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  1. Hey all - planning a trip to the track tomorrow and will likely be taking the MKZ to see how it does. If anyone on here wants to meet up and take some pics/talk shop, figured id throw it out there. Great Lakes Dragaway in Kenosha/Union Grove WI. 5pm-10pm test'n'tune. Got a group of people going, hodge podge of cars but great group. Hopefully see you there! -devin
  2. so wait a second.... just looked at the specs between KSports mustang coilovers and the Fusion's.... the are VERY similar. How did I miss this in all my research. You could probably do some OEM part# measuring/referencing and confirm cross compatibility. only difference in the kit specs seems to be rear spring rate is stiffer on the stang. Its a divorced setup in the rear on both cars, so you likely have lots of options if you wanted to try either of these kits.
  3. Outside of H&R, Steeda, and I think Vogtland for springs, you are out of luck for off the shelf bolts ons. I will say thay with the H&R's, sport mode when the dampers firm up is very nice. Comparable to a 8k-10K spring coilover but not harsh at all. Very planted and firm. And I am a HUGE coilover fan, but im very pleased with the springs and sways only on my 3.0TT MKZ. The sway bars, and nice tires really let this car shine. I am hard pressed to want coilovers for the mkz after the overhaul linked above. If I were to add anything at this point, it would be adjustable sway bar links (steeda offers some and the rears on our cars are from the mustang so many options there) and a performance/aggressive alignment. My guess is - you could run a Fusion coilover kit, but you would have to deal with the loss of e-dampers, aka lincoln drive control and whatever codes and other systems sync up with that. https://ksportusa.com/product/ford-fusion-kontrol-pro-coilovers-cfd350-kp/
  4. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    I have some paint bubbling on my hood, pass side, right where it meets the fender that I want looked at (possibly handled still under warranty?) Maybe ill take it in for both items. Not sure why a 2017 is already showing signs of paint failure 😕
  5. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Oh! Forgot to ask - anyone know how I can do the headlight calibration with new ride height? I bet I need to DL forscan or something, but just chekcing it isnt built into the car's radio/cluster before I go through all that. Thanks
  6. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Hey all, and Happy 4th - finished up the H&R Spring, Steeda Sway bars, and CpE RMM install last weekend before taking a quick vacation. Front took me and a few friends most of Saturday (7-8 hours) using a jack, and rear took me about 5 hours on Sunday (alone). Learned that the MKZ is jusssst too heavy for the 5,000lb quickjack I have. So getting the car up in the air, and removing all the underbody panels accounted for about 2 hours. (the metal muts that secure all the panels are a PAIN to get off without breaking). But thanks to some stuff on FFS forum, steeda install guidance, and some online searches we got everything done. You do need to lower the front subframe and steering rack in order to get the front bar out & in. Otherwise the front struts, and rear is straight forward. Overall - Ther car feels, handles, and looks fantastic. Very happy with the spring & sway combination. I knew what to expect from the springs as I had them on the last MKZ, and the rsb as well, but the front sway bar and the summer tires really tie the whole car together. Enjoy the pics and let me know if I can answer any specific questions. Springs, Sways, and OEM install hardware: Mounts, pads, bushings, subframe bolts, strut bolts, etc. Goal was to do a full refresh and replace any high strung/corroded bolts. Steeda supplies you with black bushings for the front bar, and red for the rear. Both bars come in their grey finish and have zinc plated brackets. I had both bars re-coated to a satin black, I then painted the bushing brackets, and sourced a set of black bushings for the rear for consistency. Steeda sources their bushings from Energy Suspension, just have to search the part # and I.D. size to confirm. NOTE - Energy sells them for a much better price than Steeda should you need replacements. Final form of rear setup shown in the foreground of this pic. About Mid-day progress pic with the front end up in the air. (Dont mind my ever-dormant S4 project) @ just under 45k mi, the car's front and rear mounts looked pretty rusted/corrded/tired. Common? New springs on and everything torqued down. Sway Bar Comparisons - Front goes from 26 to about 29mm, and rear bar goes from about 23 to 26mm. Not a lot of progress pics for the rear. But here is one of everything back on. New spring pads and anti-squeak hardware was probably overkill, but I like replacing parts while I am in there to avoid any coincidental failures during install and peace of mind. Also put new top mounts on the shocks since I had these out to lower the rear subframe enough for spring removal. You have to unbolt three bolts on the lower control arm, the shock, and each side of the subframe in order to droop the setup enough. Getting these bolts all back in and lined up can be tricky, bot its doable. Also realized my rear pads are getting close to work and the rotors are not wearing smoothly. Next project perhaps. After a test drive, and next-day alignment, she was all ready for some pictures. Looking forward to a good detail and proper photoshoot. (Note her older sister in thebackground in this shot) For the CPE RMM - the car shifts and launches HARD. It feels very planted and very firm, I love it. Anyone have an idle speed recoemmdations? Want to mess around with the XCAL4/Tune to see if I can make it a bit more tolerable. At idle with the A/C on it is def a bit noticebale. And you really feel the engine when acclerating with this installed. Not a mod I would recommend for the purist/comfort seeking. But the performance FOR ME, outweighs the change in comfort. Thanks for checking in, let me know what you think or if there is anything I can provide!
  7. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    First oil change complete, picked up 6qts up amsoil from a buddy for the MKZ and the LS, and tackled both this weeked. Filter up top in the engine bay makes for a pretty non-messy experience! Finally recieved all my installation hardware for the H&R spring install, will hopefully get around to that soon. Doing fresh mounts, strut bearings, and spring pads with the springs & sways. Not looking forward to the front sway bar install, as I will have to lower the front sub frame a bit, which may me messing with downpipes, steering rack, etc.
  8. DeviLSh

