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  1. Mcondo

    Door Edge Guards

    Ok, get ready to laugh. This is what I bought - probably could have made myself but nah. Very simple solution to the problem and a third of the price of other products.
  2. Mcondo

    Door Edge Guards

    Thanks for the info - pretty interesting site. Since I am the only one that puts cars in garage I was counting on my ability to avoid opening the door into the TBird. In the rare case I screw up I thought the edge guard might "soften" the blow to the TBird door. But I do like the idea of a magnetic door protector.
  3. Hi, has anyone had any luck with door edge guards? I park in a tight two car garage that also has my '05 TBird it it. I'm actually more concerned about denting the T-Bird door as the MKZ door swings out. Might need rubber or some other softer material. Googling comes up with a variety of products but thought here might be a better place to get opinions. Any thoughts appreciated.
  4. Mcondo

    2014 Trunk Won't Open

    Had a problem with my trunk opener last week, neither the fob, panel button or button under license plate worked. Info display for deck lid enable/disable was the equivalent of being grayed out. Searched around here for info, took quite some time to find. Thought I would reiterate what I found under a title that is clear. Here's the procedure to fix a non-working trunk release. 1.) manually crawl into truck and open trunk with emergency pull 2.) disconnect battery for a minute or so. 3.) re-connect battery 4.) close trunk manually This worked for me, hope it works for you.
  5. Mcondo

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    Nice to know. Thanks. I doubt I'll be going to dealer about this.
  6. I tried searching for answers but could not find a similar problem. My 2014 ambient lighting will not hold its' color. I choose red/blue or whatever and it is fine for days and then poof - back to white. Any one else have this problem and/or solution?
  7. Mcondo

    What’s your next car?

    Did we ever resolve whether the brake lights come on when the ACC slows you down for traffic?
  8. Mcondo

    What’s your next car?

    Cats aside, my '14 MKZ has the technology package. i can't imagine having a car without these options again. Far too important to safety, convenience and piece of mind - and I was sure I was going to hate adaptive cruise, proximity warnings, keyless entry, etc. Next car, likely a '17 MKX, will have to have them. Reserve probably.
  9. Mcondo

    Automatic settings?

    OK, which is it? On at start-up or not? Does it differ by year? Is there a combination of settings that make it happen or not? I'm confused by this.
  10. Mcondo

    Automatic settings?

    chris109, "last settings" just doesn't work on my '14 I guess. I've tried the setting several times - just doesn't work.
  11. Mcondo

    Automatic settings?

    " also, they will come on if they were activated when you last shut the car off." I can't figure this out on my '14. I always have to hit the seats and wheel buttons after I start vehicle. One of the few annoyances I have with my "14. What am I missing?
  12. You may have just broken your bluetooth phone connection - it uses the center speaker I believe.
  13. Mcondo

    New Owner!

    Wow, nice site you manage. Everything you wanted to know about Cobra Jets in one place. Enjoy your new ride.
  14. Mcondo

    Unable to locate

    Is your front center speaker working? I did not notice mine was out for a while - same symptoms.
  15. Had two issues with my 2014 CPO - passenger mirror had a mind of it's own after rain or car wash and radio cutting out/buzzing. Nearest Lincoln dealer is 13 miles away and had a two week backlog on loaners. Have had very good experience with local (1.5 mile) Ford dealer Quick Lane (05' TBird & '14 MKZ) for oil and brake service so I call about service dept. doing warranty work - here's where it got a little weird. Had loaner available but needed to "diagnose" problem before authorizing. Took car in, got ride home. 2 days later problems diagnosed and loaner available. Picked up loaner and was advised mirror replaced & problem with radio was a part that was not covered under warranty. Big debate over where in "exclusions" the part was listed but they (Lincoln) agreed to cover part of it (not sure why - and I was ready to duke it out with Lincoln's customer relations manager post repair). 2 days later was told the non-covered part was not the problem and the amplifier had to be replaced ( I kind of figured it was the amp). Everything covered under warranty and only $100 deductible applies. I have no issue with the Ford dealer, car is fixed and they seemed to have done a lot of phone work with Lincoln to resolve issues etc. This is my point - it seems Ford sees Lincoln's warranty as more of a 3rd party product - different process, policies, necessary approvals etc than Ford's. Felt like they were not that happy to work on a Lincoln CPO. Maybe it's me or just my particular repair issue but I would not use a Ford dealer for warranty work again if it can be avoided. They (Ford) seem to be too much of a middleman in the process.