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  1. dfstv

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Sure thing. The wiring hasn't been hidden away quite yet as I will be building a custom box for a single 12" to fit on the right side of the trunk, or underneath the lower shelf in the spare tire compartment with a layer of Plexiglass overtop.
  2. dfstv

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Plasti-dip is a rubberized, peel-able, spray-able coating. The front grill, which is originally a flat silver is plasti-dipped. You can purchase plasti-dip in an aerosol can at any major retailer such as Walmart for anywhere between $5-$10 a can. Coming this spring, the entire car will be coated in a semi-gloss coating. I know it sounds like a stretch, but the materials have already arrived. I am just waiting for winter to be over to spray the car. I purchased the materials from http://www.dipyourcar.com/.
  3. Hey everyone. I've been registered on the forum for what seems like forever. Here's some background about the car! I purchased her down in Kansas City, MO in May of 2016. She has every option available except for the large panoramic sunroof. I absolutely love the black on black, but I must say I am not a fan of the wood trim in the interior. I purchased the vehicle used, with 41,000 miles and I opted to purchase the extended warranty to 91,000 miles or 4 years due to the hybrid aspect. I am glad I did opt for the extended warranty as I did face some issues with the vehicle. The timing chain cover was leaking, the oil pan was leaking, the rear lower control arm bushings went out, the center speaker blew, and the rectangular side marker light on the rear passenger side of the car went out. All of which was covered by warranty with a $100 deductible. Apart from what the warranty covered and the window tint, the rest of the aftermarket/accessories were all installed by me. As you could probably tell from the title, this car is beat on. A lot. I've put nearly 65,000 miles on the car in under two years. It has plenty of rock chips on the bumper and the hood. A scratch on the bumper from the previous owner, and a nice scratch and dent in the hood from debris from a car in front of me in a construction zone. This will be getting fixed in the coming month. Cosmetically, there hasn't been much done to the car. The taillights and the front and rear side markers have been tinted. The front grill was plasti-dipped for a more aggressive look. 20% window tint was applied to the front and rear of the vehicle. I am a firefighter & EMT in a very rural fire protection district that spans just over 50 square miles. We are short-staffed most of the time & I work from home - thus needing a reliable way to get around. The car has been outfitted with a custom wiring harness specifically built for the emergency lighting setup which is pictured below. At the front of the vehicle there are two visor lights, that are 3W each. Extremely bright during the day and night. In the back there is a 8 unit, dual color traffic advisor bar as well as a 6 unit single color light bar. The corner lights can be switched off, and the entire bar turns amber for traffic direction purposes. As for communication, the vehicle is outfitted with a CB Radio/PA system as well as a mobile scanner unit. The suspension has been upgraded to H&R Sport Lowering Coil Springs, which stiffens the suspension, reduces body-roll, and drops the vehicle by 1.5"-1.8". The entire frame of the vehicle has been sanded, primed and bedlined. Holes were planned and drilled into the frame, door panels, underside of the hood, etc. and an anti corrosive solution was sprayed on the inside of the body and frame to prevent rust from the inside out. The sound system has been upgraded, somewhat. In the trunk is a dual 12" MTX Terminator set accompanied by a BOSS 1500 amp. These deliver quite the kick. They have been wired in a manner that I was able to keep the stock head unit in the vehicle. In the front driver and passenger compartment, as well as in the center console shelf are solid blue LED light strips. These light strips are wired to the aftermarket amplifier to deliver light that strobes to the low frequencies of the music. There is an override switch that turns the lights off completely. I'm probably forgetting something but I'll keep this thread updated. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the car is going in for an alignment and mounting of four new tires. The alignment is needed as I needed to take off several bushings and suspension components when installing the lowering coil springs. I plan on getting the hood fixed, maybe not painted but smoothened out by the end of winter. It will not rust as it is aluminum. Early spring the entire car will be getting plasti-dipped. I have already ordered some 20" wheels for her, and they will be going on in the spring as well after being powder coated. Don't mind how dirty she looks in the photos, I live in Northern Illinois haha. VID_61390923_155652_432_2.mp4 VID_61401008_014628_518_2.mp4
  4. dfstv

    MKZ First Response

    An album dedicated to my first response 2014 Lincoln MKZ. Included are individual and group photos from meets, cool photogenic locations, and just some general nice photos.
  5. dfstv

