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  1. Chris109

    Automatic settings?

    Not sure if this is to what you were referring. Last Settings You can set the climate control to operate using the last climate control settings through the information display setting: Remote Start > Climate Control > Heater–A/C > Last Settings. The climate control system automatically uses the settings last selected before turning off the vehicle Automatic Settings You can set the climate control to operate in AUTO mode through the information display setting: Remote Start > Climate Control > Heater-A/C > Auto. The climate control system automatically sets the interior temperature to 72°F (22°C). In cold weather, the system is set to 72°F (22°C). The heated seats and heated steering wheel are set to high (if available, and selected to AUTO in the information display). The rear defroster and heated mirrors automatically turn on.
  2. Chris109

    Automatic settings?

    On my 2017, I set the auto temp to 'med'. I remote start the car and let it run for 10-15 minutes. Nice and toasty when I get in. But, when I 'start' the car, seat is heated to 3 lights, and steering wheel heat is 'on'. There are times where I purposely shut those 2 things off when I head in for the night, but they seem to go back to full when I physically start the car. I am assuming this happens because I have the auto feature on. Maybe this happens with certain auto settings. As an aside, every once in a while, if the car is left facing the sun or I have been driving a while and the interior is all warmed up, when I restart after a short amount of time, the a/c for the seats engages. Rare, but it happens.
  3. Chris109

    Intermittent Check Engine Light

    Well, if you get another vehicle, there would be no reason for me to stop by when I'm down there to compare Zhs and have a look at your broken gas tank cover that you fixed, and have a few brewskis.
  4. Chris109

    2019 v. 2016

    That I do not know.
  5. Chris109

    MKC service loaner and damage to MKZ

    Is that Bergey's? When I was originally looking at hybrids, I had inquired several times about vehicles they had. They never would get back to me.
  6. Chris109

    MKC service loaner and damage to MKZ

    Only my opinion, but it really isn't the kid's responsibility to put it in your garage. Unfamiliar territory for him. I had an aunt way back when who had the shortest garage where only a mini cooper would fit in it. I would have just told him to leave it in the driveway. I was given an MKC loaner last year for a day. Felt uneasy when I drove it. It was quick. Not used to an SUV however. I look down on people as it is without actually looking down on people.
  7. Chris109

    2019 v. 2016

    I went from a '13 to a '17 hybrid. '13 was quieter with regards to road noise. And the '13 has Velozza $80 tires on it compared to the '17 which has Michelin Primacy.
  8. Chris109

    Hybrid MPG

    What part of NY?
  9. Chris109


    Any ideas how low (or high) the sensors read? I.e., I'm very fearful of getting too close to the curb on the passenger side and having my wheel hit. Also, the front sensor. Same reason. Some curbs are higher than others and I scraped the bottom of the bumper on one of those high curbs.
  10. Chris109

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    One can look back on their life with regards to every situation, and understand that everything does happen for a reason. Because of this event, you have 'gotten your act together' (not to be meant as you were messed up like me, and I've been to some of the best doctors...) and are on your way to something better. If he didn't hit you, you would be further in debt trying to keep your head above water. I could run off a hundred different things that have happened to me in the past and see that every bad event has caused a good and better event to transpire. Hopefully, the guy that hit you will have something better for him when he gets out. Hoping bad things for him cause he hit you, isn't the right thing to wish for.
  11. Is the change/rotation the same price?
  12. Chris109

    Sirius Travel Link

    Well, it seems like they extended me for only about 2 weeks. I wanted to check upcoming traffic thru the Travel Link and now it tells me that I have no subscription. Another tease. Maybe I will just call them up and tell them:
  13. Chris109

    Auto Hold

    I've gotten used to using it. Just got me thinking cause there was a cop that was killed last week in the area who was hit from behind and pushed into traffic.
  14. Chris109

    Auto Hold

    Have no idea where to put this post. So this seems to be a good place. Does Auto Hold engage the brakes as if holding the pedal all the way to the floor? I try to always push the 'pedal to the metal' just in case I get rear-ended.
  15. Chris109

    2014 stalling issues

    Hey everybody. There is a girl on the site. Whoopee! (forgive me if there are others) Other than that, I got nothing. But there are some knowledgeable people on this site. I'm sure they can help ya. Welcome aboard and I hope everything works out.