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  1. Chris109

    Plastic guards on door drainage slots

    Just curious, but, how would water get inside the door unless one leaves the window open all of the time.
  2. Is there a need to keep these in the car nowadays? You can now buy a small battery pack that will start a car, and also I think you can jump a car by going to the cigarette lighter.
  3. It sure is nice to take a long trip like that and only use 1 gallon of gas. When I am on a highway cruise, I will sometimes just make sure that I am 'in the blue' with regards to using the electric motor.
  4. Chris109

    Hey R2D2

    So, it should be gone by the time I head back to Fla in mid-January. Good.
  5. Chris109

    Hey R2D2

    You safe down there?
  6. Chris109

    Cabin Air Filter

    Wow. I just realized what that icon was. Jeez.
  7. Chris109

    2 Phones

    Is it possible to have 2 phones connected to bluetooth at the same time? I have a backup phone that I connect for Android Auto, but when I do that, my main phone no longer stays connected to SYNC.
  8. Chris109

    Extended Warranty

    I should have made another paragraph in my first post. With regards to AAA, from what I understand, Lincoln (maybe others) use the same towing services as AAA. So, if a driver were to choose between AAA customer and Lincoln customer, he would choose the Lincoln customer first. As for that being the reason for an extended warranty, no way. I was curious about getting an ESP from Lincoln or one of those other places. My local dealer (Fuccillo) does not offer the warranty thru it's dealership. They get it from a third party. I don't remember the name. Once again, I type faster than I can think.
  9. Chris109

    Extended Warranty

    With regards to AAA; I don't mean working on the car. I meant them towing the car.
  10. I'm coming up on 50k (44k at the moment) on my '17 MKZ. I'm curious what plans you all use. I know there is a difference in price between them. I've spoken to a guy who works for AAA and he told me that if there is are 2 cars broken down and one of them has the Lincoln warranty, he will take care of that person first cause Lincoln pays right away. So, I'm not sure if I should get the extended warranty from Lincoln. Hope everyone's summer is going well.
  11. Chris109

    Rear Panel Side Lights

    I'm not sure what the terminology would be, but, there are those covers (?) under that car to keep the dirt etc from getting the undercarriage dirty/muddy. It seems that they are not perfect. Crud manages to find it's way up there (possibly through the wheels/brakes) and settles on top of those covers. Crud has no place to fall out. So it settles on top of whatever. The harnesses were covered and eventually corroded through and shorted them out. Does this make sense? I can 'see' it happening, just can't find the right words.
  12. Chris109

    Rear Panel Side Lights

    Yes. Right behind the wheels. The ones that come on when you approach the car and when you close the door. I was surprised that the service guy knew exactly what the problem was and said it was a common issue.
  13. On my 2017 hybrid, I happened to notice this past weekend that the driver side rear panel light (the rear of the wheel) was flickering when I got out of the car. I opened and closed the door again and checked the passenger side. That light wasn't even on. Made an appointment and they checked it out today. Service manager told me that it was a common problem with Lincolns. They looked at it and told me that the harness (es?) were corroded and they needed to be replaced but needed to order the parts to do the repair next week. I'd never heard of this 'problem' before. If the car wasn't still under warranty, I wouldn't care. But, since it's a freebie...
  14. Chris109

    HD Radio

    So, on a couple of FM stations, I lost the HD feed a couple of months back. No biggie, I don't listen that much to radio anyway. Then, I figured I would do a refresh stations thing. They went back to HD. Had them for a week or so. Then, when I hooked up Android Auto, phone rebooted by itself, and now I lost the HD radio stations. Did another refresh but they didn't come back this time. I'm wondering if somehow AA is causing screw ups with HD.