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  1. crushalot

    Loose steering wheel recall

    Thanks drolds1 My car was definitely built at that plant during that time but no notice in mail and nothing on my owner page on the Lincoln site about an active recall. A bit odd.
  2. crushalot

    Loose steering wheel recall

    I got the notice for my 2014 Fusion but not for my 17 MKZ. Does anyone know if they ever stated the exact build date range? My 17 MKZ was one of the last batches to roll off the 17 line. It was built in August 2017. I think they re-tooled the line and started assembling 18's in September.
  3. crushalot

    What Items are included when buying a New MKZ

    The 2015 would have also come with a SD card for the maps on navigation. My 2014 came with the A4 version so I would expect a A5 version maps SD card for a 2015.
  4. I use that same adapter and it works fine for me as I made some changes in IPC. Try configuring your ForScan connections again and have the toggle in the right mode when first connecting. I thought I remember it tells you when to toggle it for MS.
  5. crushalot

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Just wanted to point out that Darkstar's custom CAI is $50 cheaper and doesn't have to be modified to fit.
  6. crushalot

    SYNC update to Nav question

    I don't think they have a Forscan version for Mac. They don't share identical codes, but it is very minor differences. Those model years do share the same 8" sync 2.0 system and also many IPC elements. I would recommend reading Dan's guide and then read it again, then read/skim through that thread.
  7. crushalot

    SYNC update to Nav question

    Adding Nav to 13 - 15 can be done with a $30 FORSCAN adapter (Plus the cost of a maps SD card): http://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/2818-list-of-successful-forscanobdlink-mods-on-mkz-credit-to-danmc85-at-2gfusionnet/ He links the main thread over at 2Gfusions: http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573 Many people with all different types of ford models have done this for the 13 through the 15's. Requires reading through a lot of posts but it is not hard
  8. crushalot

    Automatic Trunk Open/Close

    The older models had the trunk open button on the top ridge of the license plate frame and you could open it by skillfully touching with your foot. On the 17 they moved the button up so you can use your hand without bending over.
  9. jm98, The batteries used in the key fob are two CR2025 batteries. These are usually available at any Walmart/drug store/electronics store. I have changed many batteries in the FOB over the years and it is easy. The procedure can be found on page 49 of the 2014 manual. Also you know you can start the car without the need for batteries in the FOB. The FOB has an RFID tag in it that if placed correctly in the car will allow it function. You have to pull up the rubber cup holder in the middle console and then you see a little cut out for where the FOB goes. This is on page 140 of the manual. All the best
  10. crushalot

    Delay on 12V Power Outlets?

    If it is the same as the Fusion, then it seems the default is 1 hour 15 minutes as you can set it to a few different values with FORScan. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yax6zfhZYj2joBczEeruqKh9X5Qhee3C0ngilqwTA7E/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true I would have to pull the bit from FORScan to see what the default for the MKZ is.
  11. It won't brick your system if you put in the wrong code. I tried putting in all kinds of different codes in an attempt to get the climate in IPC but the worse that happens is it removes other options. Simply changing back the values restored everything. Everything you want except climate is doable. Just follow the guide.
  12. crushalot

    3.0T Turbo Flutter

    Great tip on the GFB diverter valve. What model DV+ did you use? Thanks
  13. Thanks. I got the mirror dip working with only changing 720-02-01 and all is working great with it including remembering the custom down positions. Last night I tried cycling through every hex bit available for the 720-05-01 position xxXx and while i was able to remove items off the cluster none of the changes added climate, so I don't think it's possible.
  14. I got the mirror dip working although haven't been able to get a custom down position saved. Has anyone here done this on a MKZ? Also has anyone got Climate control from the cluster working on a Z? Don't think many here mess with FORScan as our MKZ's have pretty much everything the Fusion guys are chasing, but thought I would ask. Thanks
  15. crushalot

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    Still showing the same map version. I did notice something in the last change log for the Lincoln Way app in the iPhone Appstore: It states that the app will be used for updating map info on the car. I didn't see anything on the menus when Carplay or the app was running on the Sync 3 Apps list when my iPhone was plugged in. Might be coming soon though.