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  1. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Correct. I-95 and the turnpike did not intersect until recently. 95 used to continue north to the river at Yardley PA. Compare the image below to what's in the Lincoln nav.
  2. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    That's pretty lame that the latest update doesn't know where frickin' I-95 is.
  3. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    If you get a chance please just scroll over there with your finger - thanks!
  4. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I would hope that it included it based in the planned opening date of the new interchange. That's a major miss if it's not there.
  5. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Can someone with the new map update see if I-95 turns right onto the PA turnpike, I-276, near Bristol, PA, then crosses onto the Jersey Turnpike? This was a change in the last several months.
  6. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    I got a vent-mount magnetic cell phone holder which I put on the left side. Works great and lets me stay in Sync instead of AA.
  7. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Got it, thanks. $109 for me. I'll probably stick with Waze, just on principle.
  8. MKZMark

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    My brand-new2017 was delivered with badly out of date maps, and they want $109 to update them now? Sounds like a Ford bean-counter decision. When I entered my info on the site it said I needed to call a number to order.
  9. What do you recommend for fluid change intervals? I put 260K on a Chrysler T&C minivan transmission with fluid changes at 40-60K, and it was good as new when I finally got rid of it.
  10. MKZMark

    What’s your next car?

    Hey, give me my cat back!
  11. MKZMark

    Extended Warranty

    I got the Lincoln one as part of the purchase because I drove a lot of miles - then my job changed and I don't drive so much. I should probably cash it in.
  12. MKZMark

    Build 19119 from 18093

    I just let mine update itself off of WiFi, still on 18093.
  13. MKZMark

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I can't get past the "Transformers" styling of the Corvette/Camaro, I'd rather see something more elegant. But you have to hand it to GM for producing a mid-engine supercar at a relatively low price.
  14. MKZMark

    Easy entry and exit steering wheel stopped working

    The other day the wheel magically started going up and down again. Gremlins.
  15. MKZMark

    A country drive in the MKZ.