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  1. Mcondo

    2019 MKz annoyances

    Whoa, I don't like the engine noise comment - "Now it sounds like the typical 4-banger". I'm thinking of a 2.0T in my next vehicle. Others with similar noise concerns?
  2. Mcondo

    All Season Floor Mats

    I've long been a Weather Tech fan but their front mats for my 2014 are just too small and don't cover enough carpet to be effective.
  3. Mcondo

    Poor gas mileage on 3.7 awd!

    2014 3.7 AWD. Can't get better than 14.5 around town. Best on long trip was 22. Fun car, but definitely not a gas saver.
  4. Update to this thread - I tried the reset but the sunroof was still low in the right rear corner. One of the threads mentioned you may have to repeat the process up to five times for it to take effect. I didn't believe it at the time. I finally did that and low and behold repeating the process several times did the trick. I may be wrong about this but it seems the roof mechanicals have a ratcheting device that slowly moves the roof "up" until it sits properly. Multiple resets seem to ratchet it up a bit at a time. YMMV but no more leaks!
  5. Mcondo

    Water leak in sail panel

    Yep, drain hole is clogged, plus sunroof wasn't sealed properly during car wash - bad combination.
  6. 2014 MKZ, have a leak somewhere around the sail panel. Interior trim panel getting pretty wet. Have't figured out yet where it is coming from - rear glass leak, sunroof leak, etc. . Are there drain holes I should be checking to see if they are clogged and possibly the reason for the leak? Thanks.
  7. Took a look at the plan docs. The pricing examples look to me to be a 5% discount off MSRP. I would have expected more but I haven't bought a new car in a while - usually a CPO a few years old. Seems like invoice $ are approaching MSRP!
  8. Mcondo

    Door Edge Guards

    Ok, get ready to laugh. This is what I bought - probably could have made myself but nah. Very simple solution to the problem and a third of the price of other products.
  9. Mcondo

    Door Edge Guards

    Thanks for the info - pretty interesting site. Since I am the only one that puts cars in garage I was counting on my ability to avoid opening the door into the TBird. In the rare case I screw up I thought the edge guard might "soften" the blow to the TBird door. But I do like the idea of a magnetic door protector.
  10. Hi, has anyone had any luck with door edge guards? I park in a tight two car garage that also has my '05 TBird it it. I'm actually more concerned about denting the T-Bird door as the MKZ door swings out. Might need rubber or some other softer material. Googling comes up with a variety of products but thought here might be a better place to get opinions. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Mcondo

    2014 Trunk Won't Open

    Had a problem with my trunk opener last week, neither the fob, panel button or button under license plate worked. Info display for deck lid enable/disable was the equivalent of being grayed out. Searched around here for info, took quite some time to find. Thought I would reiterate what I found under a title that is clear. Here's the procedure to fix a non-working trunk release. 1.) manually crawl into truck and open trunk with emergency pull 2.) disconnect battery for a minute or so. 3.) re-connect battery 4.) close trunk manually This worked for me, hope it works for you.
  12. Mcondo

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    Nice to know. Thanks. I doubt I'll be going to dealer about this.
  13. I tried searching for answers but could not find a similar problem. My 2014 ambient lighting will not hold its' color. I choose red/blue or whatever and it is fine for days and then poof - back to white. Any one else have this problem and/or solution?
  14. Mcondo

    What’s your next car?

    Did we ever resolve whether the brake lights come on when the ACC slows you down for traffic?
  15. Mcondo

    What’s your next car?

    Cats aside, my '14 MKZ has the technology package. i can't imagine having a car without these options again. Far too important to safety, convenience and piece of mind - and I was sure I was going to hate adaptive cruise, proximity warnings, keyless entry, etc. Next car, likely a '17 MKX, will have to have them. Reserve probably.