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  1. Wynn_MKZh

    12V battery upgrade

    UPDATE: I finally got around to removing the battery tray and trimming it down. Despite little experience using a rotary tool everything was straightforward and I was able to remove the wall section that was preventing my battery from fitting. Really messy and hot plastic granular pieces shooting on my face but its all good. I installed the new battery I got from Sears the Diehard EP-96R. After I installed it and mounted it I discovered i forgot to plug in the battery vent tube. I felt around the battery and I couldn't find any openings to plug in the vent tube. Is the vent tube necessary? If I drive with it unplugged would is the consequence of that?
  2. Wynn_MKZh

    12V battery upgrade

    So all of us MKZ hybrid owners who are unfortunate have come to the realization that the OEM 12v battery that came with our cars were too small and underpowered to survive the rigorous demands of our heavily electronically focused cars. I'd like to refer to the Fusion Hybrid forums because they discuss this in great length here. So I've been having issues with the 12v battery on my MKZh for the past couple of months. I've been able to keep the battery alive by jumpstarting it every now and then. i came back from 6 day vacation without driving it and now the battery is practically dead. jumpstarting it won't power on anything unless AAA jumpstarts it with their 1.5k Amp jumpstarter. Afterwards I make a trip to Sears. They recommended me a Diehard 96R battery here. It has 590 CCA which is much better than the stock Motorcraft battery with 390 CAA and it was already on sale so I purchased it. The Sears technicians try to install the 96R but find its slightly too large to fit into the tray so they put back the Motorcraft battery and I leave with the 96R. I've read on the Fusion Hybrid Forums that you can cut off the backend wall of the battery tray to accommodate larger batteries. Seeing as the Fusion hybrid is pretty much the same car as the MKZh I figure I attempt this. A member on the FFH wrote a guide here. Anyone have experience upgrading their MKZh batteries ? What tools used to cut the tray?
  3. What is the upgraded battery they put in ? Wow its good your MKZh has been running smoothly since you replaced the battery. Looking at the manual it recommends the batteries: BXT-96R-500 & BXT-96R-590 Which battery did you replace it with ?
  4. I believe I am having issue with the power trunk mechanism draining power from the 12V battery. Past two days my MKZh would not start. luckily it did after few tries but still has me worried. The car would always trigger "power saving mode" when shutting down the car. Just wondering for those who fixed this issue, did your dealerships cover cost of repair TSB: ASI-45124 ?