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  1. DeviLSh

    MKZ or Lincoln 3.0T forums?

    Welcome, love the color. This is the best I have found so far, but I also frequent the fordfusionsport forum, as those guys tend to mod a bit more. As Zalvern will tell you, they upgrade to a lot of MKZ parts haha, but still good knowledge base over there.
  2. DeviLSh

    FS: 2014 MKZ 3.7 AWD - Grey / Black - Chicago

    Bump https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/781725084/overview/
  3. DeviLSh

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Good to know, thanks for humoring all my questions! I too have "other cars I should be messing with first" but I just cant help it. 😛 I ran a 14.7 in my MKZ, it was a pretty hot afternoon/evening too (upper 80's, pretty humid). I would love to go again. I would be down for a Sept get-togeher, maybe I can bring my LS out again. Be sure to let me know on here if you are gonna go, and Ill do the same next time I plan a trip. I cant get into a 3.0TT soon enough, and this thread is a bad enabler.
  4. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    In an effort to keep my FS ads for this car current, I decided to take the day yesterday and wash her, followed by a photoshoot in a variety of settings. I have the car posted on CL, Cars.com, and Cargurus now. Looking to get into a 2017+ 3.0TT if I can get rid of it. One last effort to sell for a while. Anyway, I figured it wouldn't hurt to share the pictures with you guys here as they would be appreciated! Been a while since I have shot with anything other than my iphone, so this was fun to do again. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. (Spacer's uninstalled in these pics)
  5. DeviLSh

    Livernois Tune Times...

    ^^ noted, for when my day comes 😛
  6. DeviLSh

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Nice times! Any shift/trans modifications done on the Livernois tune? Any future mods planned? How much fuel did you have in the car for these runs? (sorry for all the questions haha) Had my 3.7 out at GLD a few weeks back, let me know next time you go i'd love to tag a long and represent Lincoln with you there. 🙂
  7. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Some friends went to the dragstrip last night, so I decided to take the MKZ and join in the fun. I wasn't sure what to expect from the 3.7, but we had a blast. I also decided to "test" the intake kit. I ran the car stock and it did a 15.1 @94. After installing the intake in the pits, and running a few more times, I achieved a 14.7 @ 96. Temp was about the same and I just lightly launched the car off the line. (giving it gas at the same time I released the brake, not really true brake torquing or converter staging, just using two feet and exchanging). I never thought I would see gains that good from an intake on an NA sedan. but It def wakes the car up, and now I have some real world data to back it up. I was really impressed with the way the car moved, and sounded on the track. Even got a few compliments on it from the staff at the strip and some of the other racers. Still trying to get this car sold to a good buyer, but enjoying it in the meantime. 🙂
  8. Loving the grills, nice work
  9. DeviLSh

    FS: 2014 MKZ 3.7 AWD - Grey / Black - Chicago

    Bumping this thread, as I am going to be listing the car again soon. Cannot get the next car until this one is gone!Car now has 63k on it - Still 37k left of CPO coverage from Lincoln (or about 3 years) Would like to get $18k for it. Will consider offers! Recent Maint/Work includes: 5/31/19: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Rear Sway Bar bushings (steeda). Interior 5/1/19: H&R Springs, Motorcraft Rear Shocks, Rear Rotors & Pads, Front Strut mounts & Bearings, Motorcraft rear wheel bearings. Alignment performed. Car rides like new, with some enhanced looks and sportier ride. (not too harsh at all) 9/18/18: Water Pump performed by Lincoln due to small leak, Airbag recall performed, and engine/transmission inspected when removed for peace of mind. Still averages about 20-21 city, pulls strong. Only issues are the pano roof side panels are peeling (deteriorating finish) and front brakes will need to be changed in 10-15k most likely. Also, rear window regulator went out, but I will getting that fixed soon. Thanks and share with all your friends.
  10. DeviLSh

    CPO Program

    MY CPO paperwork states a transfer fee for $100, I paid the same fee to have my LS' coverage trasnferred as well.
  11. DeviLSh

    Rust on door seams

    Just found this on my MKZ today, front passenger door. but mine is on the vertical section of the door, bottoms look great. Lifting paint, and some surface rust has began. Warranty booklet says 5 years for paint/corrosion, looks like I could be out of luck. My CPO coverage also excludes corrosion. Gah
  12. DeviLSh

