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  1. I had an 07 MKZ for about 3 years, had it up to 68k. Had no notable mechanical issues at all. I loved that car, and I'd probably still have it if I didn't opt to upgrade to a hybrid. The couple times I brought it in for service, the service advisor always made it to a point to mention how that 3.5 "Sport" engine is one of the most reliable V6 engines Ford has ever made. Lots of power, though the MPG was a little low for me (avenged 17mpg, but that was almost all city driving). The chrome peeling issue is just a cosmetic issue, although I never had that issue. Overall they are very good cars, and as long as it was well maintained, it should do you well!
  2. JediBoyTJ

    Sync 3 For a Day

    Yeah, I've had a couple of the service loaners with SYNC 3, and it is a great improvement. I want to be able to play with the Apple CarPlay stuff, but the ones I had only had the 1.0 software on it. I was never a fan of SYNC 2 MFT. Im glad my 2012 was the last to have Gen 1, I feel it was so much more responsive than MFT. My next car will definitely have to have SYNC 3 in it.
  3. JediBoyTJ

    2014 MKZ-H THX speakers

    I dont have much experience with the 2013-2016 THX systems, so there is a chance maybe the speakers are of lower quality than the 2010-2012 style. Or maybe just a bad batch of speakers? In general, I haven't read too many complaints around the system. Most common complaint centers mostly around the lack of subwoofer bass. But again, thats not what the system is designed for. However your complaint is more so about muddy vocals and midrange, which is different. Thats why I'm maybe thinking you just simply had a couple bad speakers (or why I thought your audio source might have been of lower quality). Lincoln stopped using THX in 2016, when it was switched to Revel audio by Harmon. Which has already gotten numerous props and awards. So maybe there was some underlying issue with quality that was just never addressed so thats why they completely changed the system. Audio quality is a very subjective topic so I'm glad those little speaker upgrades you did worked out. Let us know if you do any other upgrades or changes. Im sure it'll help out other people in your position.
  4. JediBoyTJ

    2014 MKZ-H THX speakers

    TBH, compared to other upgraded sound systems, I found the THX system to be more of an accurate representation of the original sound. It truly depends on the quality of the audio source you are giving it. If you're just streaming mp3s via bluetooth, you'll be more apt to hear the artifacts and imperfections from the compression of the file, due to the ability of the speakers to produce the much higher frequencies that are normally cut off in compression. It also depends on the type of music you're listening to. Its not meant to be a bass shaking hip hop system. Other car systems tune their systems for streaming and lower quality sources, you won't really notice the compression artifacts/tinniness because the bass is so accentuated and the frequency response of the speakers is little lower. This is primarily why a lot of people say the base Lincoln audio system is better, or the Ford Sony audio system is better. Its more tuned for everyday use. This was something I figured out early on. I was mildly disappointed when I first picked up my car and started streaming from Spotify as it did sound a little more tinny. But as I researched it more and more, I learned that I needed to give the system higher quality sources, and once I did that I was sold. I packed an iPod with uncompressed audio (FLACs converted to Apple Lossless), and I started burning DVDs of high definition audio. The THX system in my 2012 really shines with the 5.1 Surround DVD Audio, and the high quality audio downloads burned to a DVD from HDTracks.com (48/96). It literally sounds like a movie theater. Now in regards to that high definition audio option... there is actually no option on the 2013+ systems for DVD playback (DVD Audio/Video), or anything higher than compressed CD or streaming audio. I was highly disappointed to learn this. (Its like having a brand new 70in 4K television... but only watching Standard Definition 480i shows... you're more apt to see the compression artifacts and imperfections of the quality on that big 4k TV, than an older smaller non-HD TV.) So in short, the system is designed for high quality surround sound type audio... but its short coming is that there is no easy way to actually give it a true high quality/high definition audio source. This is just my experience. I hope you are able to keep fine tuning the system for your needs!
  5. JediBoyTJ

    Ford Sync Gen1 Files Released

    Hi Thanks for the update. 5 mins seems very quick. I remember when I updated to 4.4 last year, it took nearly an hour. I remember reading the instructions and it said that after a few mins the voice will say it is complete, but actually it is still updating in the background and to leave the car running for at least another 20mins. I dont remember the exact timeframe. Did you check the settings screen to see if it says it is running 4.6? And on a side note, my update is still not available.
  6. JediBoyTJ

