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  1. RealGomer

    Removing overspray from windscreen

    Wanted to see what my options might be. I hoping any overspray is from the clearcoat.
  2. RealGomer

    Removing overspray from windscreen

    I had some rust beginning on the driver's door at the lower seam. $300 later it's good as new. Unfortunately, it looks lie some overspray from another car in the shop landed on the windscreen Can one of those headlamp cleaner kits be used to remove it?
  3. RealGomer

    Black '13 with blacked out grille...thoughts?

    Sweet. I wonder what my 2014 Sunrise Metallic would look like?
  4. RealGomer

    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    Well, (did I already says this?) the tranny interlock gag worked. After I pushed the slot, the battery began to take the jump and the car started. The has been at the shop since 29 Sep and it has started every time for them. They ran several battery tests and all came back aces. Hopefully, my mentioning the interlock gag will get them to check that solenoid / switch / whatever. It's the third time since 2018. I wonder if I can talk the Missuz that I need to replace Sunny with a younger girl?
  5. RealGomer

    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    This happened to me a year or so ago. If what's left of my memory serves, there a solenoid or something in the ignition circuit that can conk out. It kills the entire ignition process and fries the battery.Gotta love turning a simple, straightforward mechanical process into an overly complicated computer controlled failure prone system. Unfortunately, unless I can get power to put the car into neutral (see above comment on the starting system; it doubly applies here) the tow truck will have drag the car out of the garage, possibly destoying the tranny and definitely damaging the garage and tires.
  6. RealGomer

    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    I have the same problem on my 2014 MKZ 2.0L Ecoboost with the Technology (?) package. Except for me, the second batter went belly up after a week. It was a brand new Motorcraft battery I got at a local Ford parts Ford dealer. The previous battery lasted 7 years. I tried jumping it and nothing happens. None of the interior lights come on, the dash doesn't light and the Lincoln graphic on the radio doesn't appear. I moved the ground alligator to different areas and the same thing. So, is it the battery? The alternator? Voltage Regulator? A sneaky Cadillac fanatic?
  7. I really hate the fact that some goombah at Ford decided to override the driver's decision as to when to upshift when in Sport mode. With 270 lb-ft of torque, one should be able to shift into 6 at speeds below 45 MPH. I want this to occur partially to better fuel economy and partially because 2250RPM or so is too high for the upshift, especially when the RPM isn't a whole lot higher when I'm at 60 - 65. Any ideas for my 2014 MKZ 2.0 Turbo?
  8. I recently got an LG K30 thru T-Mobile. I can make and answer phone calls but the Sync no longer displays or notifies me of text messages. The phone is running Android 7.1 Nougat. Is there something else I need to do to get it to display & notify me of text msgs as it did with my Android 4.1 LG phone?
  9. I have a 2014 2.0L Turbo MKZ. I saw one article about adding a Steeda cold air intake to a previous gen MKZ. Would a kit for a 2014/2015/2016 Fusion work on the MKZ? I'm hoping the swap will bump MPG some.
  10. RealGomer

    Dash Gauge lighting - Kill auto dim

    There are times during the day when the headlights go on even tho' it's fairly bright out. And there are times, especially on foggy and rainy/snowy days where the lights never come on. I have this peccadillo about being seen by other vehicles while on the road. Especially since so many others seem to think their stupid phones are more important than paying attention to the road. I've driven with the headlights on since 1971 as a small safety feature that I can control. By the way, ever try to see a grey or white car in the snow, fog, overcast without its lights on? The console labels basically disappear and the gauges do become quite hard to see. To me, it's an idiotic function. At least on my Chrysler Cirrus you could turn off this "feature".
  11. RealGomer

    Resetting front bumper sensor

    UGH! So much for shade tree mechanics anymore.
  12. RealGomer

    Resetting front bumper sensor

    On my 2014 MKZ w/Tech Pkg, one of the sensors in the front bumper has popped out. I'm guessing a stone hit it. This has resulted in the #%#@$ Front Parking Assist tone to go off repeatedly and I'm guessing why no matter how times I use the steering wheel control to turn it off it stays on. So... 1) If the top radiator is removed can the sensor be reached? 2) How does one pop out the ribbed plastic hold-downs without destroying them? Or are they throw aways and I need to go to a parts store to get replacements? 3) If the sensor is not the cause of the continual tone, is there a reset function? 4) Can it even be fixed by a DIYer or is it a trip to garage? Thank you.
  13. RealGomer

    Performance Tweaking an MKZ

    Thanks. It has been fun laying rubber with a four banger.
  14. Has anyone done any performance tweaking on an MKZ? Such as a freer exhaust, freer intake, computer reprogramming, etc. I'd love to find a way to squeeze a few more MPG out of the 2.0T (EcoBoost) I have, since my 2013 Fusion with the 2.5 got 33+MPG all day long and at 70+MPH.
  15. RealGomer

    Lincoln Mustang...Thoughts?

    I'd love to the Mustang GT "detuned" to a Grand Tourer in the European fashion like a Benz E Class or BMW 5 series, with the 2013-2016 MKZ front end. (the 2017 looks horrid with the Kia Sedona front end).