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  1. jmcgliss

    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    Fuelly.com is a useful site (and app) for logging fill-ups and tracking mpg's
  2. Welcome, Sludge. Looks sharp! We hope to get our 2015 MKZ to North Carolina once we retire.
  3. Good luck with your search. Let us know when you find what you really want!
  4. jmcgliss

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Good idea, Under200. "Cemetery car tribute" might be a good name for this trend.
  5. jmcgliss

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    We also drove our MKZ to visit my parents. Mom and Dad always liked Lincolns, but bought Mercury's in '67 and '70, then a Granada, LTD, etc. They ride with us now.
  6. Not to rain on your parade, but be sure this TX car was not flooded in last year's deluge. We bought our 2015 MKZ in early Sept 2017 just before those storms supposedly damaged a very large number of cars. Of course our dealer turned that into "demand for a million replacement vehicles will spike so it's good you are buying this now". Good luck and ask to see the CarFax!
  7. jmcgliss

    Proud New Owner of a 2010

    Beautiful car, and a great introduction. Thanks for sharing the photo of your grandfather's workshop, too.
  8. jmcgliss

    DIY plasti dipped grille

    Looks great, and brings back memories of blacking out the grill and rear trim panel on my dad's 1967 Mercury Comet as a boy.
  9. jmcgliss

    Name of your MKZ

    BronZefire with a capital Z, or just "The Lincoln".
  10. jmcgliss

    Just purchased 2013

    Looks great in white with those wheels!
  11. One thing to monitor is age of the 12volt battery. In our 2015 it lasted 44 months. Others have reported similar life in the 4 year range.
  12. jmcgliss

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    So sorry this happened to you and your 3.0. Your posts have been invaluable. Come over to the C-Max forum! We're loving our 54mpg average with some trips in the 65mpg range.
  13. jmcgliss

    Driver's Package... photoshopped

  14. jmcgliss

    Battery Issues (2014 3.7L)

    Our 2015 MKZ needed a new battery after only 44 months. Symptoms were like yours - waiting for my wife to shop (which is never just a few minutes) while channel surfing on Sirius. Now this occurred after winter when it was not being driven every day, and on a battery tender sporadically. One more detail...the Lincoln Way app started sending me low battery alerts - but it was too late. Insufficient juice left to start it.
  15. jmcgliss


    So sorry to hear about this. There's nothing you could have done to stop that much water.