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  1. jm98

    Backup Camera quits

    My purchased was with certified as I paid $1000 for certification at Lincoln dealer. However I might be out of luck as I got 85K miles on it.
  2. My OEM 12v ford battery was timestamped 3/2016 but my MKZh was sitting at Lincoln dealer lot for couple months in 2017 that might have started killing the battery.
  3. jm98

    Backup Camera quits

    I got 14 MKz. Wondering if it's still covered.
  4. Quick update. Replaced with Autozone 12v battery. Same physical specs as Ford OEM 12v Battery.
  5. All, 14 MKZh backup camera seems to quit in the middle of reverse drive. Sometimes backup video does not even show. I am not sure if it's camera of a system.
  6. jm98

    CEL P0456

    Its been about 10 years but thinking about driving I8 from Tucson AZ to San Diego CA via Yuma in my MKz Hybrid... I8 is a remote interstate and beautiful desert scenery.
  7. jm98


    around $400 with 12 months warranty on work.
  8. jm98


    that mouse did revisit the same wiring harness area and chewed on bit more. After that on it's next visit it bit on poison bar and that was it for that sucker. The wiring fixed at dealer.
  9. jm98


    I had a home defender sprayed at garage doors and it seems to have worked for years. Looks like the last spray effect has worned away. Just sprayed more now and put couple traps. But trip to dealer will be fun.
  10. Its working now... I think it was 12v battery. Now other issue to deal with.
  11. jm98


    this one has better view...
  12. jm98


    also noticed a big rat dropping stuck between two cables as an evidence .
  13. jm98


    My MKZh been having random warning lights issues after I parked it for almost 3 weeks earlier this year. So I suspected 12v battery issue and as suggested by forum members. Noticed new warning lights this morning (traction control) and windshield wiper fluid system was not working. I decided to swap 12v w with new battery as an emergency and got lucky at AutoZone with their brand of battery with similar physical specs. Purchased new battery, went home and swapped it in 30 minutes. All done and went back to AutoZone to return old core. The manager was there and I asked if he can check old battery condition with battery load tool. The old battery was tagged 2/2016 and tested in good condition. Kind of bummber but that's how it goes sometimes. However a new warning lights remained as of this morning even with new battery installed. I figured after driving little bit it should reset. I also purchased a gallon of windshield wiper fluid as well. When I opened a front hood to add more fluid, noticed a electrical cables been chewed out by rats. Checked and noticed rats dropping near chewed cable. Luckily car was still derivable. Went back home checked garage location where car was parked sure enough a new rat dropping right underneath where car was parked. Not sure what's recourse now and big concern driving this car in this condition. Not sure how much damage done here.. I looked and not seeing other damage.
  14. Agree, I am leaning towards Motocraft but wanted to see if it's worth it.