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  1. shadez1

    ForScan Navigation Hack

    Yes I did this on my 13 Z.. The only part was at the very end. There's a step I had to skip because I already had the new software version downloaded on my sync 2 if it's not reading your USB check your sync version and skip that step
  2. All that's being done is turning it on. I did it because I was going on a long trip and my cell device battery sucks and the screen was cracked. Got the A7 nav card enabled the nav feature and didn't mess with anything else. Works flawlessly and I'll upgrade to the 8 card sometime next yr
  3. Not sure about the warranty..and which part are you stuck on?
  4. Did you get your nav card etc?
  5. It's a sensor. Mine did the same thing last week. Changed the sensor and it's good again. Fuel Rail sensor I believe it was. Code I pulled was P0087
  6. I was able to add navigation to my sync 2 system using forscan. 2013 mkz. Pretty simple if you need an assit on how to reply to this thread.
  7. anyone know where i can get the puddle light .. under mirror light that shows the Lincoln logo on the ground when the door is opened or unlocked ? I had my 2013 in the shop and got to drive a 2014 and it had those .. i looked under the mirror and could tale that they are different so , my other question is can i just change the whole mirror , how hard is it and has anyone done it who can give me a few pointers.. i looked around online and i don't want those aftermarket ones they don't look worthy to be on my baby..