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  1. Chris109

    Key Fob Upgrade

    I don't mind the newer ones. Especially when a cute girl comes up and asks, "Is that a Lincoln key fob in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" I respond, "Unfortunately, at my age, it's a key fob."
  2. I'm gonna be heading off to parts unknown soon, and bought some static cling tint just for the ride. Since my cat MUST sit on my lap at all times, at certain times of the day, the sun really beats down on her and she is constantly shifting positions to get out of the sun. Of course, this makes me fidget. So, I threw on some of the tint just to see what it would be like especially at night. Yikes. The reflection of the vent onto the tint made it totally impossible to see anything in the mirror. Very dangerous. When I head off to parts unknown, I will definitely just cut part of the tint so I can see the mirror.
  3. Chris109

    MKz Lug nuts

    I removed one of the lugs. It is not 1.62" in height. It is only 1.5". Would that make a difference?
  4. Chris109

    MKz Lug nuts

    Do you think they would be part of the extended warranty?
  5. Chris109

    MKz Lug nuts

    Well, it turns out I need lug nuts. Bbf, what size did you get? I know the diameter, but what about length? I tried to remove one from my car but they may need to be 'professionally' removed cause my ratchet doesn't do the trick. I usually end up getting the wrong thing the first time. Just like going to a hardware store. You NEVER only go once.
  6. Chris109

    Water Leak

    Could it be that the condenser drain is plugged and water is leaking thru the vent from the cooled seats?
  7. What about the massive reflection from the top of the dashboard off the windshield when driving toward the sun? When I had a boat and heading into the sun, I ended up putting a black towel on the dash to 'turn off' the reflection.
  8. Chris109

    No GPS Icon

    This is strange. It happened to me within the last 7+ days. I do not remember what day it was but I recall seeing that message. It may also have been a time when I did not have my phone with me. So, maybe there is a correlation between the two. I know I get some message about sync services being disabled when my phone is not with me.
  9. Chris109

    Android Auto Question

    I bought one of these but ended up getting an external SSD drive for like $50 (on sale at the time) at Wally World. Have a ton of music on it and plug it into the usb in the console under the arm rest. The thing is only about 3" long. And it shows up in the menu for 'entertainment'.
  10. Chris109

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I ask this question also.
  11. Chris109

    Texas Snow

    And... And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.
  12. Chris109


    I just said 'screw it'. I paid the $300 cause I didn't want to deal with taking things apart. The GM, who is a customer of mine, even said that it would be best if a dealer did it. He said something about making sure that the computer did the correct reset. We'll see if the gremlins stay or go. 2 nights ago the lights went on and off 5 times in the span of 15 minutes.
  13. Chris109


    Without getting all the way into the small opening, it is a FoMo battery. I bought it as a used car so I am certain it is the original battery. Don't know if I really want to go all in and tear everything down to put a new one in. When it is replaced, does anything special need to be done, regarding computer reset or the like? I know on my old Mitsushitzy, when the battery was disconnected, the car would not run right for a day or two as the computer was trying to relearn it's settings.
  14. Chris109

    Tinting rear window

    Yeah, the sunshade isn't available with the pano roof.
  15. Chris109

    Tinting rear window

    Just out of curiosity, why would you tint the back window? Don't you have a sunshade or do you have a pano roof?