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    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

    It's very simple to add the tpms gauge via ForScan. I actually bought the UCDS tool, and upgraded the dash firmware to 2018.
  2. Thanks for the response! I have a great response with the dealership. I may give them a call soon to see what they say.
  3. I had the struts & mounts replaced about 5k miles ago in the rear under warranty. I'm past the factory warranty, but within the CPO. I have a new squeak in the left rear that sounds vaguely familiar to the strut mounts being bad. If I press on the left rear corner, I can replicate it. Still firm strut. Should this be covered under the previous warranty repair, or is this a $100 deductible issue?
  4. Howdy Big Sav. You would need the APIM & screen from a Sync 3 vehicle. Costs about $600. Add another $100 for programming, and another $100 for hub and GPS antenna.

    Best trailer hitch to purchase ?

    Howdy. If you have the 3.7L, I say you're fine. However, if you have the 2.0L, I'll advise you to pass on a hitch, and rent a truck and trailer. The stress on the tranny is not worth it.
  6. If it says +15, it won't work. So, TPMS is '15+ only. The double-horn honk WILL work though.
  7. Help me understand why this is not a dealership/warranty issue . . .

    Oil Life Monitor

    5,000 miles.

    Spinning Lug Nut

    Swollen nuts you say?
  10. IDMACD

    Amber DRL's

    Yup. I saw the same thing on the highway.
  11. IDMACD

    Amber DRL's

    I saw a MKZ with the Amber Drl's today. I'm thinking they're not necessarily drl's, as-much as they are amber running lights, where drl's are either off, or not factory-enabled.
  12. Jrross- How do u plan-on having it programmed to your vin?
  13. Chromebook is not Windows-based, so it's doubtful. Try it though. U never know. I'm wondering if u'll get the FTDI drivers to function. I just got another member good to go on Nav. He's pretty happy.
  14. JRRoss- Are you doing the 4D upgrade, or did you source the parts yourself?
  15. IDMACD

    Filing a Complaint with Lincoln

    Yes, update! The car is getting new tires, an alignment, and a software upgrade for the PCM/TCM. The work is complete, and is now over at the body shop awaiting the claims agent.