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  1. MKZMark

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Fantastic looking MKZ regardless. 😎
  2. MKZMark

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Here's mine.
  3. MKZMark

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Wow that is bad. If it's original it never should have left the factory. I'd think it's due to damage or poor repair work. The fact that it's the same on both sides tells me it's the dash that's out of alignment. It seems as though it needs to rotate downward,
  4. MKZMark

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Is there any news on the Sync 3 Nav updates for 2017s?
  5. MKZMark

    Easy entry and exit steering wheel stopped working

    I just had it serviced so it will be a while before it goes back. One bad thing about pick up and drop off is you don't get the opportunity to talk to a service advisor in person or demonstrate the issue.
  6. MKZMark

    Easy entry and exit steering wheel stopped working

    I went out and tested everything: The power steering wheel controls work The memory function works for the wheel Easy entry/exit is selected The driver's seat moves back and forth when starting/exiting the vehicle but the steering wheel no longer moves.
  7. I noticed that my steering wheel was riding low, and the reason is it doesn't move anymore when entering/exiting the vehicle. The seat still moves. Anyone else experience this?
  8. MKZMark

    US News ranks 2018 MKZ #15 out of 15

    Until recently Consumer Reports rated the MKZ well and gave it the recommended checkmark. Also remember German cars have the absolute worst depreciation and are expensive to maintain. I'll keep my MKZ, thanks.
  9. MKZMark

    Head light upgrade

    I'm pretty sure all you have to do is turn the headlight switch on the dash to non-auto.
  10. MKZMark

    Head light upgrade

    I believe Consumer Reports had been knocking Ford's headlights lately. I have the HID with the auto high/low beam and there's a big difference between high and low. In fact on twisting roads with the car ahead going in and out of view, the high/low switching makes the driver think I'm flashing at him. I've also annoyed drivers coming the other way because of the slow responsiveness of the system.
  11. MKZMark

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    You must have a light foot - I get 28 or so on road trips with the 2.0t.
  12. MKZMark

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    And they aren't even that economical, "Eco" is just a marketing term. Love the motor though.
  13. I like the color and the wheels.
  14. MKZMark

    Out to dinner

    It was a good meal, wedge salad and NY strip steak. No door dings. The beltline of this car is so high I can never tell how close I'm parked to anything.