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  1. DeviLSh


    love this
  2. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    That is a great recommendation Izzy - I didnt even think about the handles. Leaving those in (and the exhaust tips) in conjunction with the grill trim&emblem might be just enough chrome to balance it all out. I intend on having a vinvyl/wrap shop cover the trim. So yes, reversible. They have done a few aviators and other cars that have similar designs, and the pricing is pretty close to buying the black label parts from Ford/Lincoln, without the need of removing parts. Will likely go that route so it can be reversed or removed, if disliked
  3. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    @MKZMark - You and me both. Even if it is just ONE Hemi owner I suprise, that'll be a win. With how well this car gets off the line I think its doable. This past summer, when I had the other MKZ out for fun, my buddy and I met a really appreciative Challeneger owner that was ectastic about the cars we brought out (mine and my buddy's Gold Sportwagen running a 13.7). Cannot wait to get this car out there. Temps are more consistently high now, and with WFH - I had some time to get the new wheels mounted. The lighter wheel & tire combo feels great. Car is overall very responsive now, and lighter on its feet. The momemtum is most noticeable whel accelerating and braking. On top of that, these tires are incredible. I havent even pushed it yet, but can feel a major improvement so far with how sticky and confident the car has become. I no longer fight for traction in 1st & 2nd, but a nice firm chirp, squat and dip and the car is just gone. Next step is to get the springs and sway bars on, I think that will enhance the look even more. Waiting on some OEM hardware from tasca before I can get those installed. Enjoy the pics - curious what everyone thinks about de-chroming the widnow trim, mirrors, and lower grille trim. I kinda like the upper grille as-is and do not want to overdo the black out theme.
  4. DeviLSh

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    How come you would leave them alone? They still suffer from the same "cons" as all OEM brake systems. Also, there seems to be some common problems with high speed throbbing on our cars and the FFS. But I think this is related to the rears. Either way I am not that impressed with this cars brakes, and I thought I would be coming from the 3.7 2014 that didnt have the beefed up stuff the 3.0TT does. Most people are very satisfied with a better pad and rotor combo, fluid and lines. And you can also get caliper stiffening kits to put in place of the guide sleeves to keep flex down. These are easy ways to "improve" oem brakes. But at the end of the day, brake needs, mods, and pros/cons become very subjective and the MKZ is a FAST & HEAVY car to slow down. @spanky - I spoke with this guy a while back when i had my 2014, i plan on reaching out when my fronts wear down some more. Keep in mind some fusions have M12 lugs vs our M14. So the hub rings may need to be drilled out. But I am fairly confident this kit would work for our cars, and its the direction I plan on taking in due time. Lighter, larger, nicer looking, tons of pad choices, 6pot, etc. Of course, introrucing an aftermakret BBK brings a whole nother bag of potential issues and cons too. Can the OEM ABS and master handle it, what proportioning/bias is maintained, etc. Thats why I am asking Zalvern what he has against upgrading because I know that guy thinks things through.
  5. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Was just checking on you guys to see if you were reading - 😄 my normal image link c&p was not working, so I had to use the insert media link option instead.
  6. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Hope everyone is doing well, small update for the MKZ. - Got tires for the new wheels - Michelin Pilot Sports 4S in 245/40/19. Total weight is now 45lbs per corner, (12lb less than stock!) - Also picked up black lugs for mounting and am working on custom center caps to complete the setup. - Cleaned and sealed the new wheels with some Matte-specific products. Waiting for consistent warmer temps before these get mounted, but looking forward to the performance improvements and getting this cheaper rubber off the car. Ordered all new hardware, mounts, and oil change supplies from Tasca this week for both the Spring and Sway Bar install. Also ordered a new bolt for the cpe RMMI pulled from the last MKZ. Looking forward to getting all these things on.
  7. DeviLSh

    Velossa Tech big mouth?

    another thing to consider is the emblem placement on the MKZ vs the fusion. It would block some airflow to the opening. When I had the car apart for my FMIC the louvers and trim also seemed like a no go. But I cannot say for sure.
  8. DeviLSh

    Livernois or Unleashed/Torrie?

    Cant compare Livernois vs Unleashed for you. I would "like" to think Torrie alters the tune for mods listed, but he never provides details. His strength is responsiveness, and ive never had a bad tune from him (3x customer of his now). His weakness is conversation, details, and info. Def a man of few words! Allegedly Livernois has some sort of proprietary adaption tech in it, cant remember if I read that on here or FFS forums. But someone has done the tunes back to back. Might have been the UltimatePerformance guy, also an MKZ owner.
  9. ^ this is all the matters. Congrats on the new ride, I am sure you will do things to it and enjoy the journey regardless. Def come back to check us out from time to time, but you wouldn't have written this all for us if you didn't still have a soft spot for the MKZ... so see you around 😄
  10. DeviLSh

    FS: 3.7L "custom" intake, stock Springs/Sway Bar

    Intake sold! Gone to another 3.7awd mkz owner out there! 😎
  11. DeviLSh


    Anyone have the part # for this bolt? Want to buy a spare before I attempt this install on my 2017! EDIT: W715622-S439 M14x119mm ?
  12. DeviLSh

