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  1. Chris109

    Spare tire in a mkz hybrid

    I ask this question also.
  2. Chris109

    Texas Snow

    And... And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.
  3. Chris109


    I just said 'screw it'. I paid the $300 cause I didn't want to deal with taking things apart. The GM, who is a customer of mine, even said that it would be best if a dealer did it. He said something about making sure that the computer did the correct reset. We'll see if the gremlins stay or go. 2 nights ago the lights went on and off 5 times in the span of 15 minutes.
  4. Chris109


    Without getting all the way into the small opening, it is a FoMo battery. I bought it as a used car so I am certain it is the original battery. Don't know if I really want to go all in and tear everything down to put a new one in. When it is replaced, does anything special need to be done, regarding computer reset or the like? I know on my old Mitsushitzy, when the battery was disconnected, the car would not run right for a day or two as the computer was trying to relearn it's settings.
  5. Chris109

    Tinting rear window

    Yeah, the sunshade isn't available with the pano roof.
  6. Chris109

    Tinting rear window

    Just out of curiosity, why would you tint the back window? Don't you have a sunshade or do you have a pano roof?
  7. Chris109


    Yup, hybrid. 65k miles. Extended warranty but it probably doesn't cover this.
  8. Chris109


    Sooooo, I stopped off at my 'stylist' to rid my head of the grays, and noticed the car lights were coming on again. The car was about 100 feet away, and my keys were about 10 feet away from me. The lights were going on and off for about 2 minutes straight. Then they stayed off. Then went on and off again. The car was not being started. Almost as if someone was taking the keys, getting near the car and backing away, just like when I was in the pizza joint. I have had the car for 2 1/2 years and have not changed out the battery. I did have an oil change and asked them if they would check the battery, but the service manager said it takes about an hour for a full check. I'm wondering if I should just get a new one anyway. I did ask the dealer about getting one from them and he told me $300 for one of theirs.
  9. Chris109


    What? But, I thought you were the:
  10. Chris109


    Detached garage. Keys are at least 50-100 feet away. As for the welcome lighting, when I went into the garage a bit later with the fob and the car doors locked, the lights did not come on until I touched the handle.
  11. Chris109


    Well, the ghosts are back again. I came home about 8:30pm. The lights came on 10 minutes later at 8:40, then also at 8:48, 9:01, and 9:16. I never asked the dealer about it cause they hadn't gone on by themselves since I posted originally. One thing that I'm curious about. I had stopped off for food pick up and noticed that the outside lights were on as if the car was started. Since I never leave it running unattended, I was thinking if I accidentally started it. I was inside the business near a large window but only about 15' from the car. When I moved away from the window a couple of feet, the lights went off. When I moved near the window again, they went back on. This happened a couple of times until it didn't do it again. So, not really sure how or when the lights are supposed to go on, I just went near the locked car in my garage and the lights did not come on when I approached. I even remote started it, and the lights came on as they usually do. I guess it's time to make the appointment. If there is a problem, would it be covered under the Premium Care extended warranty? And I just looked at the app. I just put 10 gals of gas in. App says fuel level is 0%. But, that shouldn't surprise anyone. At least anyone in... ANTARCTICA??? It's gonna be cold in upstate King Cuomoland, but not THAT cold.
  12. Chris109

    No more Oil Life reading on Lincoln Way app

    No need to open the door. It's a sieve. Plenty of air exchange thru the door since they are 40 years old and are basically just hanging. Unattached garage.
  13. Chris109

    No more Oil Life reading on Lincoln Way app

    2 things: 1. What is the 'battery saver' thing? 2. What I've discovered about the spinning wheel on the app is that it goes off when the car runs past it's time to shut off when started remotely. So, I'm thinking to the other poster who said it was spinning while driving (looking at your phone while driving? Ummmm.) is I'm wondering if it was still spinning while within that remote start time window. I have mine set at 15 minutes. And my car does start remotely when using the app cause I have a camera in my garage and I check it to make sure it starts. Why I use the app at all I have no idea. Just as easy to use the fob.
  14. Chris109

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    Going from my dashcams, I believe those ports stay active for about 30 minutes after the car is shut down. I think this was brought up previously when I discovered that my cameras still ran when I was already out of the car for a while.
  15. Chris109


    Yes. They are one of my biz customers so I see them a lot.