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  1. colinsz

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Beauty ride Zalvern - very best of luck with it. Very nice choice -- and love the colour. Thanks so much for all your time and input here from all of us. I'm sure i speak for all here that we appreciate your sharing. I for one hope u continue to visit, when u get the time, for updates on your new DD. Cheers brother, stay safe and happy motoring and have a happy Easter.
  2. colinsz

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Glad you're ok Zalvern. I know what you're going thru having been a victim too some years back so sorry man. It's a life-changing event for sure but you're ok and that's what is most important. Could have been a totally different outcome were it not for the MKZ which gave up its life for you. One way or another the SOB who did this will pay, tho unfortunately perhaps not in $$$$$. I've been very busy with family issues and inactive way too long. Zero time in any of my cars. Wish you the best man -- and hope u stay active here -- It's been a pleasure reading all about your mods and MKZ adventures. Colin .
  3. colinsz

    SYNC 3 Version 3.0 (North America)

    can I got directly to v3.0 from v2.2 or do I need to install v2.3 first? C
  4. colinsz

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Roll on the new season. Looking forward to some very good 1/4 m times with all your mods. Good Luck. C.
  5. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    My bad -- apologies.......Ford must have loaded v2.0 into some z's early on in the model year. Good that it is working ok for now. Should be more reliable with the update if only we can get that done. Colin.
  6. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    Yes Lincoln's customer service has been very helpful in the past -- nice to have that resource. I'm sure u meant Sync 2.2 above and it's nice to know Lincoln and Ford have finally sorted v2.3. As of 2 weeks ago Lincoln explained that it was only dowloadable to pc and subsequently to a thumbdrive and NOT thru Wifi at that time. Wifi in my area is iffy at best so I've loaded the update now on a thumbdrive ready for install when i get a chance to drive for 30-40 minutes. Hoping is solves a lot of the sporadic issues we're having with functions --- the Lincoln Way App functions seem to have a mind of their own and are not reliable........ Also have an Escape with same issues (Ford Pass) and awaiting the same update. Cheers.
  7. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    Now that the Sync software v2.3 is available it may solve some of these issues were having. It only available to download to thumbdrive at present not thru wifi yet. Next time I out for half hour i will install and see. C.
  8. colinsz

    Sync Servers Down

    down again -- called today was told they working on issue.
  9. colinsz

    Canadians Check in Please

    nice to meet u Scott and Jrross -- enjoy your Z's
  10. colinsz

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    Very nice Izzy -- that's the way I'd go if tinting.......would love darker but local constabulary doesn't like less than 35%. Also much more expensive up here in Canada. C.
  11. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    maybe the update on the app messed things up. Anyway working ok now.
  12. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    .........so called Ford spoke to a Lincoln Concierge who helped clear the account and re-enter car and personal info, then via in car display re-authorized communication with smart phone and we're back in business. Strangely I could not enter my VIN to the account -- Lincoln had to do that. Lincoln could not shed any light as to why the car info was erased. C.
  13. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    Ok thanks -- now I understand it a little better. I'm gong to call the dealer to see what he can do to get it re-initiated for me. tnx for the insight. c.
  14. colinsz

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    when mine doesn't work the phone says no wifi available ........ doesn't the phone communicate with the car's modem thru wifi? That's the way I understood it. Anyhow up to now the key did not have to be close for the app to work......and where is all the registration info gone that was loaded into the app initially for it to work?