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  1. I will now include shipping to lower 48 in that $100. If anyone can share this over on the Fusion forum, I would appreciate that. email me at devinbarnas@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. DeviLSh

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I saw the part-out thread before this one, aw man this is really unfortunate. Similar to what the others have said - I am glad you are ok. It was great having you here on the forum, blazing the trail for 3.0TT/MKZ/FusSprt owners. I always appreciated the level of detail you put into your posts because not a lot of people take the time to explain things, share their story, their experience, and help others to that extent. Whatever you do next, don't lose that passion you have for doing that sort of thing, or alternatively find another way to channel and utilize that aspect of you and you'll be back in no time, out of your "low" point. Growth, cannot happen without change, so while this event is sad and understandably upset you, it is merely a change, and only you are in charge of what that change will do for you. That being said, If you need help at the end of the year for tax filings, message me - I will file your returns free of charge, and help any way I can. You don't need it, but good luck! And thank you for your contributions to the MKZ community.
  3. Hi guys - I am selling my lightly used mount from cPe. I have the original box, instructions, and hardware. It should fit any 2.7/3.0TT Fusion Sport/MKZ, respectively, and it will also fit the 3.7L V6 mkz. I test fitted this on my car and loved having this on the car. See thread here: Reason I am selling is I am going to be selling the car soon, so I am taking some parts off of it to prep it for sale. $100, plus shipping (should be about $15-18) Please PM me for quickest response
  4. Checked the invoice - it is a Goldie Locks answer of your two choices, "70 Duro"
  5. I wasn't aware of a change in durometer nor do I recall seeing the value stated anywhere. Let me see if I can confirm this for you.
  6. I am selling the MKZ so I have removed this part for now - If anyone is interested, please PM me here. $100+ Shipping. Its in perfect shape! (will fit the 3.0TT) -devin
  7. DeviLSh

    FS: 2014 MKZ 3.7 AWD - Grey / Black - Chicago

    Updating this in case anyone knows someone looking - I will take $22.5 for the car, 47k now, just had a fresh service, cabin air, and software update. Lincoln CPO coverage is transferable and good until 100k. Looking to get a wagon to replace it!
  8. DeviLSh

    3.0T MKZ Drag Strip Adventures

    Any idea what you did on run #3 with the 1.88sec 60ft time? I always tried to scribble in a notebook, the slip, or document in some way or another what I did at the line on each pass. So I could track launch techniques.
  9. WOW - great find, I was able to find the tech sheets on the Conti, Vs the '17 MKZ. Where did you get access to crash car parts? Conti: https://media.lincoln.com/content/dam/lincolnmedia/lna/us/product/2017/continental/17CON_TechSpecs_R04.pdf '17 MKZ: https://media.lincoln.com/content/dam/lincolnmedia/lna/us/product/2016/17MKZ-TechSpecs.pdf According to these docs (and a few other sites I have cross-referenced parts on), the fronts are 13.8", not 13.5" and the '17 3.0tt MKZ, and the Conti do not share the same sizing brakes as you have mentioned. Maybe they went larger for 2018? The 3.0TT seems to match the 12.4", like on my 3.7 and the fusion sports (2.7tt). The move to dual piston and bump up in rotor size is nice,I wonder what the overall sweep area increase is. For anyone looking to keep the balance, if the rears also swap over, you could have some serious stopping power on the MKZ. If only they had a nice fixed brembo caliper, something more visually appealing. Such as THIS Regardless of the sizing details, and look - this is a great oem+ upgrade. Did you reuse the MKZ's caliper bolts hardware? Thanks again!
  10. You and me both. I was able to use a vin decoder from a car w/ SummerHandling Package on cars.com, and get the coding. I then compared it to my car's vin (i do NOT have the SHP). I did not have any luck in determining where the more aggressive settings live in the steering/suspension modules. Confirmed elsewhere on this forum, is that hardware is the same (minus the Michelins) between SHP cars and non-shp. So the answer is in the coding. Not sure if we can get there with Forscan though.
  11. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Took her in for service today at Lincoln for: - Oil Change - SW recall - Trans Diagnostics (having rough 1-2, 2-3 shifts, and really chuggy parading issues. S.A. suspects valve body, as another MKZ recently had one done. I should know more tomorrow he said. Got a MKX loaner to cruise around with for the time being, will probably drive the LS though, now that Chicago has gotten some nicer weather.
  12. DeviLSh

    Livernois Tune Times...

