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    Welcome, PhaetonTim

    My wife and I are planning to buy an MKZ as soon as our '16 Hyundai Sonata PHEV Lemon Law case is settled. The MKZ will be for my wife. I drive a '17 Volvo S90 T6 Inscription (Polestar optimized). Because of the Volvo purchase, I am selling my 2004 VW Phaeton (V8). At minimum, she wants the Reserve Model Hybrid, Technology Package, and probably the Climate and Multi-Contour Seats. She is undecided about the Moonroof vs Panoramic, and has not decided about the radio. She likes all exterior colors, save Red, although she prefers the Chroma Grey (Black Label). We recently enjoyed some time at the Newport Beach Lincoln Experience Center. She is an executive with PathPoint, a non-profit Santa Barbara, CA based company that provides services to adults with disabilities. I am retired law enforcement.
  2. PhaetonTim

    Initial Thoughts on my 2017 MKZ

    Did you consider the hybrid? And do you have the multi-contour seats?
  3. PhaetonTim

    2018 MKZ Order Guides

    Do you have the 2018 price for stand alone "Multi Contour Seats" option?
  4. This from rating 2017 MKZ on Consumer Reports: "High-intensity discharge (HID) headlights are standard. Though we haven't evaluated them on this refreshed version of the MKZ, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) assigned them a Marginal rating for versions also equipped with automatic high-beam function. HID models without the automatic high beams rated a Poor with the IIHS. LEDs are available on the Reserve and standard on the high-end Black Label trim." This is the single issue causing me concern, in our quest for the replacement car for my wife. Every other rating is 3/4/or 5 out of 5, by CR. It seems very disingenuous for CR to rate them 1/5 and then admit they haven't evaluated them on the '17 MKZ. It seems dishonest to me.
  5. PhaetonTim

    New Member, No MKZ yet

    Does anyone know how I can DELETE this post? It now is redundant...
  6. PhaetonTim

    How long before waxing a freshly-manufactured car?

    For anyone reading this thread, note that the clay bars of the past have been supplemented with a new material that works like clay, but lasts longer and do not have to be thrown away if dropped on the ground. You can find info on these rubber products at Chemical Guys and Griots Garage. I have used both brands and prefer the Chemical Guys one. I suspect there are other brands also.
  7. My wife and I recently enjoyed the Lincoln Experience Center in Newport Beach, CA.
  8. PhaetonTim

    Lincoln Quality?

    My experience has been different. We bought a 2016 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid, and were quite happy with it, until it stopped charging. The first time it spent 9 days in the shop. The second time it spent 41 days in the shop. Recent hybrid errors it threw caused it another day in the shop. Am going through the Lemon Law to get Hyundai to buy it back. We plan on getting a '17 or '18 MKZ Hybrid with the refund. CA lemon law allows a case if the car has been in the shop for 30 days, and mine has spent 51, yet they are ignoring my lawyer's request and sending me through the long process of doing this. Ironically, the longer they take to acknowledge it is a legally defined lemon and buy it back, the more money I will get back from them, and the more money they will end up paying my attorney. And the car depreciates more and more each day, as time and mileage accumulate on it. That is why I am unsure if it will be a 2017 or 2018 model.
  9. PhaetonTim

    What do you do?

    Retired law enforcement (26.5 years); worked for Swift Aire Lines ('78), Braniff International ('79-'80), and American Airlines ('81-'84) /various airports and in reservations/. The MKZ will be for my wife, who is a Vice President/Director for a non-profit company who specialize in helping adults with disabilities.
  10. PhaetonTim

    Greg Wood

    I have read that Black Label was eventually going to be available at all Lincoln dealers. Is this a possibility, or a plan? I live in San Luis Obispo, and want the Black Label experience. Alas, my local dealer is not a BL dealer, and I find it impossible to easily find my closest one, using your web site.
  11. PhaetonTim

    MKZ 42MPG