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  1. jmcgliss

    Instrument Cluster Flickering / Outage

    Excellent info. Thanks for posting!
  2. This post is a lesson in NOT using dialectric grease on battery terminals. Summary: electronic gauges must be sensitive to the quality of grounding. Last week I installed a quick-connect harness for my Battery Tender. The negative lead was attached to the negative "jump-start" stud stud in the engine bay. Then I applied some Motorcraft dialectric grease to the terminals to improve mating of the surfaces. All was good until the next day when engine heat and parking in the sun resulted in the instrument cluster flickering and eventually going dark. Battery voltage and charging systems are working fine. Cleaning the dialectric compound off the terminals and cleaning with Caig's De-Oxit spray for added insurance restored normal instrument functions. Conclusion: dialectric grease is not conductive enough except in high voltage applications like spark plug boots. There is some confusion online however, with some folks claiming to use it on ecu connections for waterproofing. Sidebar: the reason for installing the Battery Tender leads was due to battery draw that I discovered to be a glove box that was missing the actuator arm for the lamp switch. See separate topic.
  3. I may have found a cause of battery drain. See my post related to a compromised switch assembly on the glovebox door. It could be damaged or displaced during an cabin air filter replacement - as ours was before we purchased it used with 22,000 miles. Thread link: https://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/3972-glovebox-light-switch-failure-battery-drain/?tab=comments#comment-15752
  4. jmcgliss

    Small Update Mod

    That's pretty low, and far what how Lincoln markets their level of service and customer satisfaction. They must assume Lincoln owners never look under the hood, so to speak. I am wondering if something similar happened with my Fall Ford Quick Lane oil change where I declined the cabin air filter replacement. When I got around to changing it myself this Spring, the part of the assembly that turns the glove box switch on and off was missing. I posted a separate thread about this. Could a disgruntled mechanic remove this part, causing the glove box light to never turn off? Yep, it's possible, and would trigger a return visit from the customer for a new battery.
  5. jmcgliss

    Glovebox light switch failure = battery drain

    This is the replacement part installed. The pin was not included in the replacement, so I riveted the new part to the glove box door arm (green arrow). The other green arrow points to the white switch (on the old part) that turns the light off when the glove box door is closed (and all the appropriate parts are installed). For certain, the glove box light was a drain on the battery any time the car was "on". The light may have even stayed on all the time. When sitting in the car and closing the doors, courtesy lights go after after a brief period, but the glove box light stays on (with the glove box open or switch not engaged). Does anyone know of there is a backup timer that turns all lights off after say 10 or 20 minutes of shutting the car down?
  6. jmcgliss

    What’s your next car?

    Our priorities: 1. Keep or trade up our 2005 MKZ to 2017-2018. 2. A wagon to replace our pair of 2005 Subaru Legacy GT AWD turbo's (one wagon, one sedan). No Mondeo wagon from Ford, so... 3. If Lincoln were to unveil a variant of the Mustang we'd give it a look. 4. A track day car, but that's several years out after we move.
  7. jmcgliss

    Glovebox light switch failure = battery drain

    This the complete glove box damper and switch (photo from ebay), part #DP5Z-5806200-A "STOP"
  8. Edited original post with solution: When changing the cabin air filter (first time for me since buying the car used), this "gear housing" was dangling from it's wire harness. The arm and stop for the glove box damper are missing. AND as a result there is nothing to turn off the glove box lamp (see the white switch in the photo?). The lamp switch defaults to ON unless the arm is in place to turn it off. The next photo shows the replacement part installed.
  9. jmcgliss

    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    Fuelly.com is a useful site (and app) for logging fill-ups and tracking mpg's
  10. Welcome, Sludge. Looks sharp! We hope to get our 2015 MKZ to North Carolina once we retire.
  11. Good luck with your search. Let us know when you find what you really want!
  12. jmcgliss

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Good idea, Under200. "Cemetery car tribute" might be a good name for this trend.
  13. jmcgliss

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    We also drove our MKZ to visit my parents. Mom and Dad always liked Lincolns, but bought Mercury's in '67 and '70, then a Granada, LTD, etc. They ride with us now.
  14. Not to rain on your parade, but be sure this TX car was not flooded in last year's deluge. We bought our 2015 MKZ in early Sept 2017 just before those storms supposedly damaged a very large number of cars. Of course our dealer turned that into "demand for a million replacement vehicles will spike so it's good you are buying this now". Good luck and ask to see the CarFax!
  15. jmcgliss

    Proud New Owner of a 2010

    Beautiful car, and a great introduction. Thanks for sharing the photo of your grandfather's workshop, too.