    FS: 3.7L "custom" intake, stock Springs/Sway Bar

    $100 shipped if anyone wants this for their 3.7 mkz, edge, explorer, etc Cleaning out the basement!
  13. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    hi! The car is now Tuned. SCT finally released my strategy so Torrie emailed me my tune (93oct) last night. Went for a 60min test drive, very pleased. I wish I had more details on what the tune changes, but from what I can tell - here are changes I noticed - Shift points and feel, quicker and firmer. (this was the first thing the lady noticed too) - Throttle response and character. Car is way more eager to engage and accelerate. This was very welcome, Sprint booster may still be in my future - Added power/Tq. The best part right? 100 comes quick. The car squats on heavy load, and it just rips. breaking the tires loose from a roll is effortless and the powerband is similar to stock, just stronger throughout. Looking forward to more seat time - but wanted to check in, say hi, and report there is another tuned 3.0TT MKZ out there. Update on other stuff - Looking into new tires as Spring comes near to put on the Neuspeeds. Ordered H&R Springs as well, I really miss the way my '14 felt on those, so I have ordered them and will be planning an install day in May/June most likely Scheduled my first Trans service - PTU and Trans (Car is at 41k and I am not sure what the PO performed) Any other fluids I should look into changing? Rear Differential? Brake Fluid? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Stay safe out there everyone
  14. DeviLSh

    2017+ MKZ Grille Differences

    Does anyone have a comprehensive understanding of the various grilles available for the 17+ MKZ? I want to convert the front of my car to gloss black trim & grilles, and am trying to find the most cost effective way to do so. For starter's, is the below summary correct? Base Grille: Upper - Chrome Center, Chrome Trim Lower Grilles - Chrome Trim w/ black plastic centers Driver's Pkg Grille: Upper - Mag Gray Center, Chrome Trim Lower Grilles - Chrome Trim w/ black plastic centers (same as "Magnetic Pkg" for '19-'20 Years in appearance) Black Label Grille: Upper - Black Center, Chrome Trim Lower Grilles - Chrome Trim w/ black plastic centers '20 Monochrome Grille: Upper - Black Center, Chrome Trim Lower Grilles - Black Trim w/ black plastic centers Therefore, there should be three different part #'s for the upper grilles, and 2 part numbers for the lowers if the above summary is correct. If the goal is to convert my '17 Driver's Pkg car to all black.(and keep my original grille on the side) I could: Option #1: Purchase the Black Label/Monochorme upper, and Mono lowers - Paint or Vinvyl the Upper Trim to match the Gloss Black (most expensive choice?) Option #2: Purchase the Black Label/Monochrome Upper - Paint or Vinyl the Upper Trim AND lowers (Probably cheaper than Option#1 and just as effective) Option#3: Buy used chrome grille, Paint the entire thing, and paint the lower trim pieces with it. Trying to find the most cost effective way to convert, by either ordering new parts, or mix/matching used parts and painting or wrapping the pieces. ** If anyone has any part#'s they can share, that would be helpful!** -Devin
  15. DeviLSh

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    Thanks - I need to look into the EXX mix and setups soon, might be a great thing to consider. I am a newbie when it comes to WMI or any sort of fuel system enhancements. I have always just ran 93 based tunes and setups on my cars, so this is a learning opportunity for me. Joined the FB groups, thanks for the recommendations. Visited a friend of a friend today and got my new wheel's lug holes enlarged for accepting the MKZ's M14 hardware. Everything checks out ok, and the wheels fit perfectly on the centerbore. Fitment looks like it will be very flush with fenders, hopefully not too much once a tire is on there. At +.5" and et45, it is roughly about 13mm more poke than the stock 19x8 @ et55. My best guess is the oem wheel weighs about 29-31 pounds without the tire. So fitting these with a similar size tire should net me about 9-10 pounds less per corner. That should feel pretty good! Also, I think I am going to love this satin gunmetal finish on the magnetic grey. My Steeda front strut brace showed up in the mail last week as well, and install took about 30min (mostly because of having to modify the OEM hood support bracket). I was able to do what others have done, and unbolt the bracket, shift it forward by using only one of the pre-existing studs, and shave/cut off the corner of the bracket, on the upper/firewall side. This allows the strut to still operate at the correct length when the hood is closed, and allows the strut to clear the brace. Overall - I am pleased with the fit finish, and results of the bar. The car had decent bracing from stock, but anyone who has done one of these before knows that reducing flex is always good! The easiest thing to notice post-install, is the steering response and turn in. The car reacts quicker and sways a bit less. For $100, I cannot complain! **NOTE** - The steeda hood strut kit pictured below was purchased separately, and does not fit the 2017 MKZ. The brackets designed for the hood side do not line up with the oem mounting position. See my first pic of holding up bracket... I was planning on running this kit and deleting the stock bracket & strut. But was unable to do so.