    DRL fogs on base model

    If you havent already browsed through this, do so: http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573 I have been trying to figure out how to run amber DRL's (like early year base models) on my 2014 for a while with no luck. I was able to find the menus and coding via FOrScan, but the setting changes I made per the fusion how-to guide did not allow me to implement the change. Sounds like we have opposite goals, you want to add signature lighting, and I want to use turn signals as DRL's (swap my white drls for the ambers, and use only amber for signals and DRL) Maybe we can get somewhere together. What year car are you?
  13. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Hey guys, quick update on the MKZ Intake: Heat shield prototype is holding up great, so I am looking into new materials to fab my final version. Will probably use a combination of sheet aluminum and DEi's barrier mats/shielding. 3.7 Custom Tune: I am working with a specialty SCT tuner to try and get a 93 oct tune made for the MKZ. The mustang, F150, and allegedly an MKX owner out there have all seen great gains and driving dynamics (throttle mapping mostly) from tuning the 3.7. Next week, my LS comes out of storage, so I need to flash that car to stock, scan the MKZ, and send the stock data to SCT. The ECU strategy on my car is not yet available in the database it appears. Hopefully I can make this happen and get a little more power out of the car. While no 3.0TT the NatAsp 3.7 is very enjoyable. I would like to liven it up a bit and trail-blaze if you will. Hopefully by Mid-May I will more info on this. Maybe even a dyno or track visit to get some real data on power change. Springs: Car is still riding GREAT on the H&R's. I know Willie (member on here) who tried these out did not like them, but I cannot see why after running them for a while now. I have already become accustomed to the ride, and love the change. The car has settled and sits very nicely. Watching it drive down the road looks very.. majestic. The MKZ's lines and flow work very well with a lowered stance. Spacers & Bearings & Studs: I mentioned above one of my rear studs snapped after the spring install. I confirmed the only way to swap studs on the Fusion/MKZ is to remove the bearing assembly, and press out studs. So, I decided if I was going to swap out studs, might as well go bigger. I ordered a set of H&R spacers for the front and rear. 5mm and 10mm, respectively. These come with new studs (longer) for proper thread engagement. The fun part though, was that removing the 60K bearing housings from the aluminum knuckles meant not being able to salvage, so I had to purchase new rear bearing housings for this swap. While costly, I now have new Motorcraft wheel bearings, with H&R studs and spacers. The car's stance is near perfect for me. Very happy with the results. After a proper 4-wheel alignment, and some warmer temps, I have been able to fully enjoy the car with the new shocks, springs, spacers, and intake. Still in love with this car after nearly 3 years of ownership. Picture after spacers and some settling: Question for the group: Has anyone successfully painted, vinvyl'd, or replaced the pano panels on this car? Mine are all faded and chipped, and of course - not covered under CPO.
  14. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Here are some status shots of my project. Using thin sheet metal, tracing out a cardboard template, and then cutting with some tin snips, I was able to fab up a nice heat-shield for the intake. A few test drives in and everything has remained in tact, no rattles or rubbing. I am utilizing the OEM air shroud that draws air in from the grill area as well. The bay gets very hot with the engine to the side and the trans below. The final version will have some heat/tape insulating paneling underneath and on the back to further insulate. This shield also gives the intake something to rest on and remain secure under engine movement. A round clamp with a bracket attached may also be a great addition for good measure. If anyone has some tips on what tool to use for easily cutting the next (thicker) version, I would appreciate some insight.
  15. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Glad to see you are still lurking Zalvern 🙂 Update on cool stuff: I have started to fab up a home-made heat shield and mounting system for the Edge/Explorer AfE intake I am running, I am currently running my first version out of thin 28ga aluminum, if I like this, I will make version2 out of something thicker and improve the mounting. Pics soon... H&R spacers arrive today, 5mm front and 10mm rear. Should dial in the stance nicely and fill some fender gap. In discussion with a tuner on getting a engine/trans tune made for the car. My car is not yet in the SCT database, so we need to start from ground up. Apparently, there are some MKX 3.7 owners out there who have tuned their cars, and benefited from all the mustang knowledge out there. More on this later, I have to pull data from my LS's xcal and send to SCT. I mentioned that I broke a wheel stud when reinstalling wheels after the springs. According to the service manual, the only way to swap out studs, is via removing the hub/bearing assembly from the knuckle. So I have to remove brakes, and axle nut/outer cups. (ugh). This is all thanks to the poor lug design, and "someone" over torquing the lugs. I suppose I had my hand in this too. Was hoping there would be an access window at each corner allowing me to individually remove each stud, but it looks like a hub removal and press is the only way this is happening. Let me know if anyone can confirm this for me! at 62k in a Chicago car - do I even want to assume I can get these bearings out of the knuckles without damaging them?