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  1. bce3

    Continue to impress

    I created an account and just entered my VIN. Until Friday, it had been showing the bogus build date. I used my Edge to check etis access and it showed everything about it. I also had the print date on my window sticker change on Friday as well. That’s the third time it has changed.
  2. bce3

    Continue to impress

    It’s getting closer! Etis shows build date for yesterday and the owner site shows the last sync update as today.
  3. bce3

    Continue to impress

    Courious when you bought yours. Ordered mine on March 20th and it is supposed to be built this week. Also, have you tried tracking it through cotus or etis? The only thing that has worked for me is a window sticker search. My window sticker showed up on the 17th.