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  1. l bought this car from a used car dealer last year. Within the first 3-4 months "check engine" light came on. By the time we made an appointment with Lincoln, the light disappeared. We cancelled. It came on again, stayed on about a week and off gain. We finally took it in after it stayed on for a while and they fixed it. A week ago while I was pulling out of a restaurant parking spot, before i even leave the parking lot it started acting like it s about to shut down. I put in neutral, and try to press the gas. It had no effect. I finally shut it off and started it back up. check engine light came on, and then off the next day. no problems. drove it for 2 days without an issue. Yesterday it did it again while I was waiting to pick up the kids from school. No check engine light this time. This time it shut off. Today i have been driving it more than usual trying to see if it happens again. Nothing. drives like new. The dealer said that the check engine light must be on to troubleshoot it. Any thoughts?