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  1. Chris109

    Be Safe out there

    Yup. Even Superman would have a hard time hitting a plane with a brick.
  2. Chris109

    My damn Lincoln dealer closed up shop

    I'm sure Billy Fuccillo will sweep in and take it.
  3. Chris109

    Memory Seats

    She's good at doing what cats do. Sleeping.
  4. Chris109

    Memory Seats

    Cats aren't allowed to drive in CA?
  5. Chris109

    Be Safe out there

    Was thinking about heading south again soon. No work to do right now and I love the heat. I figure if I-95 is not too busy from not to many travelers, I could make it down in 16 hours. I'll just have to put a banner on my car that says "from UPSTATE ny".
  6. Chris109

    Memory Seats

    I wish I had a 3rd memory button like I had on the '13. On my '17, I use #1 for normal driving, And #2 when I have my driving companion.
  7. Chris109

    Center armrest storage

    And then nodded and went back out to keep watering.
  8. Full of what? 😎
  9. Chris109

    USB Ports for Audio

    I've tried the thumb drive, my phone, and the external HD. None worked. It's basically intermittent power.
  10. Chris109

    USB Ports for Audio

    I plugged my HD in and Sync didn't recognize that either. Fooled with connection with port. Nothing. Today, I left the HD in and when I started the car, a brief message popped up saying something like 'USB cable error blah blah'. I don't know what the blah, blah was cause it was at the top of the screen and a word or two were cut off. I just plugged in my phone and it didn't even charge so I am concluding it must be the port. I don't know how the port cover comes off otherwise I would get in there and check the connection. I'm wondering if this would be covered under warranty.
  11. I have used constantly a 500gb external hard drive hooked up to the port inside the center console. I would get the "usb device is not supported please remove", but the drive still worked. It is formatted exFat. I then wanted to use a thumb drive (64 gb) cause it was smaller. I formatted the thumb drive to exFat. The same center hub will not even recognize the thumb drive. System doesn't even say it's in there. However, if I put it in the port where the non-existent ash tray would be, the device is recognized. Ideas?
  12. Chris109

    Android Auto and Sync 3.4

    Oh. That's different from mine. I just don't get any alerts. Now that I think about it, I don't get alerts on GMaps either. I never even have the opportunity to adjust the 'prompt volume', only regular volume. I have an LG Stylo 4 (Pie). I even tried it on an LG Fiesta 2 (Oreo) recently and it doesn't work on that one either.
  13. Chris109

    Android Auto and Sync 3.4

    I wasn't getting any sound thru the speakers also. It used to work. But, I don't know if it had started after updating to a new version. What I have discovered now, is that, I do not get any alerts etc from Waze unless I am listening to AA. If I have music playing from USB, or the car radio on, there are no alerts, no matter what I do I do think this is a common problem with AA.
  14. Chris109

    2020 MKZ Hybrid

    Yup. On my 17 Zh, I find I get better mpg with ECO off. Why? Dunno.