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  1. What kind of Tires you have? I had to replace two good Micheline with Yokohama at Discount Tires..
  2. I will have to look in to that...
  3. jm98

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    Update, it ended up being 4 weeks parking in garage and hybrid battery was charged >95%. Just pulled it out and has garage fine dust all over it. Needs a good wash and vacuum.
  4. About the price and Certified Preowned MKZh is a steal. I would pay $17K (+$1K for certified label) for 15 with following parameters: - panoramic roof package - 50K miles or less - Factory recalls addressed by dealer - Car has been serviced by dealer from new - Lease return
  5. I have MKZh for almost two years and 40K miles I put on it. I say the biggest one you will need to look out is tires as there is no spare on this car. You plan to drive 100 miles a day so I think tires would be top priority. Maybe consider keeping a full 18"/19" spare in your garage just in case.
  6. One thing I waned to do in my 14 MKz is to upgrade to new SYNC3 module. It seems only 4dtach only game in town to get kit for SYNC3. Been tracking price but it seems to be fixed from vendor. waiting for it to drop to make it work it. Anyone recently done upgrade and can share their experiences...
  7. Well, it;s the other way around a faulty water pump might have set off O2 sensor. At-least that was the main suspect in my situation. Could be various reasons, coolant leaking in an internal system that was not noticeable.
  8. Happy New Year, I will be parking my Mkz for 2.5 weeks in garage due to travel. Hoping for smooth restart when back. I done this with Prius before without any issue.
  9. Could it be a sign that water pump is ready to go out? I had similar situation with my Mazda where intermittent check engine light for 18 month until water pump died and replaced to mitigate engine light issue. The check engine light code was keep pointing to oxygen sensor. Note that the replacing water pump was very much end of trouble free service mazda provided. This is due to dealer service dept. and independent shops could not put all parts back to gather properly and it all started going downhill from that point on.
  10. Was wondering if you have a short due to a coin or a metal piece stuck in somewhere. For example a coin stuck in cigarette lighter slot. I would check with multi-meter or have electrician check out common outlets to see if there is a short.
  11. jm98

    Hybrid MPG

    Good to hear from fellow MKz owner doing long distances. I just did Dallas-Atlanta-Pensacola-Atlanta-Dallas round trip on my 14 Mkz. I averaged around 41.8MPG. I was hoping the 17 MKz or later will have improved technology that can provide 45+MPG. Love to hear from 17 or later MKz owner on it.
  12. jm98

    Hybrid MPG

    Are you talking about FL cool weather.. That's springtime weather just about everywhere.
  13. jm98

    Hybrid MPG

    Are you talking about FL cool weather.. That's springtime weather just about everywhere.
  14. jm98

    Hybrid license plate frame .

    How about one of following:
  15. jm98

    Hybrid MPG

    There are many factors here to consider as you are in PNW. What's weather like, cross-winds, hilly area in Seattle and temperature also might play factor. One time I got 39MPG average driving from Chicago to Dallas in last October with cold weather and cross winds during part of trip. Same trip in Summer got close to 42MPG with similar speeds. I noticed colder temperatures on Z seems to have 1 to 3 MPG drop.