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  1. MKZMark

    Easy entry and exit steering wheel stopped working

    The other day the wheel magically started going up and down again. Gremlins.
  2. MKZMark

    power steering fluid

    Kind of like topping off the radiator in a Beetle!
  3. MKZMark

    Build 19119 from 18093

    Hopefully it gets rid of the prompt to connect to WiFi every time you start the car.
  4. MKZMark

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I have mine in the lighter socket which stays on for an hour or so after shutting the car down, so it monitors when parked.
  5. MKZMark

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Having the rear-facing cam is what caught the guy, that's why I got the dual set that Zalvern got.
  6. MKZMark

    USB Ports for Power

    Yes they do.
  7. MKZMark

    Clunky Shifting & "Dead" Spot

    My 2.0 does that at a traffic circle where I need to dart in. The solution is Sport mode, it keeps the turbo spooled up and she jumps out nicely.
  8. MKZMark

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    Turns it off. It's done it twice in 20 months so not exactly the end of the world. 😁
  9. MKZMark

    Ambient Lighting reverts to default

    My 2017 tends to turn off the ambient lighting and I have to go back in the select a color again.
  10. I have a 2017 and AA works fine with the current version of Sync.
  11. Same here, I don't get the murdered out look.
  12. MKZMark

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    I commuted two hours this morning and the Aukey 12v adapter charged my phone right up to 100% while running Waze and also the double dash cams.
  13. MKZMark

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I'll have to try that for the rear cam. Not that I want to undo what I did yesterday since my fingers are still sore...
  14. MKZMark

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    My fuse adapter is 1.5A same as your OBD one, so barely enough to keep the phone alive while navigating. I'm now using my Aukey dash cam's power supply which has an extra USB jack, so I'll see how it powers my phone later this week when I go on a road trip.