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  1. Chris109

    Sync 3.4?

    Try doing a "reset of media index" or whatever the terminology is. When you have something on the device playing, go to Settings on the home screen. There should be a button for Media Player. Scroll down and you will see something about resetting index. I've had to do this a few times. Depending on how many files you have, it may take a while. It doesn't tell you it's doing it, but will tell you when it's done. The notifications on screen are quick and you might miss them. Give it a shot.
  2. Chris109

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    Not to hijack the thread, but, when the battery is replaced, does some kind of reset need to always be done?
  3. Chris109


    Still, tho, the battery that is listed in the manual is a lot smaller than the one that fits snug. So, "CR2032 or equivalent." is not exactly right if the one that fits is a CR2450. The 2032 may still work, but it would slide around inside the fob.
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  5. Chris109


    Bought it used. Also, I thought you could start the car by placing the remote in the center console. I didn't see it in the manual. May have been for the '13 I used to have.
  6. Chris109


    I dug out my other remote that I have not used in the time I've had the car (2 years). Didn't work. Battery is dead. I looked in the manual and it says that the remote takes a CR2032 battery. I have one of those. Like 2 sizes too small. The battery that was in it is a perfect fit with a CR2450. Either the manual is wrong or I have remotes that didn't come with the vehicle. Not that it makes a difference. They both work.
  7. Chris109

    Fob Not recognized

    Mine did this a couple of times since I've had it. All I did was wave it around like you then it would work. Maybe interference from your phone? Probably just a one time thing (for this month anyway).
  8. Chris109

    BLIS/Cross Traffic..Weird?

    Sometimes mine works, sometimes not. I always glance backward whenever I go in reverse. It helps stretch out my back. I know that when I back out of driveway and onto the road, every time I back out to the right, the alarm comes on telling me there is an obstacle on the left side of the car, when there isn't anything there.
  9. Chris109

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    Low on oil is not a good thing. At least you checked it. Now you can get a battery and oil change. Hopefully, that is all you need right now.
  10. Chris109

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    Why is a female mind so clean? They are constantly being changed.
  11. Without really wracking my brain, eh hem, I'm starting to believe it was my '13 that it happened to. In a thread from a previous year, I stated I was heading south and miscalculated from where I filled up and when I left. I just about coasted into a station in Balt ( I started in Albany, NY) when I realized I was even below empty, running on fumes. That is where I filled up with 93 octane. And every time I stopped along I95, the car had problems with acceleration. So, it must have been gas or just crap from the tank making it's way into the filter. It never did it again. And I do not care about HP. I just want the best mpg so I don't need to stop as often.
  12. Marble racing with 93 octane.
  13. Now, that I think about it, I'm not sure if it happened in my '13 or the '17. And it may have happened twice. I'm heading to the Land of Make Believe (R2D2 country) soon and would rather not take the chance. Manual suggests 87, and that's what I've been using.
  14. Dunno about the 3.0, but I thought only 89 octane was to be used. Or is that just the hybrid? I remember I used 93 for a trip, and the car jerked and coughed until I could get up to speed on a highway.
  15. Oh, so it's people like you who wouldn't let me merge onto 287 from 87.