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  1. Never got around to installing this and will be selling it, see classifieds post if interested. Thanks.
  2. jrross

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Selling a complete parts setup all ready to install. and yes it is a NAV head unit as well. see classifieds post.
  3. jrross

    Sync 3 conversion parts

    I have compiled the parts needed to do the swap on 2016 and prior mkzs. Including the screen, brain, USB hub, and programmer. I was going to put into my 16 but will likely be heading to a ranger in the next year or so... 4dtech wants $1500 plus tax... I'm asking $900.
  4. jrross

    Battery Drain?

    So its been a while, forgot to update. Apparently they found that the embedded modem somehow was programmed to function irregularly and was drawing on the battery. they kept it for a day, gave me a nice rental and the next day was back to normal after flashing the program for the modem....
  5. jrross

    2013-2016 MKZ carpet floor mats - grey

    Thanks however quite unlikely, not interested in shipping?
  6. jrross

    2013-2016 MKZ carpet floor mats - grey

    price drop.... still available.
  7. jrross

    2013-2016 MKZ carpet floor mats - grey

    still have them, open to offers.
  8. jrross

    Perilli p7 plus a/s 19 inch. report.

    Yes they are both 8 inch wide rims... Should have mentioned that... 10 mm would be pretty negligible no?
  9. jrross

    Perilli p7 plus a/s 19 inch. report.

    Yes I did check into the specs and the Volvo wheels are the same centre bore, same bolt pattern however the offset is 45 vs the 55 that is on the MKZ. from what I have researched, this should be a negligible difference?
  10. jrross

    Perilli p7 plus a/s 19 inch. report.

    Very helpful! thanks very much! I use dedicated winter tires as well here, just in case so I would think that these will likely be a set that will suffice nicely for the summer. They are 1k only on them and with factory Volvo rims for $650.
  11. jrross

    Perilli p7 plus a/s 19 inch. report.

    So what is the difference between the p7 and the p7 plus? I have a chance at a set of p7 takeoffs at a good price... Thanks
  12. jrross

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    sync 2 and 3 use a different antenna by my understanding... 😞
  13. jrross

    Cooling Seats

    Can you please point me at said discussion? Tried to search and was unsuccessful.... Thanks.
  14. jrross

    Battery Drain?

    I am having a similar issue with my 2016 MKZ.... although some differences. I got it at 16k KMS (Canadian) as a dealer demo, (new but driven buy a sales manager) it was fine until 3 weeks ago when the battery was dead and needed a boost (at 52K KMS) and it went in for the steering wheel recall and the trim pieces fading around the pano roof.... they tested it and it came out on the low side of okay and replaced the battery.... a week later, this morning dead battery again.... where is the drain coming from??
  15. jrross

    Loose steering wheel recall

    New battery eh? my 2016 just stranded me recently as the battery would not crank. roadside assistance provided a boost and tomorrow its going in to test the strength of the cells ( in addition to changing the plastic painted trim around the rear windshield that is peeling) Not impressed that a 2 year old car has these issues so soon.... Tow driver said there are way to many draws on these batteries these days....