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  1. Chris109

    Backup Camera Display

    The dashboard does but not the backup display.
  2. Chris109

    Backup Camera Display

    Is that the setting under "Display"? I just turned that all the way down. I'll see what happens when it's dark outside.
  3. Chris109

    Backup Camera Display

    Don't know if this is common with these cars or not. But on my 2017, when I put in reverse and the camera comes on, the display is so bright it basically is blinding in the interior of the car. Is there a way to turn it down that I have missed? And adjusting the dashboard lighting does not affect it.
  4. Chris109

    Hybrid MPG

    Does the new strain of covid come standard or is it part of the tech pkg?
  5. Chris109

    Memory Seats

    I always loved it when you set the seats, then when you didn't use the 2nd position for a while even tho it was set, you touch that button and you head into the steering wheel.
  6. Chris109

    A Pillars

    No idea under what heading to put this under. Anyway, on my 2017, I was caught in a driving rainstorm where I stopped off for an hour to let it pass. When I headed back on the road I noticed drops of water dripping from the passenger side a-pillar. I thought I had the window open. It wasn't. But I could see the fabric wet. I then checked the driver side pillar. It was soaked. I know I fiddled with the moonroof to get some air circulation but it was closed. Except for that, I only cracked the read windows open a bit. What could have been the problem?
  7. Chris109

    Oil Change

    I've always used Lincoln to change my oil. However, since the local dealership has closed, I will not drive 60+ miles to get it done from the nearest dealer. Do any of you guys get it done at a Jiffy Lube or those type of places? Ford is not exactly around the corner either.
  8. Chris109

    Sync Situation

    I had posted on the Ford Sync Forum about a situation that popped up recently about music being played/shown not in order from my external hard drive even though it was fine in the past. Mp3 tags are what they should be. ( https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/7490-albumssongs-no-longer-in-order/ ) However, now something new has happened where I would be playing music, change the source to radio, then go back to the music, and the song that was playing starts again, but the track meter would show the point where I had changed the source (ex. track would show a certain time where I stopped the song but the track starts from the beginning). I've done a master reset but it seems it has gotten worse. Sync is updated. Unfortunately, my local Lincoln dealer with whom I had a good rapport with, was sold and the new owners were not allowed to become Lincoln dealers. Now I need to find a good Ford dealer.
  9. Chris109

    Sync Brain Fart

    Mine did this about a year and a half ago. Don't remember what I did to fix it, if anything. Although, it may have been the verbal threat and beating.
  10. I was/am in the market for a 2020 hybrid. Unfortunately, the only ones that I had found were with a pano roof. Don't want that cause there is no rear window shade available with the pano. The other thing I've found is they are almost as much as a new car. But, then, it's been a while since I last looked so prices may have changed.
  11. Here's a new one. Has anyone ever had a situation with the wiper blade motor? All of a sudden, mine is making a RRR-rrr noise. It was not the blade as it was raining pretty good. It was coming from beneath the windshield.
  12. Chris109

    Fob Battery

    Ok. For the last month plus, every time I would start the car and I would get the warning that fob battery needed to be changed. So, I finally changed it yesterday with a brand new battery. (Manual says it takes a 2032 when, in fact, a much bigger 2450 is the one that goes in it). I'm still getting the warning to change the battery. Do fobs go bad?
  13. Chris109

    Things You Learn When You Read the Owners Manual

    That's because...
  14. Chris109

    Loss of 3G Support in 2022 ?

    I got a quote for the 4g modem of $500. They said that it takes about 90 minutes to program the modem. Does any one know what the programming entails? So, I'm not sure if the 90 minutes is for install and programming or just programming.