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  1. My local Lincoln dealer just installed 4 new tires I just purchased did a complete inspection of car functions including things like battery test brake check collant test since we are getting into the cold weather and oil and filter change all for $61.00 I thought that was a pretty darn good deal ! My sister takes her new BMW in for an oil change and tire rotation all for the smoking good price of $145.00! They are trying to sell her a maintenance package for her car for around $5,000.00 for 85,000 miles! Keep in mind it does not cover any broken parts it just covers all general maintenance! I told her do not do it it's not worth it. She told me she will get a Lincoln next time.
  2. So let me get this straight..... My wife comes home with my MKZ and parks in the garage and she could get locked in there overnight until I find her in the am? Frankly this does not sound all that bad.... Was this an option on my 2017? I may have ordered that option if available! Probably called "Free night locking system for the guys check box 2"
  3. ZED

    For those shopping new tires.

    My tire experience has shown me that I have not had the greatest luck with Michelin tires I have had several over the years although my father who passed away two weeks ago always bought them he says he has had great luck with them so go figure to each his own right. My 2017 MKZ 3.0t with the 19" wheels came with "summer" Michelin Pilot Sports and after 15,000 miles they are quite finished! Not the tires fault tires in this category wear out real fast. The car needing new sneakers sort of snuck up on me so I did not have the best of funds on hand. Unless I wanted a cheep Chinese tire that is much more hit or miss then tires made in other areas of the world. The best deal I came up with on a quality tire was from Simpletire on line I purchased 4 Nokian Z Line A/S tires for $475.00 and my dealer will charge me $60.00 to install them. Now about the Nokian's ... Nokian is a Finish Company best known for there snow tires some of the best in the world. Nokian really wants to be known as a tire company that makes other tires other then snow tires so this tire I purchased is there high performance all season tire. The Nokian Z Line A/S is getting excellent reviews and has a great deal of modern technology to offer that I won't get into here so I don't borre you! Lol this tire is currently made in Russia and will be made in the USA probably by late next year. Nokian is building a new real large $360 million dollar factory in Tennessee with the capacity to build up to 5 million tires per year and also store up to 600,000 tires in inventory so expect to see a great deal of Nokian tires of all types on the roads in the US in the future.
  4. ZED

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Nice! Love the blue! Thats how I bought mine it was a CPO car I think that is what they call it anyway. Mine had 6,600 miles on it and yes the warranty is fantastic on the CPO cars. Buddy of mine works at the local Lincoln dealership and he just picked one up also it is a loaded MKZ with only 9,000 miles he was all set to pull the trigger on a F150 lease and this Lincoln pulled in so he could not pass up the deal. Great car you will love it!
  5. ZED

    What does this do?

    I have a 2017 MKZ and sitting in the drivers seat the left control stock the one that controls the blinkers there is a button on the end you can push and for the life of me I can not figure out what it does? Is it a passenger eject button? If I push it will two 30 caliber machine guns pop out of the front grill? Or will an oil slick dump out the back? I can't seem to find what it does in the manual.
  6. Time for tires on my 2017 MKZ 3.0T stock size is 245/40/19 and I have 4 like new tires that I took off my Mustang when I traded it in size 255/40/19 anyone here know if they will fit? They are just a bit wider.
  7. I may start changing my own oil on my 2017 MKZ 3.0T so I was wondering what type of oil filter remover do I need to get? Meaning to remove the top mount filter holder?
  8. ZED

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    That'll buff right out! Glad you are ok that's all that matters.
  9. My 2017 MKZ 3.0T threw a check engine light the other day so today the dealer looked at it and the work order said the following. Cust says ck engine light on check and advise... Pinpoint test, P0304, P0316. Check TSB, Remove plugs and check for oil contamination. No signs of oil consumption as oil was just changed. Recommend drive for another 3,000 miles and check oil level. Perform high side fuel injector test. Idle ok, compression test shows 7% loss on cyl 4 and 3% loss on cyl 1 & 3. Service advisor says my car falls in the build date of the bad head issue. We would rather replace the entire engine for you and I said yes me too esp if it is down on compression and only going to get worse. Unfortunately we can't do anything yet we need some more evidence of oil consumption and oil contamination to present to Ford. By the way the car has aprox 12,000 miles.
  10. I was not sure where to post this so here goes.... Can the beeping on the perimeter alert / collision avoidance be turned down? When ever I pull into the garage with my 2017 MKZ 3.0T it beeps so loud.
  11. ZED

    '17 Black Label (Chalet) seat wear

    Looking at my 2017 I am not easy on seats esp with my fat A! I have lots of creasing like in your pix but what bothers me is the wear you have in the first pic I don't have any of that and I know from experience that type of wear only gets worse. I think I would bring it up to my dealer.
  12. Ok time for an update...... My oil leak was from the oil drain plug so no big deal they just dumped the oil and replaced it.
  13. ZED

    Revel - "Onstage" or "Audience"?

    I am an audio nut myself and I use to work at a home and car stereo shop for years when I was younger I have also built and designed many an award winning car audio systems for myself as well as customers and quality stuff sound wise not the big "BOOM!" "BOOM!" Stuff you hear going down the street. My 2017 MKZ has the Revel Ultuma system and I feel it is one of the best "Factory" systems out there. Set on the factory standard setting I find the upper midrange a bit "Honky" and the treble at times can be a bit forward so I have both cut back one notch I also have all of the settings set for audience or onstage off as I find I never seem to like the way it changes the sound of my music.
  14. ZED

    New to the MKZ community

    Real nice MKZ and welcome to the Forum
  15. Little update my MKZ goes in next Tuesday to check oil leak. I suspect it is the oil pan gasket but will let you know.