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  1. Got over 110K miles and it's due for spark plug change as dealer recommended service. Wanted to hear some feedback on spark plug changes at 100K mile services. Any misfire issues any hints? Is this dealer specific service or Napa can handle it? I just want it get done right so to minimize dealing with misfires and coil issues after service.
  2. jm98

    100K miles club

    111111.x Miles..
  3. jm98

    Radio Antenna

    My 14 MKZ has that rear antenna. Not user if this was an optional or due to I have a retractable roof. DP5T-19G461-AC -
  4. Greetings, Had dealer service Oil Change/MAF Cleaning and rotation.. The MPG gauge seems to be fixed at 41.5 MPG and not going up/down. It's over 100 degrees for last months or so and battery not charging full. Not sure all factors are playing in to this.
  5. jm98

    100K miles club

    My 14 MKZh rolled over to 100K miles July 2020...
  6. Sorry for duplicate post here..
  7. Greetings, got $1500 timing cover gasket replacement estimate from Dillah. Any suggestions on validating leak and more reasonable replacement cost or places to go for replacement? Cheers,
  8. Greetings, where do I get OEM or quality timing cover gasket kit? Dillah wants $1500 for replacement. How difficult it is for MKZh? Any suggestions?
  9. jm98

    Backup Camera quits

    My purchased was with certified as I paid $1000 for certification at Lincoln dealer. However I might be out of luck as I got 85K miles on it.
  10. My OEM 12v ford battery was timestamped 3/2016 but my MKZh was sitting at Lincoln dealer lot for couple months in 2017 that might have started killing the battery.
  11. jm98

    Backup Camera quits

    I got 14 MKz. Wondering if it's still covered.
  12. Quick update. Replaced with Autozone 12v battery. Same physical specs as Ford OEM 12v Battery.
  13. All, 14 MKZh backup camera seems to quit in the middle of reverse drive. Sometimes backup video does not even show. I am not sure if it's camera of a system.
  14. jm98

    CEL P0456

    Its been about 10 years but thinking about driving I8 from Tucson AZ to San Diego CA via Yuma in my MKz Hybrid... I8 is a remote interstate and beautiful desert scenery.
  15. jm98


    around $400 with 12 months warranty on work.