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  1. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Sync update

    Got an email from Lincoln stating there is a new Sync update, anyone else get an email?
  2. Robert Iggy Cerami


    Hey Multitask, I live in Torrance about a mile from the beach we got up to 102 on Sunday.. I have lived in this area for over 50 years and never as it been this hot
  3. Robert Iggy Cerami

    2019 MKZ Shines in JD Power Dependability Study

    Multitask you must be in So Cal? 5.29 Regular in Torrance this morning. I use Premium and that was at 5.59
  4. Robert Iggy Cerami

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    Traffic was not showing up on my nav...seems fine now
  5. Robert Iggy Cerami

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    This update resolved the TravelLink issue I was having with the traffic not showing up on the Sync Nav.. All good
  6. Robert Iggy Cerami

    SYNC3 v3.4.21194

    I just checked my car is at the dealer and it seems the updated my Sync to with this new update.. 2020 MKZ 3.0 AWD
  7. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Lincoln Way and Other Stuff

    It might not sit as long as you think.. used car market is strong right now at least here in So Calif
  8. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Travel Link...Not Available

    Got a service coming up in a couple weeks and will show them the issue... I do use Apple Car play most of the time for my Nav.. But I am one of those people who has to have everything working right in the car regardless if its something I use or not.. Thank you for your replies
  9. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Travel Link...Not Available

    That did not fix the problem.. for me it only works after first start of the morning and even then it takes about 15 minutes of driving before it shows any traffic on the Sync Map.. Living in So Cal the traffic showing up is very import for me...
  10. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Travel Link...Not Available

    Having the same issue with my 2020 3.0 ....I do have SiriusXm audio so that is not the issue... I noticed mine started acting up after my last Sync Update... called Sirius 3 different times and on 2 of those calls they also told me it was also a dealer issue.. I also did a master reset and did not fix the problem... going in for a service in a couple weeks and going to have my service guy look into it...I will let you know what they say..
  11. Finally got my car back.. they found metal contamination in the PTU fluid.. They ordered and replaced it.. no break in required, but as you suggested I will take it easy for a bit.. Thank you
  12. Having the PTU replaced on my 2020 3.0 14950 miles... started a slight vibration and rumble a few weeks ago.. not my first MKZ so I knew something was not right... I thought it was a motor mount at first, but dealer test drove and they came the conclusion that it was the PTU .. part was ordered and should have my car back Monday .. Wanted to know if there would be a break in period for the PTU or can I just drive normally ?
  13. Robert Iggy Cerami

    New guy with 2019 MKZ

    Congratulations and welcome Zondedo
  14. Robert Iggy Cerami

    SYNC3 v3.4.20282

    Tried doing that but it would not let me because it was stuck in the middle of installing a file which I don't know how because I was not were I park my car and have Wifi.. So I tried a master reset and the whole thing just died black screen will not boot back up not even after letting it sit over night still the same, waiting on my service manager to call me as soon as he as a loaner coming in this eve.
  15. Robert Iggy Cerami

    SYNC3 v3.4.20282

    Yes Sir I got it from the Lincoln site... I think I will do a master reset and start from with a clean slate..