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  1. Chris109

    Hybrid MPG

    Made trip from Upstate NY to Fla and back. 2850 miles total. Comes out to be about 39-40 mpg. When not highway driving I can get almost 50 mpg. I don't use the speedometer, I use the gauges and try to stay in the blue. But on the highways, if everyone else is doing 80-85, who am I to try not to keep up. Sooner I get to where I'm going, the better. For everyone.
  2. Chris109

    Oil change at Ford Dealer

    Was gonna ask why you want to change, but you answered the question. I guess all dealers are different. My Lincoln dealer has been top notch (most of the time).
  3. Isn't there something on the phone that asks if you want to let the car have access to the phone after establishing a (re-) connection and vice versa?
  4. Chris109

    Sensor Screen

    Bringing it in for an oil change. They can look at it. I was just wondering if this has happened to someone else. Also, I have a 13 and a 17. Can't fit both in my bio. Otherwise, I would TELL THE WORLD!
  5. Chris109

    Sensor Screen

    This has happened 2 times since I got my 2017 Zh. This pops up and there is no way to get it off the screen unless I restart the car. I can't do anything with the screen cause this blocks out everything beneath it. Ideas?
  6. Chris109

    2017 Tires

    My regular dealer looked at it. One can tell from looking at the stem that it is not original equipment. Either it is an aftermarket sensor or there isn't one in there and is only just a stem.
  7. Chris109

    2017 Tires

    Does anyone know what tires came with the 2017 Mkzh? I ended up buying a '17 hybrid (now I have 2 Zh's. Whoopee!) What is on the '17 is Michelin Primacy MXM4. As an aside, the TPMS sensor for the right front is faulty. It does not read a pressure. The dealer I bought it from, not a Lincoln dealer, said that it is warranty work. My Lincoln dealer said that it is under warranty if they were original tires. How do I know if they are original? I do recall when I spoke to the original owner (the dealer I bought it from was none too happy about me speaking to the owner, but, then, it wasn't my fault they left the registration in the car), she told me she did hit a curb. There is scuffing on the wheel. So, I'm assuming that is what damaged the sensor. And now I'm thinking if they should have sold me the car if the sensor wasn't working. Then, again, I bought the car for $25,500 with 27k on it. So, all in all, still a great deal to make me go away and not bother the original owner again.
  8. Chris109

    Gas door

    But after a few brews, one can do ANYTHING. Just like when I used to drink heavily. I would pick up my gee-tar, do some whaling on it, and say to myself, "Damn. I'm good". But, in reality... In Tampa it's rush hour all the time. I4? Didn't want to deal with more construction. It never ends on that road. I went I75 to I10 to 295. Was thinking about taking good ol' 301 thru Fla. Saw that it would take the same amount of time to go 301 as it would to take 75/10 to 295. And would save 50 miles. But, navigation in the Z leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to find an alternate route is a chore. I said screw it and just kept driving on 75.
  9. Chris109

    Gas door

    I was in Tampa although I hate Tampa. Too many people. But free room and board from my mom's cousin. I'll go anywhere for a free meal. Working on moving to Merritt Island/Cocoa area soon. Trying to get the cards and gods in order. I'm outside Albany. The only thing I know about "Lon Guyland" is from the people I went to SUNY Albany with many moons ago. One way in, one way out. Not a fan of traffic jams.
  10. Chris109

    Gas door

    I just came back to NY (yuck) yesterday from Fla. (yeah). If I had the time, I would have stopped off and had a brewski with ya and compared Mkzs and torn yours apart to fix the door. Maybe next time.
  11. Does the cupholder in the '17 look like what is in the picture in the manual?
  12. Chris109

    Gas Tank Size

    I guess it's official. Just don't do what I did. I miscalculated big time. Filled up on Sunday with 10.5 gals. Put on about 100 miles before leaving on a long trip. Get from upstate NY to Alexandria Va. For the last 50+ miles my light is on saying I need gas. Ok, I have plenty. Then it dawned on my that I put miles on after my fill up so I must be running of fumes. Then the red part of the gas gauge lights up (way below the E on the gauge) and it is showing less than empty on the gauge. A thin line of red showed up when I was going downhill. Need gas ASAP. Pulled in to the station. Filled it up. Guess what? It really is a 13.5 gal tank.
  13. Chris109

    Gas Tank Size

    Search wasn't working so I have to ask. What is the fuel capacity of the hybrid tank for my 2013? I was on empty and the readout said I had about 40 miles til empty. Well, I filled it up and it would only take 10.6 gals. There can't be a 3 gallon reserve tank. Or is there?
  14. Chris109

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Make the car payments on time, get a secured credit card by putting down about 500-1000 dollars, and if you can afford it, get a $1000 1 year loan from possibly a credit union. Make all the payments. In about 1-2 years, you are back with a decent credit rating.
  15. Chris109

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I wanted to ask also how fast he was going and why he hit the wall. Did the force of the hit cause him to hit the accelerator? Everybody has done that where you want to hit the brake but just don't. I've been know to panic more than once in my life.