    Custom painted grill

    I did a little half & half!
  6. Thank you! I found some threads on the Ford Fusion forum. I'll be wiring power from the 12V battery in the rear, and grounding to the frame instead of the negative terminal - due to possible problems with some battery depletion calculator built into the car's computer. By grounding to the frame you avoid messing with that system. That's from my understanding of the various threads.
  7. Hello all! I have a 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. I am an EMT for my local fire protection district and plan on installing an emergency lighting system in the vehicle. Since the car is a Hybrid, all of the minor components such as A/C, Radio, Lights, etc. must be powered by the Hybrid battery? I just ordered a wiring harness that has it's own fuses and relays. The question is, where do I hook up for a primary power source? Do I connect into the Hybrid battery somehow or do I connect to the 12V battery that is in the trunk? I know this may seem like a stupid question, but I figure I may as well ask because I don't know. I appreciate any responses, or any sources where I could find some more information on the subject. Thank you in advance.
  8. Could you post photos of how it looks, and maybe a test video of the quality? I am looking into something like this; however, I would like to know how this product installs. I have the 2014 MKZ Hybrid, with all of the options except for the panoramic sunroof. I have included a photo below, ignore my current dashcam which is mounted below and to the left of the rear view mirror. In-front of my rear view mirror, is what appears to be a camera for the Technology Package (The "un-tinted triangle" region). Do you have something like this in your MKZ? My question is if that dashcam will be compatible, and if it can be installed on my trim level MKZ.
  9. dfstv

    My 2017 MKZ HYBRID

    Looks good! I love the wheels!
  10. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    Aaah thank you for the explanation!
  11. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    Wow! I guess that guy really had it coming then! I'm still a student, so this occurred at a school building. The building has CCTV on the exits and you could identify the face from the CCTV on the exit and the cameras followed the guy all the way to my car. I am taking him to criminal court, so we shall see what will come of it. The MKZ which I wanted was down in Texas, which was a little too far away from me. I ended up going down to Kansas City to purchase mine. I'll be headed down to Texas within the next year or so, so we might be able to make that one happen! I am looking around for other options, as the Meguiar's stuff is kind of expensive. $8-$9 for a 26 ounce bottle. I am considering purchasing the TriNova Waterless Car Wash and Wax Kit as you can purchase that in a concentrate. How do you like the CQuartz Professional? I am considering it. I bought my MKZ used with 41,000 miles, so it has it's fair share of little scratches or tiny rock chips on the hood. Of course, I would get paint correction done before having the ceramic coating applied. I'm glad you mentioned ONR, I was looking at the TriNova Waterless Car Wash and Wax Kit, but from what I have read it seems that the ONR may be better. What does the Reload do? Is it a wax in a spray form? Or like in-between a wax and ceramic coating? I appreciate all of the information about car care, as I do want to keep mine looking as sharp as possible for as long as possible.
  12. dfstv

    Izzy's Showroom

    Looks great! I think my next little modification to my Lincoln will be those puddle lights with the logo! Do they fit flush into the mirror or do they stick out a lot since they are a little bit taller (as you mentioned)?
  13. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    The shine is great! But I need to clean the car everyday to keep it looking good. It collects dust like crazy! I've been using Meguiars Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax to keep it clean. It works great, but it really does take about 15-25 minutes each day of care to keep the car looking good. I was stuck between White, Silver, or Black. Initially I wanted white because it is so much easier to keep clean; however, the MKZ with the specs I was looking for (that was in my price range) was for sale all the way down in Dallas, Texas. It was white, with the black rims, black interior with the THX Sound System and the large panoramic sunroof. I think the contrast between the white body and the dark rims and dark roof (due to the panoramic sunroof) looks incredible. I couldn't find a silver MKZ with the specs I was looking for so then it came down to black. I wanted black because it gave the car the "business" feel I was looking for (I'm a young entrepreneur running a video production business), and I felt it would give me the opportunity to fully "murder out" the vehicle if I so wished. The only downside to the black is that it is insanely hard to keep clean. But when it is clean and the sun shines on the pearlescent paint, it is incredible. Either way, I have noticed that the car does turn heads. I didn't expect it to, but out of every 5 stoplights, at 3 of them I catch someone looking. I take that as a great compliment. Unfortunately, some people are the jealous type. My baby was keyed down the entire driver side front and rear doors, as well as down the rear quarter panel. The individual who did it was caught by authorities because of CCTV in the area. The mark isn't as noticeable in the photos I posted above because I went in with polish and wax to try to minimize it as much as I could. As soon as all of the legal/court stuff is figured out, I will be getting her fixed and looking like new! I'll keep posting updates and new photos as I take them!
  14. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    I got a chance to get out and take some photos of the car after getting her polished up and waxed!
  15. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    Thank you! I'm not a big tint person either, but I found the car missing something. I feel that the tint really completes that "black-on-black" luxury feel. It's got the black interior with the wood accents inside as well. I felt comfortable going with the hybrid partially because the car isn't branded everywhere as a hybrid, except for the 2.0H on the back and inside the actual engine bay. If it was anything like the Ford Fusion Hybrid I would take all of the hybrid branding off of it. Thank you! The first things I'd like to do would be to hard wire a dashcam as well as a scanner into the vehicle. I'm looking at the WheelWitness HDPro right now, and I already have a Cobra scanner. Later on in December the car will be getting an emergency lighting system installed, as I will be a volunteer firefighter/paramedic at my local fire protection district. It'll be an interesting install to say the least, as I don't want to have to drill any holes into the body or the interior... I'll definitely be posting photos.