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  1. MKZMark

    Favorite/Least Favorite Features

    The seat moving back makes it harder to get out not easier. It should move forward and up. But this is just nitpicking. If I lost a few pounds it would also make it easier.🍺
  2. MKZMark

    Favorite/Least Favorite Features

    You can definitely feel the shifts in the six speed tranny. They are not rough but you can feel them. My least favorite features are a cramped back seat and difficult ingress/egress. My friend has bad hips and can barely make it in and out. My favorite features are everything else. After 3+ years it's still a pleasure every time I sit in the drivers seat.
  3. 93 octane is a nice little performance boost.
  4. MKZMark

    Octane rating

    I put in a tank of 93 and like the extra bit of thrust. Given the low fuel prices and the fact that I'm WFH and driving very little, I think I'll keep doing it. I was driving an '03 Mercury Marauder in 2004 when premium went up to $4.50/gal. I was driving a lot of miles and could barely afford to keep gas in it.
  5. MKZMark

    Octane rating

  6. MKZMark

    Octane rating

    Will the 2.0t get additional power out of 93 vs. 87?
  7. MKZMark

    Out to dinner

    Makes sense. I didn't ask her how long between the crash repair and the screen going dead.
  8. MKZMark

    Out to dinner

    My acquaintance's Nautilus was rear-ended last July and nearly totalled, and after repairs were completed the center touchscreen went dead, so it's back in the shop (the white MKZ is her service loaner). The dealer service rep told her the warranty on the touchscreen was voided by the crash. Needless to say she is pissed and is escalating the issue. Has anyone ever heard of this? I'm not sure who did the crash repair.
  9. MKZMark

    Bridgestone Quiet Tracks in 19 inch

    Sorry just saw this - I haven't noticed much difference. I switched mainly because I wanted to get more than 30K miles out of my tires.
  10. I'd call the power on the 2.0t "adequate". You can bomb down the turnpike at 90-100 without breaking a sweat. It's perfectly respectable power and if you've been driving for 4 plus decades you appreciate how far cars have come.
  11. MKZMark

    Bridgestone Quiet Tracks in 19 inch

    I have the 19s and recently put on a set of Continental DWS06 which are marked extra load as well.
  12. MKZMark

    Weird electrical issue...

    I have a 2017 Reserve 2.0t FWD and it's on the original battery.
  13. MKZMark

    Fake convertible MKZ

    Saw this in central PA, Florida tags of course.
  14. The interchange was completed in 2018 and wasn't on the last update, so I'm interested to see if it made it in finally.
  15. Thanks. When you have time could you check the map to see if I-95 north of Philly turns east as in the pic below, or continues north?