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  1. bigbore

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    Hi bigbore. There are several rules for posting Classified ads on the Lincoln MKZ Forum. In addition to the information you included in your first post, you will need to post photos of sale items which include a sign with your screen name and the current date. And you must post an asking price. You can begin a new post with that additional information as soon as you wish. Good luck.
  2. bigbore

    FMIC- off the wall question

    Thank you. It would be an understatement to say that I wasn't surprised that you would have been one of the people posting a reply! I found a diagram from a competitors unit that is shaped very similar to the UP that shows a simple separating baffle between both of the intakes. I'm wondering if the flow would be improved if the intakes had an internal diverter to direct the flow toward the tubing of the core. I'm thinking about making my own using a Garrett core and begging a few friends that have CNC's to cut the aluminum for the tanks and using one of their talented welders to TIG it all together after making a few minor design changes.
  3. For those of you that installed the Ultimate Performance FMIC... did you happen to look at whether or not there was any baffling on the dual intake charge side within the tank to direct airflow through the core or if each connection just dumped into the tank?
  4. Does anyone know if the the Borla axle back Fusion Sport application will fit on a 3.0T? I'm anticipating having to remove or modify the stainless inserts on the rear valance but I don't want to cut the valance itself. I've been exploring using the Borla XS mufflers having a shop doing a custom fabrication but I haven't had great luck with custom exhaust shops. Many don't have the capability to work with stainless exhaust tubing and sometimes it takes several visits to deal with getting the fitment worked out. My thought process is that by using the Fusion application is that it would hang securely and not have any clearance issues and may be less likely to drone. Excessive drone is a deal breaker for me.
  5. bigbore

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Zalvern - Thank you! That's great news. I was hoping that the Unleashed FMIC would work. Also, I'm certain that I speak for everyone here... I want to say thank you for continuing to be supportive of all of us by continuing to share your prodigious knowledge in spite of the fact that your vehicle met its untimely demise.
  6. bigbore

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I've searched, and perhaps I've missed it, but I'm trying to find out if the Unleashed FMIC (or any other brand) will allow me to retain the Active Cruise Control (ACC Module)? I did see that Zalvern mentioned the shutters which I also want to keep. I'll be installing the GFB Diverter valve and the BBK throttle body in the next few days but the terrific education I've received on here regarding intake temps makes me want to address the intercooler before I do a tune.
  7. Hello everyone. I’m close to taking the plunge on getting a tune for my 2017 3.0 and am curious about your opinions, especially regarding the Unleashed tunes. Livernois seems like a solid choice but I’m curious if anyone has been able to directly compare the two. Like everyone I’m looking for power gains but I’m just as interested in improving all around transmission performance, torque management and drivability issues. Unless I’m missing something it looks like when you get the Livernois tune it’s a one size fits all. With Unleashed I see where you can list your mods which would suggest a greater degree of customization and perhaps refinement. They also list a choice of different tuners and I’ve also read how responsive Torrie is which impresses me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. bigbore

    Drivers Package Wheels

    Sorry, they have been sold
  9. I have a set of brand new Stop Tech slotted front rotors which fit 2013 – 2016 3.7 and 2.0’s (not hybrids). I also had them cryogenically treated so the likelihood of them ever warping is practically nil. Last year I ordered Stop Tech rotors for my 2017 3.0. The supplier I bought them from had the part numbers listed incorrectly and shipped me these. I had them cryo treated before trying to install them when I got the unhappy surprise. They wouldn’t take them back because I made the mistake of telling them that I had the cryo done. All in I have over $300 invested in some heavy paperweights. Before I list them on that auction site I’ll offer them up here. I’ll take $150 (no negotiations) for both and split the FedEx ground shipping with you. Send me your zip code and I’ll get you a quote. If you’re in the greater Chicagoland area I’d be happy to meet up with you. The part numbers are - 126.61108SL and 126.61108SR These will also fit most 2013 – current Fusions including the hybrids but not the Sport
  10. bigbore

    32,000 miles and time for tires

    I agree with bbf2530's opinion that the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3's are great performing tires. When I upgraded to 20" Continental rims I got a set. Unfortunately I regretted my decision. Yes they perform great but it seems Michelin's quality control leaves a lot to be desired. I always have my tires Roadforce balanced- I had to go through 8 tires before we came up with 4 that balanced acceptably! Hunter assigns a Green, yellow or red score to the results. Initially I had one end up green, one yellow and two red (which is a fail). I ended up with two green and two yellow, at the edge of green. The worst thing was that I had to purchase all eight and then wait to Michelin to reimburse me for the 4 "defective" tires. Oh by the way, Michelin customer service stated that they "don't recognize" Roadforce balancing- outrageous. I regret not getting another set of Continental DWS06's. So far I've had five sets on different vehicles over the years. I upgraded to those from the Primacy's on my 2017 and they were a substantial improvement. I also had them on my 2015. They don't have the crisp steering response that the A/S 3's have but they are great performers nonetheless. They are also phenomenal in the snow. Finally EVERY ONE Roadforce balanced green. That suggests to me that Conti is on top of its quality control
  11. bigbore

    Drivers Package Wheels

    Hello everyone- I have a set of take-off 19 x 8 OEM wheels for sale. They are in fantastic condition. No curb rash, scrapes, gouges, bends on any of them. In other words, no disappointments. Before I list them on eBay I thought I'd list them here for a short while at a discount compared to the typical eBay price. TPMS and center caps ARE included. I will also ship them for FREE. The lowest priced comparable wheels on eBay start at $500 ea. not including sensors or caps. Additionally there are only a few of this style available. I'm selling them at $1500 for the set of four.
  12. bigbore

    2017 and up grill removal

    Hello all- Does anyone know if the grill can be removed without removing the front bumper? I'm dechroming with wrap and want to make certain that the chrome grill "ring" get covered properly.