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  1. markshappycampers

    Replacement seat cover - 2013

    Hi bbf - Thanks for the information - I hadn't considered a local upholstery shop - good idea!
  2. markshappycampers

    Replacement seat cover - 2013

    Does anyone know of a good (reputable) place to order replacement seat covers? I have a 2013 with tan leather (non-perforated). Thanks in advance!
  3. markshappycampers

    Best trailer hitch to purchase ?

    I read the post as an inquiry regarding available hitches for a particular application, not whether the vehicle should or should not be used for towing.
  4. markshappycampers

    I fear for the future of our beloved Zephyr (MKZ)

    I find it to be comical how readily some are willing to promote articles which are based on "anonymous sources"! "Anonymous sources are tantamount to gossip"!
  5. Does the "Check out the Lincoln Continental Forum Here" link located near the top of each MKZ Forum page work for anyone? Each time I've attempted the link I'm sent to a search engine page.
  6. markshappycampers

    Infamous Rear End Roll and Ride Quality

    A premium tire should not be considered "worn" at 24K miles. At such low mileage, Michelins should not be the cause of excessive rear end roll or be the major contributor to a harsh ride. Just before the purchase of my MKZ, I installed Michelins on another vehicle and have regretted doing so since due to the advanced wear and unacceptable ride quality. In my opinion, Michelins are no longer the premium product it once was. Substantiating evidence supporting my opinion is a plenty within this forum.
  7. I purchased my '13, 2.0 in February with 24k miles at a dealer auction. I had never driven an MKZ and being on the lot at an auction I didn't have the opportunity to drive this one. After purchase, when I got the car on the street, I was devastated! The ride quality from the 18" OEM Michelins (in all modes and comfort levels) was horrible and the rear end roll was borderline scary. The original tires were worn beyond what I thought a premium tire with 24K miles should be with the tread wear indicators being evident. Knowing I had to do more driving this summer than typical, I put off purchasing new tires until now. With the Michelins completely worn out (bald) at 39K miles I just installed the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Plus and I'm thrilled! The ride quality is like night and day from the Michelins and the rear end roll is GONE - 100% GONE! I now have an MKZ that rides and handles like the sport luxury machine it is!
  8. So ............. which do you prefer - the look of the front end from the 2013/2016 model or the 2017?
  9. markshappycampers


    We call 'em "pothole" in our neck of the hills - ain't never heard of a "pothold"!
  10. markshappycampers

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Love the color, very much dislike the wheels!
  11. markshappycampers

    Tires and Wheels FOR SALE