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  1. Dennis

    Custom painted grill

    Looks pretty nice..good job..
  2. Dennis

    Taking Care Of Leather...

    For all cleaning and conditioning all in one simple to use product use this: http://www.detailedimage.com/products/auto/69_1_m_2548.jpg Posting images is not working and this site is SUPER SLOW...Where is the Administrator?
  3. Dennis

    Drove a 2010 Today - WOW

    Andrew seen you log on once on the Lincoln forum but you never came back..what's up..? But I've been away from here too ..Hope to see if activity has picked up here some.. I'm waiting to see when the 2013 hits the streets..lots of issues or mysteries about it's arrival.. We'll see how it pans out....some are calling it the 2014 model year now..
  4. Dennis

    Sync cell phone and texting

    Never mind the DAMN Phone, texting, sexting or any other thing with the phone..HANG IT UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DRIVING...
  5. Dennis

    Drove a 2010 Today - WOW

    Yes..you did good..For the money,The Later MY MKZ's IMO, there is no better car for style, class, Luxury, awesome ride and the fit and finish is amazing.
  6. Dennis

    Wash and Wax

    I think I remember using Rubbing Alcohol and a tooth brush...Then follow up and use regularly with this on all your vinyl and rubber http://www.lexolasia.com/aboutvinylex.html
  7. Dennis


    I guess that's my luck... I too ordered it from CarID..and I ordered and paid for matching paint....It did arrive on time, but it was not painted, it was not packaged with any packing material, it was just bouncing around in an empty box, it did not have any backing tape already afixed to it and I suppose that was because it wasn't painted yet.., the 3M tape was old and snarled and wadded up and half falling off a roll.. the instructions was limited, although I could figure it out..there was NO special liquid as you mentioned...and the fit to the trunk just with a dry run was not a perfect fit..My trunk has a slight ridge down the center of the trunk lid, and this over priced POS thing from 3dCarbon was not molded to account for that and there was two huge gaps between the spoiler and the top of the trunk lid when set in place..the whole piece was nothing but junk IMO and thankfully CarID did get me my refund in full...BUT, when I wrote product review and I might add that is was not very farvorable, CarID deleted the review..I called them on it and they said it was removed by accident and willing to offer me a cash off coupon for my next purchase..to which I said "no way jose' ", I'll not ever do buisness with them again...Period..Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me!. PS: with shipping it was right at $300.00
  8. Dennis


    I was toying with the idea of a spoiler (painted) to stick to the trunk lid..It was a product of 3dCarbon..But after a total nightmare dealing with them and their lack of QC..I was turned off to the idea, not to mention the spolier was over $300.00... So after that...I decided to leave well enough alone and the car is as good as she'll get for now.. When the tires are due for a change..I'm gonna change out the cheap-azz plastic chrome clad wheels Ford decided to use, instead of a polished alloy or real chrome wheels..Maybe by then, Ford/Lincoln will have a nice REAL chrome wheel for the MKZ. :censored:
  9. Dennis


    I'm still here Olds..Thanks for clarifing for me. Thanks for saying something Bob, Yes the Sterling Gray is an awesome color and the best color IMO.. The Hole plugs I did with a can of spray paint to match the body color..The car came from Kansas dealer, where they have front tags there in KS. No this is not a sport model..For which I'm glad..as it would be like wearing tennis shoes in a tuxedo..for this kind of car. The 3.5 is an add on by me, uum, that would be the said owner.. :rolleyes: Folks often ask what the engine size is and now they can see for themselves..Other MKZ owners noticed, also say they like the added touch. Mud flaps/splash gaurds really save the sides of the car from a lot of water splash up..however, the main reason was to protect the rocker panels from stone chips. And alas, I wish it had the 18" polished alloy wheels..plastic clad wheel covers just sounds cheap for this kind of car.
  10. Well..I might as well post something in this ghost-town.. So...Here is what we have> 2011 MKZ/AWD with all the bells and whistles..and loving it! First thing I did was to plug the plate holes with body colored plugs Blinged up tastefully
  11. Dennis

    Drove a 2010 Today - WOW

    Just an FYI: If the VIN number starts with a "1", it's final assembly location is within the USA. If the VIN number starts with "2", it's made in Canada. If the VIN number starts with "3", it's made in Mexico. MKZ starts with a 3
  12. Dennis


    That's all well and good if you are incapable of doing it yourself..But I like to do things myself if I am able..In this case with the moonroof, the fix was quite simple and I know it was done right..I shudder to think that a dirty knee'd tech was climbing all over my seats and possibly gouge the leather with a screwdriver he may have had in his back pocket..(Been there, done that)..So now, unless I am totally lost as to fixing the repair, I do all my own work..including oil and fluid changes...This also gives me a chance to explore the car and find any issues before they become a major problem.
  13. Dennis

    Wash and Wax

    I have used almost everything on the market...the problem with those pastes waxes is that they leave a white residue on all the black parts and under the rubber edges..a real beotch to remove once it drys..So now I use the above product to prevent any extra work and it looks and works just as good as those high dollar waxes, without all the powdery residue and staining of the black parts.
  14. Dennis

    Some Bling

    Hey Robert, I got the Spash Gaurds from an Ebay seller..they are Ford OEM... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250711224764&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3AOC%3AUS%3A1123 and The 6 piece polished Stainless pillar trim I got from here: http://www.carid.com/2007-lincoln-mkz-chrome-accessories/pillar-posts-171895.html