haven't seen the brown trimmed interior yet. Holy smokes does that look good.