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  1. Hey all, first I hope everyone is well. I found a failed A/C compressor on my 13 MKZ 2.0. Does anyone know how difficult it is to remove and replace. The replacement compressor is $249 and that is new o.e.m. I have an A/C service machine so removing and recharging the freon is no problem. I just don't want to tear into it and find out I can't do it on the ground in the garage. Thanks for any advice or help.
  2. Suctoes

    2013 z loaded. Footwell lights?

    I know I have ambient lighting. But i want to add a lincoln logo puddle light on each footwell. I only want it to come on with the dome lights. Like footwell lights would.
  3. Suctoes

    2013 z loaded. Footwell lights?

    I don't see any footwell entry lights on my 13 mkz. Are there any? If not where can I tap into the dome light output to add some.
  4. I have a 2013 loaded MKZ. Does anybody have a 2013 list of forscan mods that are successful? Info on what will work, what might work and what years, is very confusing. I would like to disable the no key detection honk, and add TPMS.
  5. I tested the battery it tested very good. Today when I started it, it went throught its normal start up procedure then 5 seconds later did it again a second time thought the start procedure. Strange to say the least.
  6. Thanks for the idea. The jeep we traded in was the exact same way. I'll test the battery, as I have no idea how old it is. I know it's not the o.e. battery, it's a napa battery.
  7. We recently purchased a 2013 2.0 AWD with 57000 on it. Yesterday at separate times I got, "adaptive cruise control not available." Then later in the day I got "check adaptive headlamps." I'm starting to worry we got a car with electrical gremlins. That scares me because, as a car guy I know how hard electrical problems can be to diagnose and fix. Has anyone here had any issues like this? FYI I tried searching the forum for these issues but didn't really find any threads pertaining to these problems.
  8. Hey all, my wife and I just purchased a 13 2.0 AWD, with 59k. It has a drive line type vibration not all the time, but I can detect it most of the time at about any speed. Gets fairly bad sometimes. Dealer (non lincoln) says it's the tires that are flat spotted from sitting. I'm not very confident in that answer. I know this can happen but it has almost new toyo proxes s4,s on it and supposedly nitrogen in them. Any advice on what this issue might be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.