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  1. houtex

    Pre Collision Assist

    I think I figured this out. This happened in stop and go traffic and the pre collision assist is not engaged at very low speeds
  2. houtex

    Pre Collision Assist

    I have a 2017 Reserve with most bells and whistles. I am enjoying my car one year into ownership. Today while driving home from work I got distracted for a second and got the red dashed line warning in windshield. I have seen this before, no big deal. But I also got a little pop up on left side info screen “ pre collision assist not available “. Do the MKZs not have this feature or is it part of a package I am missing? I don’t ever remember seeing this message before. If I work thru the menu I see pre collision assist with various options, but all the options are grayed out. Appreciate some feedback on this
  3. houtex

    Map Update

    I rarely use the Navigation in my car. Google maps on my phone is so much better and with Android Auto and Car Play it’s easy to use on you car’s display. Every car navigation I’ve ever owned has been out of date, regardless of car brand. The exception might be Tesla, which uses google maps, I think
  4. houtex

    US News ranks 2018 MKZ #15 out of 15

    They have never given Lincoln/ Ford a fair shake. I love my car. Every time I am on a high hghway I am grateful for the easy power and quiet drive. The panoramic sunroof is awesome and unique to the MKZ. After a brutal few winter weeks, it was awesome to use. Lincoln should really feature the things that make it unique. I remember when consumer reports used to dog Ford/Lincoln for not having enough real buttons to control things. Will they do the same to the Model 3 Tesla?
  5. houtex

    Wishlist for next MKZ

    A larger sync screen like the new Navigator. A/C controls for back seat. All the newest tech gadgets and maybe more comfortable seats.
  6. houtex

    Lincoln Way App not functioning

    My start engine doesn’t always work. Not sure why. It will try for a couple of minutes and then fail. I have to play around with it some more see if I can figure a pattern. It seems to work fine when I’m at home
  7. I have a 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD. My daily commute is about 20 miles, mostly highway and I average about 24 MPG. This past week I took my first road trip and averaged close to 27 MPG going. Coming back it was much colder, more traffic and raining. Averaged 24 MPG. I have 10,000 miles on my car and I use 93 octane gas.
  8. Can anyone post a link to the TSB of window rolling back down. I am having the issue again, this time with driver side window. Thanks
  9. I’ve been meaning to update the status of this issue. I am happy to report that today my car was delivered to my house with a new windshield. I took my car in almost two weeks ago for a few issues. One issue was that the sunglass case would not stay up. That was super annoying as I had to try repeatedly for it to eventually lock into place. The sunglass case and lock mechanism seems cheap and flimsy to me. I think Lincoln should really redesign this going forward. The dealership did order a replacement console and I assume it is working. I’m actually on a business trip right now, so will not check on it until next week. Regarding the windshield, the initial response from car dealer was inappropriate in my view. Basically it was “There are no windshields anywhere and it could be months before One is available.” I escalated the issue to a supervisor and since then I am very happy with the response from both the dealer and Lincoln. Basically, Lincoln committed to shipping a windshield to the dealership and the dealership had me in a loaner car from the day I dropped off the car. Additionally, I have the prepaid service agreement for the car. Lincoln has extended the service agreement by another 50,000 miles. At least that is what the dealer tech told me. While I may not keep the car for 150,000 miles, I think that was a very nice gesture by Lincoln. So I must say that things were handled very nicely after a bumpy start. Thanks to all who helped with the issue.
  10. Thanks, I will check with them tomorrow. My understanding is that the panoramic roof also plays a part in the type of windshield needed.
  11. Yeah, I take highways to work every day. One day before going on vacation I heard something hit the windshield, but didn't see any cracks. When I got back from vacation about 10 days later, the windshield was cracked along my line of sight. The car was sitting in my garage this whole time. i can now see the initial impact was bottom left corner of windshield.
  12. I am having my first real issue with my MKZ and I am not happy. My windshield has a crack that goes along my line of sight I scheduled service and got approval from my insurance to replace the windshield. Turns out since I have all the bells and whistles, there are no replacement windshields available for the type of windshield I need. The windshields are made by a third party company and are apparently on back order. Are there no new cars being built with these windshields? Apparently a special ordered windshield would take months. This really sucks and sours on the Lincoln experience. Eight months into ownership of a 50,000 car and you can't get a windshield replaced. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to handle this.
  13. houtex

    Lincoln MKZ First Week Impressions

    How does Tesla do it?
  14. houtex

    Didn't get the car I thought I wanted...

    Love the blue color. Same as mine :) Congrats on your new car!
  15. houtex

    Lincoln MKZ First Week Impressions

    Today when I left my office and got to the parking garage, I realized I did not have my car keys with me. Not the first time it happens, but the first time it happens since I own my MKZ. I was excited that I would be able to start the car using the Lincoln Way app, and I thought I'd be able to drive home and not have to walk back to my building to get the keys. I did not realize that while you can start the car with the app, you still need to have the key fob with you to drive it. What a disappointment that was :) What is the point of the app? All show. That feature is Pretty useless in my view without the ability to actually drive the car.