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  1. Thanks for putting this together. I am stuck with Forscan not identifying the TCU after connecting it. 2017 3.0 Sync 3 v3 using same exact TCU in this thread. Forscan 2.4.6 beta extended license on Windows ELM 327 INTRRFACE v1.5 OBDII Did the valet on/off from service bulletin Any help appreciated.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for letting me be a part of this group. About a month ago I finally bought my perfect car and my first ever NEW car purchase. 2017 Lincoln MKz Reserve Drivers Package/Climate Package. The car had 38 miles when I drove it home and I'm now about to roll over 900 miles. I absolutely love it. I got an unbelievable steal on the car. Same price (give or take 1,000) as a Certified Pre-Owned version. So my modification ambitions are subtle. First I'd like to figure out how to put my expensive dual 12" subs in without the Active Noise Reduction system being affected. Second, I'd like to find a Big Brake Conversion kit so I can slow or stop with confidence. A custom wheel/rim upgrade would be nice although the Driver's Package rims are the nicest of all OEM options. Finally, window tint and a tune such as the Livernois performance enhancement appeals to my curiosity. I'm very open-minded and interested in all possible options for modification. Thanks.