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  1. My Lincoln full synth + tire rotation comes out to be $100 + tax.
  2. Hi BBF2530, That sounds good. Now the tough task is to find quality ford dealer. There are few of em around here. Will keep you posted on my next trip to Ford dealer.
  3. jm98

    12V battery upgrade

    Yes, YELLOWTOP is a brand and Optima is one of their popular line of 12v batteries. Looks like YELLOWTOP does not have one for MKZh YELLOWTOP Battery selector "We’re sorry we don’t have an OPTIMA® battery that will fit your particular make and model vehicle."
  4. I am thinking of start using Ford service center for oil/tire rotation services. Any caveats on going to Ford vs Lincoln dealer? MKZh with 18" wheels and use full synthetic oil every 7500 miles.
  5. jm98

    12V battery upgrade

    Is there a YellowTop for MKZh? I like to switch to larger one and see MPG improves.. Assuming 12v will help hybrid battery with load balancing...
  6. jm98

    Hybrid MPG

    MKZh still averaging 41.8 MPG after 80K miles... Some claims here their MKZh is around 45MPG, I like to see what can be done to increase mine MPGs.
  7. I was at dealer today and noticed a customer had same issue with check engine light going on and off on it's own on his 17 MKZh. Dealer coulden't figure out and asked customer to comeback next week.
  8. Hi There, Its been a while here. I am specifically looking at struts and possibly suspension bushing replacement as well. My MKZh has 81K miles now. I am feeling small potholes that I should not when driving at lower speed. I guess then I will need to use OEM Lincoln parts. Not sure if OEM Lincoln are any good as mine has been like this from 55K miles. I would not want to use sports shocks if it's not compatible. Looking to see direct replacement.
  9. Following up on this here. Where can I get a decent suspensions for MKZh? Are these same as Fusion OEM parts?
  10. Thanks! I will check recall at least to my dismay 🙂
  11. I am not original owner but my MKZh was off 3 years lease from local TX Lincoln dealer. Is there a way to verify if recall was addressed in my MKZh? I am having bit mixed feeling getting honest answers from local dealer here regarding recall work. I am saying that because I ended up paying $$ to replace all wheel lug nuts at dealer that should been replaced under a different 13-15 MKZh recall. Overall I love MKZh ride experience and amazing MPGs.
  12. From my experience with 14 MKZh steering wheel feels bit hard compare to Infinity Q50 and Camry. Not trying to compare these vehicles feature wise but MKZh steering seems to be hard. Is it possible needs steering wheel fuel replaced or topped? Any recalls on this specific feature?
  13. Looking in to getting suspensions replaces as MKZh seems to hit small potholes and I can feel it. Like to see if Fusion sports suspensions would worth considering?
  14. jm98

    Time keeps changing on clock

    Mine is 4 minutes off. Looks like time for new 12v battery.. Like to get someone's opinion on this to see if new battery will address the clock issue.
  15. All, thanks for reply. I will install Motorcraft blades .