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  1. leftoverture

    Sync Brain Fart

    Sync is a great system, I really like the intuitive operation, especially the Sync 3 in my 2018. But as a whole, these Lincolns are electrically glitchy. I have not experienced the issue you described, but I have had many others.... with various system around the car. Like when I start the car and maybe 1 out of 15 times the seat doesn't return to the proper memory setting. Or when I walk up to the car and it refuses to sense the remote and I have to unlock it manually. Or when the seat cooling turns itself on even on the coldest January day. Or when my Lincoln Way app stops talking to the car for a few days and then just starts working again.
  2. leftoverture

    Never Say Never

    Indeed it was predicted. I'd sure hate to be having to fill up an F-150's gas tank these days
  3. leftoverture

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    You should have made the dealer remove the sticker. I always tell them I charge to advertise on my car so either remove the sticker or we can work out an advertising contract.
  4. leftoverture

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Welcome. Nice car.
  5. leftoverture

    2009 Lincoln MKZ complete disaster

    It would help if you told us what work you did, or tried to do, to the car. We might be able to share some ideas, but as already noted, it can be hard to diagnose via internet.
  6. leftoverture

    Contour seat not working

    I bet it sold fast. I think that was too low of a price. The dealer I traded my 2014 to last summer resold it for $17k. It was a reserve, but didn't have every option, the HD radio had stopped working, and it had 76k miles.
  7. leftoverture

    Contour seat not working

    That's unfortunate that no solution was found. What did you buy?
  8. leftoverture

    Lincoln BEV

    We have a second vehicle....a BMW 2-Series convertible. I'm long past the do-it-yourself need a truck stage and don't have room for more than 2 vehicles. If it doesn't fit in the MKZ we'll have it delivered.
  9. leftoverture

    Lincoln BEV

    I have no desire for an SUV or an electric vehicle. I think my next vehicle might be a classic Town Car. Or maybe my current MKZ might outlast me.
  10. leftoverture

    Facebook group

    Well, I think the factory 19s on my MKZ are possibly a bit too big so I guess I'm going to get blasted in FB. Haha.
  11. leftoverture

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    I should say, I visit this site almost exclusively on my phone, no pop ups ever with Brave. I tried it with Chrome and was greeted with a big old ad right on top.
  12. leftoverture

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    The Brave browser is available for i-phone as far as I know. It protects your privacy better than most.
  13. leftoverture

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    I also do not have this problem. I use the Brave browser.
  14. leftoverture

    Things You Learn When You Read the Owners Manual

    Yea, it doesn't do that. It just stays in my wife's chosen position until I push the memory button on the door. I'll have to try going through the key fob programming thing again.
  15. leftoverture

    Things You Learn When You Read the Owners Manual

    Well, I thought I programmed my key fob to my seat memory successfully, I followed the steps in the OM precisely and got all the right beeps, but it doesn't work. It does not recall my seat memory when I approach the car nor when I start it from the remote. How is this supposed to work?