    http://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/3475-cpe-fordfusionsport-27tt-xflex-mount-installed-37-awd/ I just put this on my 3.7. They may extend the discount to you too though, like they did me since you have the newer MKZ and 3.0TT. CP-e's 2.7tt should fit the 3.0TT, as I know the darkstar 2.7tt unit fits the 3.0tt, so I would think all are cross-compatible. PS - great times, I want to see someone hit an 11.9 with a bolt-on MKZ-tt.
  13. Zalvern's explanation is spot-on (as always!) It reduces the pendulum motion of the motor, both on and off load, which increase reaction time of getting the power down. Thanks for all the support!
  14. Fellow MKZ'ers, In my quest for additional performance upgrades for the 2013-2016 3.7awd MKZ, I decided to look into engine mounts. These have produced favorable results for me in the past on other cars, and I always felt there was some room for improvement on my '14. After learning the 2.0EcoBoost Rear Motor Mount (RMM) was not the same, I had to look elsewhere to find something specific to the 3.7 V6. I learned that some of the 3.0TT MKZ ('17+) owners were using RMM's made for the 2017 Fusion Sport (2.7TT) with success, so I decided to take a look at oem parts diagrams to see if this resembled the 3.7awd mount. Things looked close enough, so I decided to take a chance and investigate further. I contacted CP-e Performance, a vendor with a lot of support for Fords, and other makes, and they make a tremendous amount of parts in house. They currently offer a one-piece RMM replacement for the Ford Edge 2.7TT and Ford Fusion Sport, 2.7TT platform. I told them what I was after and they willingly agreed to let me test fit the unit on the car to help expand their product offering range. **I am in no way affiliated with CP-e, just a curious customer** Last night I completed the installation and drove the car to confirm all is good. http://cp-e.com/shop/product/ford-fusion-sport-xflex-rear-motor-mount/ In short, the mount works as advertised. It has firmed up shifts, throttle response has greatly improved, and the car overall feels a lot more tight when getting on and off the throttle. There is, some increase in NVH at idle and when in reverse, which decreases the level of overall comfort in the car. There is a break-in period for this mount, so I will update this thread with additional feedback on if this subsides. Overall the product is top-notch, and CP-e was great to deal with. Their instructions were very thorough, complete with warnings, pictures, tools needed, and expectations clearly defined. The packaging, and customer service has also exceeded my expectations, and the part itself is well thought out, and I would even go as far to say it is over-engineered. I find the $175 price point to be fair, based on the build quality and finished product. Installation & Images: Time: 1.5-2.0 Hours Difficulty: 5/10 Tools needed: - Wheel Ramps or Jack w/ stands - 15 & 21mm Socket(s) - 15mm ratcheting wrench - 1/2" drive Socket Wrench - T30 Torx Driver, or socket - MAAP Gas or propane torch / PB Blaster - Breaker bar (I used a 3/4" 3ft bar with socket adapters) DIY: 1) Start by getting the car on ramps, or jack up the front end (Exercise caution/care here!) 2) Remove lower belly pan (10-11 T30 torx screws) 3) Locate large 21mm bolt securing the stock mount to the sub-frame. Loosen NOTE: This bolt is extremely hard to remove, use care and a breaker bar if needed. OEM thread compound was heavily applied in my case and I had to heat the subframe and lubricate the bolt with penetrating spray. Even after this, I had to use a large 3ft breaker bar and some friends to remove it. The compound builds up on the threads and causes the bolt to be pretty stubborn. 4) Remove the two (or 3, depending on year of MKZ) 15mm bolts that secure the transmission bracket to the transmission casing. 5) Remove the entire mount assembly, and unbolt the pass thru-bolt securing the two OEM pieces together (note the orientation before removing). 6) Take a second to compare the two mounts side by side and check for dimensional equality. 5mm difference between height, CP-e provides washers for this gap Fork width is slightly wider on the CP-e mount, this will decrease when the pass-thru bolt is torqued down 7) Install the pass-thru bolt noting orientation of the CP-e Mount, and OEM bracket - do not torque yet. 8) I recommend cleaning the threads of the large 21mm bolt and re-applying thread locking compound 9) Loosely install bracket side of mount onto transmission.(2-3 15mm bolts) 10) Using supplied washers, install large 21mm bolt and loosely tighten. 11) Once everything is aligned, tighten everything until all is lined up and not forced (you may have to rock the motor a bit to get things lined up perfectly before threading bolts in). 12) TQ all bolts to spec (these are provided both in the instructions, and printed on the new parts! Nice touch CP-e!) - 21mm bolt is 111ft-lbs - 15mm bolt is 85ft-lb - I hand tightened the transmission bolts, Ford manual says 125nm (about 80ft-lbs) 13) Check for proper seating of the mount and washers, and admire your work! Start the car and go for a test drive, and enjoy the benefits of a stiffer mount. This will also bring some additional engine noise into the cabin, as the mount is now transmitting more vibration into the chassis. Lincoln/Ford did a great job of keeping noise out of the interioir and I will say that while subjective and relative, I have not found this mod to decrease the enjoyment of driving the car. Please let me know if I can answer any other question on the mount, install, or product! Thanks.