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  1. Chris109

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Do the JETS give away a pizza when they win? The Brownies gave away a beer..
  2. Chris109

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    I don't see the problem unless she has a pizza with her. But then she can pass that to you thru the sunroof.
  3. Chris109

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    Lincoln updating their maps? Seems like they are a coupla years behind everyone else. Waze looks better on the screen anyway.
  4. Chris109

    Michelob Ultra

    Since I do not watch network TV, I just came across this commercial that originally aired during the Stupid Bowl. Chris Pratt is being brought in as an extra for an Ultra commercial. He is being chauffeured in an MKZ. https://youtu.be/kiE71P138rc?t=38s
  5. Chris109

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Oh, hell (or heaven). Figured I'd do it also. And to show off both cars.
  6. Before I found the MKZs, I was looking at the Energi. Talk about about no trunk space. That was the main reason why I did not get one. I like to go on trips, but there was really only enough room for a duffel bag.
  7. Too bad you wouldn't like a Bordeaux (burgundy) colored, Charcoal interior, 2013 hybrid with 37k and fully loaded with panoramic roof, I'd sell mine for $18.5k. I just bought a 2017 and really don't need 2 cars. And I'm in NY. Right around the corner from you (kind of). :)
  8. Chris109

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Not everyone takes a picture of their new car in a cemetery. Visiting or reserving?
  9. Chris109

    What does this do?

    I wish it was passenger eject. A couple of people I'd like to send to the moon.
  10. Chris109

    2019 Due ?

    Thanks. I've been checking on and off last couple of weeks, but it was only coming up 2018 prices. But I see now there are 2019's.
  11. Chris109

    2019 Due ?

    Is there any place to find out what prices are?
  12. Chris109

    Hybrid MPG

    Made trip from Upstate NY to Fla and back. 2850 miles total. Comes out to be about 39-40 mpg. When not highway driving I can get almost 50 mpg. I don't use the speedometer, I use the gauges and try to stay in the blue. But on the highways, if everyone else is doing 80-85, who am I to try not to keep up. Sooner I get to where I'm going, the better. For everyone.
  13. Chris109

    Oil change at Ford Dealer

    Was gonna ask why you want to change, but you answered the question. I guess all dealers are different. My Lincoln dealer has been top notch (most of the time).
  14. Isn't there something on the phone that asks if you want to let the car have access to the phone after establishing a (re-) connection and vice versa?
  15. Chris109

    Sensor Screen

    Bringing it in for an oil change. They can look at it. I was just wondering if this has happened to someone else. Also, I have a 13 and a 17. Can't fit both in my bio. Otherwise, I would TELL THE WORLD!