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  1. https://electrek.co/2019/01/16/lincoln-electric-car-based-ford-mustang-inspired-ev/
  2. My trunk module was replaced under warranty. However, even though it was defective, that is not what was causing my battery to go dead. It turns out that my 28 month old battery was defective. Battery was replaced, at my expense, and all has been well for the last year until today when my navigation system started acting up. It only works intermittently, and when it goes out i get a message that navigation SD card is bad. I got a new card about a year and a half ago, so don't know why I need to buy another one. Checking with the dealer tomorrow.
  3. Jim Ayres

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    I saw this at the Lincoln Experience Center in Newport Beach, CA. I think it's beautiful, and love it for not being a boring neutral color like black, white or silver.
  4. It turns out that the embedded modem was corrupted and had to be replaced.
  5. The trunk module was replaced and all is fine.
  6. ITFlyer, thanks for the tip on TSB ASI-45124. I've had an intermittent problem with the trunklid bouncing back open. Last Thursday the battery was completely dead. AAA came out and started the car, which I then drove for an hour to fully charge the battery. The next morning the car started fine, and later when I went to close the decklid it bounced back open. By the end of the day the battery was dead again. Took the car in this morning and told the service advisor about TSB ASI-45124. They won't be able to get to it until Monday, but I'll report back here what they find. By the way, my car is a 2015 with 56,000 miles. This is the first big problem I've had.
  7. I was having issues with the old app just before the new one came out. None of the remote features were working. I was told that a new app was coming out, and my issues should be resolved. Well, after installing the new app, I was still unable to remotely start the car or lock/unlock. I uninstalled and then re-installed the app, and it still was not working. Called the Lincoln Concierge today and she told me that the embedded modem had been disconnected from the service, and that it needed to be recalibrated. Here are the instructions that she sent to me. I've forwarded them to my dealer so that they can fix it. When I was in for service last week, they didn't have a clue. -Log out of the application at the dealership -The dealer will perform SSM 46155 which is a recalibration of the modem and a Master Reset of the vehicle (if they are not sure where to find this, have them reach out to us) -Once this has been completed log back into the application and reauthorize the vehicle. The Master Reset will bring the vehicle back to factory settings -In the Operate screen the remote features will appear and have 24 hours and the second authorization inside the vehicle will be permanent.
  8. Thanks for the advice Brian. I haven't listened to any CDs just Sirius and an AM station on the HD radio. It's the talk station on AM that's the most objectionable. I've noticed that when it's "acquiring the signal" the volume gets louder, and the gets lower again as soon as it's finished acquiring the signal.
  9. Thanks for your feedback on this issue Brian! At least I know I'm not crazy. Overall , I'm still in love with my MKZ!
  10. Jim Ayres

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    It's funny you posted this today. A little while earlier today I started to walk away from the car before locking it like I usuually do by touching the top of the door handle, and used the key fob instead. Later when I went back to unlock the car by placing my hand between the handle and door, it wouldn't unlock no matter which door I tried. I used the key fob to unlock it, and since then it all works fine. Based on your post, I'm not going to worry about. It only happens once in a while so it's no big deal to me. Took the car in last week for it's first service and everything was great. I really like the level of service at my Lincoln dealer, Witt Lincoln in San Diego, and I really love my car. I guess cars are kind of like kids, you still love them even if they're not perfect.
  11. Jim Ayres

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    I didn't do anything. It just started working again after about an hour or so. It was nice that the dealer offered to pick the car up at my work and give me a loaner if needed. Nice to know if I ever do need warranty work done.
  12. Jim Ayres

    First Lincoln (MKZ hybrid)

    Welcome to the Forum! Glad to hear you're enjoying the car. The main considerations for me with my purchase was style, comfort and quietness. The rest was icing on the cake!
  13. Jim Ayres

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    Thanks for the info guys. Everything is back to normal now, so I'm not going to worry about it.
  14. Jim Ayres

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    Yes, you're correct. It's the intelligent access that wasn't working. I had it configured so that I could lock or unlock all of the doors by touching the handle of any of the doors. I had the key fob in my pocket and was right next to the car and could not unlock it from any of the doors. I then used the key fob to unlock the car. Then when I wanted to lock the car, it would not lock by touching any of the door handles. Fast forward one hour. Now the intelligent access is functioning properly, as configured.
  15. I've lost the automatic lock and unlock feature by touching the door handle of my 2015 MKZ with technology package. The feature doesn't work with either key. The dealer says to bring the car in to re-program. Anyone else have this problem?