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  1. leftoverture

    Battery dead within 3hrs

    Well, you state the car has very low mileage and believe it or not, inactivity can be hard on a car battery, too. Just sitting there unused with accessories draining the battery, or a lot of short trips that never charge the battery fully, etc. I would be pretty certain if you put a new battery in and drive it regularly, you'll be just fine.
  2. leftoverture

    Battery dead within 3hrs

    What do you mean "everything checked out"? Can you be more specific. If you jumped the car and had it running, then put a voltmeter on it, what did it read? With the engine running it should be about 14.4 volts, that is the charging voltage. Anything significantly less or if the voltage varied up and down, that is a charging problem. More than likely you have a bad battery, like others have said. Any auto parts store will load test it for you for free.
  3. leftoverture

    Thinking of purchasing a 2008 MKZ-what should I know?

    Just a rough guess, but you're looking at around $3k at a body shop to fix that damage. So unless you can fix it yourself, you should be planning to drive as is. But if you're looking for cheap transportation, and the car checks out mechanically, you could always offer him a little less and you probably get some good use out of it.
  4. leftoverture

    USB replacement

    Yes. Check you warranty status first. Definitely.
  5. leftoverture

    2020 front seat removal

    I get it. Makes sense.
  6. leftoverture

    2020 front seat removal

    I am curious, why are you removing your seat on such a new car?
  7. leftoverture

    2020 front seat removal

    I don't know for sure but I think it would be pretty much the same.
  8. Well, I have a bit of a different take on the rust. I'm from Minnestoa so I know all about winter, road salt, etc. For only 4000 miles that seems like more rust than I would expect with today's quality exhaust materials. Probably not super alarming, but makes me wonder if the PO just never washed it or what. As for the seats, I think you have learned something about your Lincoln dealer here, so maybe time to try another dealer. But be aware, they do usually have performance parameters for such features that determine if a warranty repair is needed. You could get the same story from another dealer. But keep fighting because eventually you'll wear them down.
  9. leftoverture

    Michelin Cross Climate 2 , A/S tire

    This is great to hear. Today I drove to work in a heavy downpour, the first I have encountered since I bought my 2018. It has the stock from the factory Michelin MXM with about 25k miles and they were downright scary in the heavy rain. Never had a tire hydroplane so easily before. I can't wait to get them off this car.
  10. leftoverture

    Noisy AC?

    My 2014 made a strange gurgling-like sound. Everything worked fine so I never bothered to have it checked but it was a strange noise. I hear nothing but the fan blowing in the 2018.
  11. leftoverture

    Car cover

    There are indoor and outdoor rated car covers. Any good outdoor rated car cover will do. Weathertech now offers an outdoor car cover, if you can afford one : Weathertech Sunbrella Car Cover
  12. leftoverture

    Seat Memory Issue

    Yes, we do each use a different key fob. Interesting thought you have. I will look into it further.
  13. leftoverture

    Seat Memory Issue

    Yes, it loses the memory setting completely so we have had to reset it twice now. It isn't that she adjusted it and didn't push number 1 again. It is that upon restart the setting is gone and it just stays in the exit position. At this point, pressing 1 does nothing. It is my normal daily driver but she does use it regularly.
  14. leftoverture

    Seat Memory Issue

    It is the latter... It won't go to #1 when pressing the number 1 button. It just loses that position. I would think if it was a battery issue it would affect both memory positions, but so far it has only been #1. But as you now, electrical issues are often strange. At least I know I'm not the only one. It helps if there is a TSB because then the mechanics don't have to chase an issue around.
  15. leftoverture

    Seat Memory Issue

    We have a seat memory issue with our 2018. Twice now it has forgotten my wife's position, which is position number one. It loses the memory and goes to the default exit-the-car position. This happened to us once in our 2014 but shutting the car off and restarting brought the seat position back. Not so with the 2018. When it is gone, it is gone. Has happened twice now. Always position 1, never position 2, at least so far. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? Is this a known issue? Obviously we're still under warranty but wondering about others experiences.