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  1. leftoverture

    Be Safe out there

    Ha! Looks like we have the same car. I always thought this was one of the best colors for the MKZ.
  2. leftoverture

    Be Safe out there

    Our MKZ only got about 4800 miles all year because my wife was working at home and it was her car. But now she has a new car and I'm driving the MKZ. My commute is 60 miles round trip, 5 days a week. So the mileage will really start to accumulate now. She's a 2014 and just turned 60k. This time next year I expect it will have 80k.
  3. leftoverture

    New Tires

    I can tell you I am very happy with how the tires performed. We had 5"-6" of heavy, wet snow by the time I drove home from work. My commute is 30 miles. Most of the drive was on packed, ice covered roads. Quite a bit of deep slush when changing lanes. The tires took it all in stride, handled very well, and stopped very well. No sliding or loose feeling at all. I like them so much I think I might put a set on our BMW also.
  4. leftoverture

    New Tires

    Definitely looks like the new tires will get tested today.
  5. leftoverture

    New Tires

    Minneapolis. Not entirely unusual to have some snow this early. We already had a bit last weekend. It won't stay around long and will mostly melt on contact with the ground because the ground is still pretty warm. But if it comes down hard & fast enough, it could make the roads pretty slick.
  6. leftoverture

    New Tires

    Just got some new tires mounted up. The old Hankooks were pretty badly worn and with winter knocking on the door, it was time. Went with Falken Ziex ZE960 all seasons. So far I'm very happy with the choice. The Falkens are a good mid-range price point with a 65k mile warranty. They ride smooth and handle better than the Hankooks. We're supposed to get up to 5 inches of snow tomorrow so I may get to explore the winter handling sooner than expected.
  7. leftoverture

    Traded in 2017 MKZ Select for 2020 MKZ Reserve

    Congrats on the new MKZ. I am curious if you got the vibration fixed. Last time I had a new Ford product with a vibration, they were never able to fix it. But that was in 1993. Hope you had a better outcome.
  8. leftoverture

    First Time Lincoln Owner!!!

    Beautiful car.
  9. leftoverture

    New to the forum, looking for an MKZ

    Welcome. And I agree with the last poster about the stuff to check. Once you find the right car I'm sure you'll be happy with it for a long time. We sure like ours.
  10. leftoverture

    First Road Trip

    We averaged 29.2 on the highway, and we average about the same as you around town. Don't know where you get your oil changed, but just the oil and filter cost me $39 at Wal-Mart. I use full synthetic and it takes 5.7 quarts. I have trouble trusting my $40,000 car to the cheapest oil put in by an 18 year old kid with 6 minutes of training down at the local Jiffy Lube so I just do my own oil changes. ;)
  11. leftoverture

    First Road Trip

    We've had our 2014 MKZ Reserve for a couple months now but this weekend we finally took our first road trip in it. Just a little 3 hour drive up to Duluth and then back. The car performed flawlessly but was maybe hoping for a little better MPG. Upon our return I changed the oil for the first time. Wish Ford would've included an access panel instead of requiring that the whole under engine tray come out with its 11 screws and two clips. That's not going to be fun when I need to change the oil in the middle of winter. None-the-less, overall we like the MKZ quite a bit and hope it proves to be as reliable as it is comfortable.
  12. leftoverture

    Welcome, leftoverture