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  1. Chris109

    12V battery upgrade

    There's still a Sears store open?
  2. Chris109

    Cabin Air Filter

    This is the first time I have seen this light. Not really something I look at all the time. edit: This is what it looks like when someone sits on the passenger seat.
  3. Well, now I've gone and done it. I replaced my cabin air filter. Now I get, what I think is, a passenger air bag fault. My God, Bones, what have I done?
  4. Chris109

    Welcome light

    On my 2017, the welcome light does come on. But it only comes on when the mirrors are folded. And looking in the manual for my 2013, it does not have the welcome light feature.
  5. Chris109

    Sirius Travel Link

    I've used it in both of my cars. In the 2017 it tells me I am not subscribed. Sirius even told me that the trial ran out recently. I have to go to my dealer a bit later, I will talk to one of the managers. It's a good group of people. This was more of a curiosity to see if anyone else out there bought a used Lincoln had had the travel Link transferred.
  6. Chris109

    Sirius Travel Link

    Yes, I registered the 2017 with Lincoln when I bought it. I guess maybe the concierge service is not directly related to Lincoln, per se. The woman in chat did say something about 2 separate entities, I think. When I did call today, the woman had the conversation on hand from yesterday's chat. Also, I did get the trial. And I transferred my remaining time from my 2013 for the radio. I was more interested in the Travel Link.
  7. Chris109

    Sirius Travel Link

    This was the chat window. Concierge on the right, below the Lincoln logo. The web address is thru Ford. The person also told me that the previous owner was female. Which is true. I did call them. The lady was very nice. She said that the subscription is only for new vehicle owners. She did say she would be happy to call my dealer and ask them to re-enroll the car with Sirius to continue the subscription. Since I do business with them, I figure I can talk to them about it when I bring over more employee shirts. But, then again, it may be moot point since there is a 2019 MKZh on the way that they used my specs for, if I want it. So the 6 year subscription would start all over again.
  8. Chris109

    Sirius Travel Link

    Yes, I did register. It was thru Ford. They told me it was for the original owner only. I did tell them (thru chat) that there is nothing in writing saying it was not transferable. I was in no mood to argue. And when I 'chatted' with someone at Sirius, that person told me that with a used vehicle, it is only good for a 3 month trial period. I even sent a link from Sirius's own website saying that Lincoln vehicles now come with a 6 year free subscription with no mention of it not being transferable. Person didn't care.
  9. For my 17 MKZh, I am under the impression that Travel Link is supposed to be a 6 year free subscription. I bought the car used. The subscription should be transferable, shouldn't it? I asked the dealer and he said it should be because Lincoln paid up front for the subscription. I have not called Sirius yet. I just would like some input first.
  10. I'm always one to try to find the best deal. But when my local dealer has done many thousands of dollars in uniform business with me, I figure I can pay the extra $30.
  11. Chris109

    Intermittent Check Engine Light

    FWIW, on my 2000 Mitsushitzy Eclipse that I have had for 17 years and has 235000 miles, the CEL has been on for over 10 years. Until I put it in drydock, I was still getting 25+ mpg. I'm surprised that the light never burned out.
  12. I love the 'class action suits' where they tell you to fill out the form with a deadline of 3 months from the time you receive it. You fill it out and then get ANOTHER form to fill out with a deadline of 90 days. And then never hear from them again.
  13. Chris109

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    Did you try connecting to one of the Auxiliary Power (cigarette lighter) points on the bottom shelf, in the front, of the center storage area, under the radio? There are 2 of them, at least on my hybrid. Or are those not active all the time?
  14. Chris109

    2019 Due ?

    Not happy with mine. Way too much high-end. I've had to cover the tweeters on the doors doors cause it was killing my ears. Only way I can get the perfect sound is to bluetooth music from my phone thru VLC. Then I can adjust the equalization to perfection. Still trying to use Android Auto apps. Although I shouldn't have to do this. Stereo on my '13Zh destroys this system. My kingdom for a decent 7 band equalizer.
  15. Chris109

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    I couldn't let this go. But, it's one of those where you need to know it. 2 clips on the right side. 4 clips on the left side. Panel swings down. I do believe that the easiest way is to pry it open from the top and not the sides. Right side popped open with very little effort. Now if you can fit a chubby hand in there that is another thing.