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  1. Glad to hear it's working out well for you.
  2. leftoverture

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Welcome BobMKZ.
  3. leftoverture

    Best smart phone and keyfob placement ???

    I used this to hold my phone, right where I can see it: Whiz Gear phone holder Keep my fob in my pocket. No real need to ever take it out.
  4. leftoverture

    My new adopted 4 year old Lync...

    Very nice.
  5. leftoverture

    Purchased a used 2017 MKZ Reserve over the weekend

    Welcome. Give us more info about your new car.
  6. leftoverture

    My new 2017 Hybrid MKZ in Nashville, TN

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your car. You will find some good people here.
  7. Agreed. Plan a short road trip on roads with varying speeds to properly break in the car. After that, expect 16-18 mpg in the city. That's about what I get. Highway mileage is much better at 28mpg.
  8. leftoverture

    Sirius Radio, free for 3 months

    I already have Sirius. With nothing good on local channels and my HD radio still broken, it is the only thing I listen to (when I'm not listening to podcasts from my favorite preachers).
  9. leftoverture

    Looking for a Bargain?

    I remember tulip time for sure. When I lived in Holland I lived right by the Side Door Party Store. Is R-Bo Company still in Zeeland? I worked for R-Bo when it first started out on a farm in Hamilton.
  10. leftoverture

    Looking for a Bargain?

    Where in West Michigan are you? I lived in Holland and Saugutuck back in the late 80's and early 90's. Worked in South Haven.
  11. leftoverture

    Looking for a Bargain?

    Yep. We bought our 2014 three years ago with only 32k miles for less than half the new car sticker price. The 3.0 models seem to sell good, but the rest of the MKZs not so much. But that makes them bargains for those of us who like them.
  12. leftoverture

    Water Leak

    He said the front passenger side is dry. Wouldn't we expect it to be wet if it was the heater core?
  13. leftoverture

    Water Leak

    I don't have any specific knowledge but my first guess would be that your sunroof is leaking.
  14. leftoverture

    Mixed blessing

    Try not to be offended. BBF answers everyone the same way. It's just his style, I guess. I try to appreciate anyone who takes on the task of moderator and tries to help everyone they can.
  15. leftoverture

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept.

    China is a vastly larger and more profitable market for Ford these days, so no surprise they tailor such cars for them. That Ford abandoned the sedan market in the USA will never sit well with me especially since they are still offering sedans in other markets. Alas... I'm old enough that my next vehicle purchase could very well be my last... so I may not be around when they finally shift back the other way.