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  1. This topic got me thinking. Is a cracked windshield covered under the 4/50 warranty? Or does insurance take care of it? And does a Lincoln extended warranty cover it? I need to get the extended soon.
  2. Chris109

    Bad Gas

    I remember when I headed south in January, I did put high octane (91?) in the tank. Whenever I did stop for pee or sleep (slpeep?), right after I would start on the road again, the car was doing the same thing until I got up to speed. But, if I slowed down, it would start bucking again, as if choking for air. When I got halfway down on the tank, I just put in regular unleaded and it never did it again. That is when I found out these hybrids don't like the high octane gas.
  3. I got my 2017 Zh from Keeler last August. They were more than glad to give it to me for way below market because they weren't too happy about me talking to the previous owner of the vehicle. Not my fault they left the person's registration in the car. If you do head to Fuccillo, ask for Don Grounds. Nice guy.
  4. I was just curious cause the local Fuccillo Lincoln dealership in Schenectady have some really good guys that work there. Not all of them are there to screw you.
  5. Where in upstate NY are you located?
  6. Chris109

    Plastic guards on door drainage slots

    Just curious, but, how would water get inside the door unless one leaves the window open all of the time.
  7. Is there a need to keep these in the car nowadays? You can now buy a small battery pack that will start a car, and also I think you can jump a car by going to the cigarette lighter.
  8. It sure is nice to take a long trip like that and only use 1 gallon of gas. When I am on a highway cruise, I will sometimes just make sure that I am 'in the blue' with regards to using the electric motor.
  9. Chris109

    Hey R2D2

    So, it should be gone by the time I head back to Fla in mid-January. Good.
  10. Chris109

    Hey R2D2

    You safe down there?
  11. Chris109

    Cabin Air Filter

    Wow. I just realized what that icon was. Jeez.
  12. Chris109

    2 Phones

    Is it possible to have 2 phones connected to bluetooth at the same time? I have a backup phone that I connect for Android Auto, but when I do that, my main phone no longer stays connected to SYNC.
  13. Chris109

    Extended Warranty

    I should have made another paragraph in my first post. With regards to AAA, from what I understand, Lincoln (maybe others) use the same towing services as AAA. So, if a driver were to choose between AAA customer and Lincoln customer, he would choose the Lincoln customer first. As for that being the reason for an extended warranty, no way. I was curious about getting an ESP from Lincoln or one of those other places. My local dealer (Fuccillo) does not offer the warranty thru it's dealership. They get it from a third party. I don't remember the name. Once again, I type faster than I can think.
  14. Chris109

    Extended Warranty

    With regards to AAA; I don't mean working on the car. I meant them towing the car.