    Sync Update 4.6 For 2010 MKZ

    I just checked, and I still get the same error. But that is good news that you got it, so hopefully it'll release for me soon too!
  7. JediBoyTJ

    Sync Update 4.6 For 2010 MKZ

    Been trying for just as long as you have. Even had it escalated through Fords IVT team on the Ford Sync Forum. Still no response 5 weeks later. All we can hope for is enough people escalating and complaining about the issue to get them to finally fix it. Last year when I found the 4.4 update (before it was pulled) it just downloaded right away, there was no 'request' page, just a standard download link. I dont understand why this version has to be any different. I just want the autoplay bluetooth feature to work, so I dont have to switch to it every time I start the car.
  8. JediBoyTJ

    MKZh vs Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Considering the Lincoln shares a lot of parts and mechanical features with the Fusion, the repair costs ‚Äčtechnically shouldn't be much higher. They both share the same hybrid powertrain and platform. Also the limited/bumper-to-bumper warranty on the Lincoln is a year longer (4yrs vs 3yrs on the Ford), so if you found a late 2013 or 2014 model, you'll more than likely still have a limited warranty on it where if anything were to fail, down to the stitching on the leather, it would be covered. If you have any questions on the 2012 model (older body style) i can chime in if you want. I've had my 2012 for almost 3 years now.
  9. JediBoyTJ

    Playing DVDs/5.1 Surround Audio - 2013+

    Yeah, i've now 100% learned that the 2012's were the last year to support DVDs and DVD-As. I know some models have external RCA jacks now instead, but that doesnt work with surround sound. Guess i'll have to keep my car around for a little longer!
  10. Hey guys, One of the main things I love about my 2012 MKZ is the 5.1 THX system. I play a lot of DVDs, and DVD-Audio. The sound is just so crisp and clear, and every passengers jaw drops the minute i start playing "Dark Side of the Moon" in 5.1. I know its rare to find actual DVD-Audios today, but there are still plenty of DVDs being made of music videos, concerts...etc that all sound amazing in 5.1. I can't seem to find any information about the 2013+ model years supporting DVDs or 5.1 audio in general. I even went to the dealer a few weeks ago and no one could give me a straight answer. One said "I don't think anyone has even tried yet to see if it works", and I didn't have any on me at the time. Do they support them, or is the market for that dead? I don't want to say this is a deal breaker on getting a new one soon, but definitely one of the top reasons I love this car is for the audio system and ability to play 5.1. Thanks! EDIT: Seems like its an obsolete feature, and the 2012's were the last year to have it. No big deal I suppose, I plan on keeping this car for a while anyway
  11. JediBoyTJ

    Mileage and average MPG

    on my old 2007 MKZ I got an average of 15-17mpg. 95% city driving, usually short trips as my commute to work is like <3 miles. I was lucky to get 230miles on a tank. Now on the highway and road trips, it was between 24-27mpg. I was definitely better off upgrading to the hybrid :P
  12. JediBoyTJ

    2012 Custom Tail Ligts

    Sounds like he wants something of an aftermarket kit for the tail lights. So far, my short google searches have yielded pretty much no results. I dont think there are many aftermarket parts for our cars, its not the kind of car people tend to modify. I've seen some of the 06-09 models with body kits and modified tail lights, but nothing for the 2nd gen body style.
  13. JediBoyTJ

    New from Palm Coast

    Wow, hopefully they get all that resolved soon! My 2012 have had very minor little quirks that pop up (a few false "vehicle approaching" errors when standing still, and a couple blind spot sensor errors), maybe once every few months, if that. But not to the extreme of what you are mentioning. You seem to have a lot of patience, which is good. I'm sure Lincoln and the dealership are going to do what they can to get everything resolved. I can tell you from working in the customer service field myself, that I am 100% more willing to work with and help people that are nice and patient with us.
  14. JediBoyTJ

    My new to me '12 MKZ

    Looks great! That black interior is nice (though not something i'd ever consider living in south florida lol). The tint looks nice too!
  15. JediBoyTJ

    My 2012 Hybrid