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  1. looking at picking up a 2010-12 MKZ and looking to lower it.. however i want to retain decent ride quality and want to be able to lower it some but dont want it in the weeds. Ive had many lowered cars before on lowering springs and am sick of them. Love the coil overs on my mustang and want the same on my daily driven lincoln. I see H&R makes coil overs for 06-09 fusions and to my knowlesge the 10-12 fusions and MKZs are the same suspension still. And I now KW makes 10-12 fusion coil overs. Anyone have either? hows the ride?
  2. Looking to part with my explorer awd and focus and replace it with a 2010-2012 AWD MKZ.... ive had 4x4 and awd trucks/suvs my entire life. I live in CT and spent a lot of time in VT and ME snowmobiling and love driving in the snow. Looking to replace both vehicles though and looking for one all around vehicle that will fit the bill. Id really like a new Focus RS but just cant pull the trigger on that yet... so im looking at 2010-2012 Fusion sports and MKZs.... hows everyones AWD cars do in the snow? Do you run snow tires or just all season? Ever any issues? My compute is 45 mins each way with some decent sized hills so i want to know i can go when i need to go!
  3. Pur pony

    Sport Tuned Suspension Question

    I run the P7's on my focus and love them. They have been a great all around tire and really hold the corners well.