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    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    This is where it's messed up. As I've said previously, I get the Sirius Select. But I do not get the NFL, NHL, NASCAR, PGA or NBA. On the one page it says "What will I hear", these are listed. If you click on 'compare packages', NFL, NHL, NASCAR, are listed. NBA and PGA are not checked. My radio only goes up to 180 something. On the list, all of these other stations are 'streaming only'. So, to get streaming, I need to pay 'another' $5 a month? I think not. I'm wondering if it goes according to each individual. If that is the case, I will just go back to 'selling' the car and get 3 months free every time. I would call, but I have a problem with people who don't speak English very well.
  2. Chris109


    Could be a fire hazard. I guess you really are lucky it wasn't a rabbit when you opened the hood.
  3. Chris109

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Figured it out. Not sure if all radios are like this, but, XM Select may just be for separate radio purchases. On my old car, I bought a radio and the packages were for XM. That is why it was XM Select.
  4. Chris109

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    And something else I discovered was that there is XM Select and Sirius Select. Was gonna call them, but I just listen to certain stations that are on both. MLB used to interest me, but being an Oriole fan, possibly listening to only 47 wins again this year doesn't appeal to me. And listening to the play by play of the NHL on the radio?...uh, no. Sirius Select What will I hear? Compare Packages Over 140 channels ✓ Howard Stern ✓ Every NFL Game ✓ Every NASCAR® Race x Every MLB® Game ✓ NBA, NHL® Games and PGA TOUR® Coverage ✓ Up-to-the-minute traffic & weather for 8 major metropolitan areas XM Select What will I hear? Compare Packages Over 140 channels x Howard Stern x Every NFL Game x Every NASCAR® Race ✓ Every MLB® Game ✓ NBA, NHL® Games and PGA TOUR® Coverage ✓ Up-to-the-minute traffic & weather for 8 major metropolitan areas
  5. Chris109

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Supposedly, that is only for the original owner. I went thru that with Sirius and Lincoln. Lincoln told me it is not transferable. I mentioned to them that NOWHERE in the manual or on their website does it say not transferable that could find. The woman that I spoke with was willing to call the dealer to have it reactivated, but I never followed through with it. It really is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen unless it is in writing somewhere. I also just use Waze now. Real time updates from fellow drivers. I'm sure many of them are the older set that just drive around and look for things; like pot holes. And I'm gonna be one of them one of these days.
  6. Chris109

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Well, the obvious solution is to buy a new one.
  7. Chris109

    Dash Does Not Line Up With Door Panels

    Does the panel from this door make contact with the d-board? Mine is just a tad off but not like yours. Of course, as long as there is no squeaking, creaking or rubbing sound, I call it a win.
  8. Chris109

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    https://www.amazon.com/Ford-Lincoln-Navigation-Canada-Updates/dp/B07NPD6TB7 Anyone know the difference between Ford F7 card and Lincoln A10?
  9. Chris109

    US News ranks 2018 MKZ #15 out of 15

    Exactly why I went looking for a Ford product.
  10. Chris109

    Head light upgrade

    I know. But I wanted a drink with an umbrella in it. Woe is us.
  11. Chris109

    Headlight Error

    Hopefully that will correct the issues.
  12. Chris109

    Trunk opens without key fob

    While I was away, I was able to open my trunk without the fob and with the doors locked. Didn't realize that it did this until I discovered I had forgotten my key in the hotel. All of my computers and important stuff were in the trunk while I stayed overnight in hotels. Won't open by the button with the decklid disabled.
  13. Chris109

    Head light upgrade

    I just went. Didn't bother with the oil. It was still clear and full when I left. Also went looking for someone in Palm Coast:
  14. Chris109

    Head light upgrade

    I'll have to try that. Did that last nite. Success. Was that in the manual?
  15. Chris109

    Head light upgrade

    Btw, bbf2530, I drove through Joisey on my way back from the south. Did you see me waving?
  16. Chris109

    Head light upgrade

    And I wish they had a toggle switch/button for the auto high beams. Very dangerous trying to go through the menus when driving. I had to do this a few weeks ago when driving in thick fog. High beams kept going on, and therefore blinding me. Had to drive in fog and try to find the auto high beam setting. On/off button on the dash would be great. Or even a quick succession of slaps to the paddle to disengage them.
  17. Chris109

    Oil Change

    Gonna be heading to the land of sunshine in the next week or so. I've put about 4k miles on the car since I last changed the oil 2(?) months ago. Should I change it again before I go? The trip, one way, is 1200+ miles. So, I figure 2700 total (more if I head to Palm Coast). I checked the oil the other day and it is still looks new, like honey.
  18. Chris109

    Oil Change

    Gated community, eh? High class? That ain't me. Good thing you weren't that far off of I-95. Near the water.🤙
  19. Chris109

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    Even if it is a bit tight, he could always let some of the air out, and, if needed, use the compressor to fill it.
  20. Chris109

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    "You pulled out WAY TOO QUICKLY when you clearly didn't have the opportunity to." Um, what the hell does that even mean? You didn't have the chance to pull out, but you did. Huh? This is one of those guys that is just trying to stir the pot, for some reason. But, as I said in a previous post, you took the hit in the back. If you didn't, the person on your right might have been seriously injured from the truck. Think of it as saving someone's life. And can you put the guy's name up? If I happen to find him on a beach, I could always accidentally kick sand up one of the legs of his wet bathing trunks when he's lying down. 🤙
  21. Chris109

    Out to dinner

    Need them curb feelers for when you turn that bad boy into a pimp mobile.
  22. Chris109

    Bezel lights turning off

    120,000? That's a lot of driving..
  23. Chris109

    remove items under seat

    I found this, if it helps. Could there be a recall on your car? https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1377029-please-remove-objects-from-passenger-seat.html
  24. Chris109


    Well, headed to Florida when it was -10. 1st leg of the trip I got 25 mpg. WTF? I filled up with 93 octane. That was a mistake. Car ran like sh*t. Every time I stopped for a break and started again, car shook like a mother until I really floored it to get up to speed. Looked it up in the manual and said only use 89. Filled up again with 89, now I'm getting 33 mpg for the trip. Still terrible. 2 weeks ago, my total avg mileage was 42, now it's down to 36. Hopefully the warmer weather in Fl will bring it back up Should be running on electric the whole time in Tampa with the old folks poking about. Might be time to get a Prius. OMG! What am I saying?
  25. Chris109

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I thought it was the extra weight. First I heard anything about it being a safety issue.