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  1. MKZMark

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    $150 to update a 2017 that was delivered with badly outdated maps...Lincoln should comp this. Oh and here's the map update site. They really need to get their act together. https://www.navigation.com/lincoln-owners
  2. MKZMark

    3.0T turbo?

    Here's a look at the twin-scroll setup on the 2.0.
  3. MKZMark

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    Do 2017s use an SD card?
  4. MKZMark

    Weighed my MKZ today

    I wonder what the weight savings is with the 2.0 FWD. I agree a luxury car should have some meat on the bones!
  5. MKZMark

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    I've given up on Android auto for now since I like Sync voice control over my music collection on USB, Sirius weather, etc and would rather stay in the Sync interface. Also I want nothing to do with Google assistant. However I still need Waze, at least until Lincoln gets around to updating their maps. So, what's a good cell phone holder that's unobtrusive? I don't want anything on the windshield. Thanks. 😁
  6. MKZMark

    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    2.0, I get 24.5 mixed driving and 28 - 29 on the highway on 89 octane. And I have a lead foot.
  7. MKZMark

    Michelob Ultra

    Nice catch! And good looking Z, too bad it didn't get more screen time. I doubt Chris would want to spend much time in the back of that though.
  8. The OEM blades are very good on our 2017s, a year old + now.
  9. MKZMark

    What does this do?

    No button on mine.
  10. MKZMark

    2017 3.0 Exhaust Cutouts

    It sounds like it's bouncing off the rev limiter or stuttering - is that right? Not sure what I'm hearing.
  11. Yikes, sorry to see that.
  12. What issues have you had?
  13. MKZMark

    2017 3.0 Exhaust Cutouts

    Yes pics please
  14. Yes and the car has access to everything (contacts, messages, phone, media).
  15. Text messaging has stopped on my '17 too. Removing and re-adding the phone (Samsung S7) doesn't help.