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    +1 here! I also badger him with PM's a lot on here and he has a very good response time 🙂 Just an extra comment on the warranty thing... I think BBF summarized it nicely. There are a lot of people who like to be over-optimistc about their "buddy" dealership, or friend who is a service writer/tech, and those mod friendly dealers out there. At the end of the day, most wont go agianst their employer if corporate gets invovled. Someone is going to pay, and the manufactuer/dealership is going to be better positioned to argue that person is YOU, if there are any mods on the car. While exceptions will alwasy exist out there, I tend to take the conservative mindset when modding and assume the worst, hope for the best. Having a warranty claim processed/granted on a car that I have modified, is kind of like a lottery for me. One must understand when installing an aftermakret part on a car, that you are assuming additional risk.
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    love this
  10. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    That is a great recommendation Izzy - I didnt even think about the handles. Leaving those in (and the exhaust tips) in conjunction with the grill trim&emblem might be just enough chrome to balance it all out. I intend on having a vinvyl/wrap shop cover the trim. So yes, reversible. They have done a few aviators and other cars that have similar designs, and the pricing is pretty close to buying the black label parts from Ford/Lincoln, without the need of removing parts. Will likely go that route so it can be reversed or removed, if disliked
  11. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    @MKZMark - You and me both. Even if it is just ONE Hemi owner I suprise, that'll be a win. With how well this car gets off the line I think its doable. This past summer, when I had the other MKZ out for fun, my buddy and I met a really appreciative Challeneger owner that was ectastic about the cars we brought out (mine and my buddy's Gold Sportwagen running a 13.7). Cannot wait to get this car out there. Temps are more consistently high now, and with WFH - I had some time to get the new wheels mounted. The lighter wheel & tire combo feels great. Car is overall very responsive now, and lighter on its feet. The momemtum is most noticeable whel accelerating and braking. On top of that, these tires are incredible. I havent even pushed it yet, but can feel a major improvement so far with how sticky and confident the car has become. I no longer fight for traction in 1st & 2nd, but a nice firm chirp, squat and dip and the car is just gone. Next step is to get the springs and sway bars on, I think that will enhance the look even more. Waiting on some OEM hardware from tasca before I can get those installed. Enjoy the pics - curious what everyone thinks about de-chroming the widnow trim, mirrors, and lower grille trim. I kinda like the upper grille as-is and do not want to overdo the black out theme.
  12. DeviLSh

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    How come you would leave them alone? They still suffer from the same "cons" as all OEM brake systems. Also, there seems to be some common problems with high speed throbbing on our cars and the FFS. But I think this is related to the rears. Either way I am not that impressed with this cars brakes, and I thought I would be coming from the 3.7 2014 that didnt have the beefed up stuff the 3.0TT does. Most people are very satisfied with a better pad and rotor combo, fluid and lines. And you can also get caliper stiffening kits to put in place of the guide sleeves to keep flex down. These are easy ways to "improve" oem brakes. But at the end of the day, brake needs, mods, and pros/cons become very subjective and the MKZ is a FAST & HEAVY car to slow down. @spanky - I spoke with this guy a while back when i had my 2014, i plan on reaching out when my fronts wear down some more. Keep in mind some fusions have M12 lugs vs our M14. So the hub rings may need to be drilled out. But I am fairly confident this kit would work for our cars, and its the direction I plan on taking in due time. Lighter, larger, nicer looking, tons of pad choices, 6pot, etc. Of course, introrucing an aftermakret BBK brings a whole nother bag of potential issues and cons too. Can the OEM ABS and master handle it, what proportioning/bias is maintained, etc. Thats why I am asking Zalvern what he has against upgrading because I know that guy thinks things through.
  13. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Was just checking on you guys to see if you were reading - 😄 my normal image link c&p was not working, so I had to use the insert media link option instead.
  14. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Hope everyone is doing well, small update for the MKZ. - Got tires for the new wheels - Michelin Pilot Sports 4S in 245/40/19. Total weight is now 45lbs per corner, (12lb less than stock!) - Also picked up black lugs for mounting and am working on custom center caps to complete the setup. - Cleaned and sealed the new wheels with some Matte-specific products. Waiting for consistent warmer temps before these get mounted, but looking forward to the performance improvements and getting this cheaper rubber off the car. Ordered all new hardware, mounts, and oil change supplies from Tasca this week for both the Spring and Sway Bar install. Also ordered a new bolt for the cpe RMMI pulled from the last MKZ. Looking forward to getting all these things on.
  15. DeviLSh

    Velossa Tech big mouth?

    another thing to consider is the emblem placement on the MKZ vs the fusion. It would block some airflow to the opening. When I had the car apart for my FMIC the louvers and trim also seemed like a no go. But I cannot say for sure.