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  1. raforbes

    Smartlink Dongle

    hmm - no answers eh - I'm bummed I bought the ONE MKz that will not take the upgrade ...
  2. raforbes

    Smartlink Dongle

    Out of all the lincolns - the 2013 MKz is an exception on the SMARTLINK Dongle list - Does anyone know why? Thanks
  3. raforbes

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Thank you all for the input - @ Zalvern - I have followed a lot of your posts here and you seem to always have great information - I'll try the throttle enhancer first - I've been looking at it for a while. I'm glad to find someone who has 'reviewed' it - On another Livernois note - I am a little disappointed they do not have a catch-can with all the mounting brackets for my MKZ. Anyway - Thanks again to all for letting this lowly 2.0 Ecoboost guy jump in here..
  4. raforbes

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Okay - I realize this is all about 3.0 BUT it's as I am sure you folks can answer my 2.0 question - First I have a 2013 MKz - Livernois tune (91 as I am in AZ and NO 93 available) - I have their 160 thermostat but nothing else - I have read Zalvern's post on the Livernois Throttle enhancer but in these post I saw the mention of 'Go Fast Bits DV+ Diverter Valve' - I'd like an opinion on which to go with - GFB states the Diverter will enhance throttle response - My goal is to get a better response when I step down on the throttle - -I hate the lag I am getting - So - which might be the better choice? Thanks in advance and hope you gents don't mind a 2.0 guy jumping in here.
  5. So, Here's the story - This past Saturday around 22:00+- I was on my way home and decided to call Lincoln Client Support using my SyncServices in my 2013 MKz. During the call I decided to disconnect because it kept routing me to the wrong place. So, I touched the END on the services screen (not the phone screen). The screen went completely black for about 1 or 2 minutes - NO climate, phone, navigation - nothing - It than rebooted (or went black because it was rebooting - most probable) - When it cam up it said it was installing a maintenance update. Once done all was good - everything - climate, phone, entertainment all worked. I went back to Syncservices (press the 'i' to the left of the home button at the bottom. I connected to services - (for those not familiar it uses your phone to dial and connect). Once connected I said 'Lincoln Customer Service' (may not be exact). The system told me to wait and tried to connect - I got the following - again not exact 'We are sorry but this number is no longer active. Please use the My Lincoln way app to contact the Concierge or call 844-324-2330 My Lincoln Way. WHAT THE blank. So, now I'm upset but no time to dial the number as I'm driving. I spend (I know I'm crazy for this but $150 a year for service and it should work) - I call My Lincoln Way on Sunday night and they have ZERO idea what I am talking about - They transfer me to SyncServices who have no idea what I am talking about - they transfer me to the concierge - who have no idea what I am talking about and round and round. So, now I'm over the top upset but I have to be someplace - I'll deal with this later - Later is yesterday - I call the number again - Again they transfer me to Sync - who says - yep, we are merging all the services and they should know that - She sends me to Customer relations - who has no idea what I am talking about - she sends me to tech services - Now I'm steaming - Tech services doesn't get it either - I feel bad for her as she got me at my worst - I finally said I need a supervisor - I get put on hold - She comes back - No supervisor but they will call in tomorrow (Wednesday). Okay, I make one last call to the Concierge and again I'm told - we don't understand - this sounds like a tech services issue.. OMGosh Today - I get a call from the supervisor - (I just about dropped the phone). He was very professional (I have to say everyone I spoke with was but ..) I went over what had happen as written above BUT also had him call me on a different cell and I went in my car while he was listening and performed the above steps. I got the message and he heard it - finally someone thinks I'm not crazy. He said he'd document it and go to the software team - I'm hoping to hear back - Anyone else able to test this function ? Thanks for listening - Let me add - I love my 2013 MKz - just rolled 39K. I think the software is less than average when compared to GM but I've gotten use to it. The car is fantastic - It moves !! Also, all the support people have been more than professional (yet a little clueless). Lincoln also stands behind their product. I have rust on ALL 4 doors and today was told they will fix it. Can't beat that service..
  6. raforbes

    Key Fob not found

    I took my 2013 to the dealer and had the reprogram done. It worked great for 2 weeks and now I get the 'No Key Detect; message at times. It has also not been unlocking with the FOB (using the buttons) until I am right next to it. Remote start is acting up too. Same issue - I have to be very close. I was within 150' the other day (line of sight) and it would not respond until I was 15' away. This happens often. The dealer said to change the battery but I had taken it to a different dealer before this and they had told me they has changed it. That would be within the last 2 months. Anyone have this issue in the past? Thanks
  7. raforbes

    No Key Found...

    I can attest to the Kwik Trip comment.. I don't know what type of RF KT would be using in the pumps or gas station but almost every time without fail - at any Kwik Trip I get the not found message. I took it to the dealer and there is a TSB which applied to my MKz but it still happens. I throw the key in the center console and all is good. Only happens near the pumps too. Never when I just park and get gas.
  8. raforbes

    SYNC Scheduled Maintenance

    I have the same issue with the Nav showing me on some other road or pasture. I called Lincoln and complained yesterday. I also called the folks that supply the maps and told them the are worthless. In today's world updates should be close to spot on and released monthly. For $150 you should get a year's worth of updates. I realize they are on a RO SD card but there could be a different form of delivery. I just left GM for Lincoln and GM software is much better. Onstar is outstanding - I just fell in love with the MKZ - Cadillac has nothing (in my opinion) as nice. I bought a used 2013 30K miles - cars a rocket ship.. Wish I'd have gotten a 2015 with the modem though - Anyway Ford got taken to the cleaners by M$.