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  1. Robert Iggy Cerami

    End of the MKZ?

    Thank you .. I have always ordered my cars.. I have only bought 2 that I have driving off the lot in my 45 years of driving.. Also ordered a few Mercedes and 2 of then I picked up at the factory in Germany that was an amazing experience touting the factory...
  2. Robert Iggy Cerami

    End of the MKZ?

    Thank you...that should work out for me to order .. I think it was 8 -9 weeks on my 17 ..
  3. Robert Iggy Cerami

    End of the MKZ?

    Dose anyone know when the last build dates are for the 2020 MKZ ? My lease is up on my 17 in September..
  4. Robert Iggy Cerami

    New Member

    The massaging seats are great for long trips helps relive stress on my old back .. I just got back from my annual road trip from Los Angeles up the coast to Astoria Oregon 2300 mile round trip
  5. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Cracked Windshield, No Replacements Available

    Windshields replaced for stress cracks are 12 months or 12k miles
  6. Robert Iggy Cerami


    Welcome Tyler.. Great choice. I am on my 3rd MKZ.. had a 13 Hybrid a 15 3.7 and I am now driving a 17 3.0 AWD.. Great cars Enjoy
  7. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Lincoln Way app down

    I reinstalled the App.. Everything seems ok now.. Thank you
  8. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Lincoln Way app down

    I am having the same issue.. It happened after I did an up date to my iPhone.. I deleted the app from phone but it still auto started my car this morning at 7:20 am 😖
  9. Robert Iggy Cerami

    FogLight Issue

    They should stay on when your car is in Drive
  10. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Musty A/C smell

    I had it with my 13 TSB did nothing for it.. Had it with my 15 dealer changed the Evap it helped but not for long... I have it on my 17 but not as much as previous models .. But summer is approaching so I am sure it will get worse.. I noticed that it happens when I turn off the AC to smoke and then turn the AC back on it last for a few minutes then goes away.. Just used to it and figured not much the dealer can do...
  11. Robert Iggy Cerami


    You pull up on that to get to the spare tire
  12. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Loose steering wheel recall

    I just had my car picked up for my first service ( a valet picked up the car not a flat bed like I thought :cry: ) My service advisor told me that my car was not on the recall list when he ran my VIN.. Thought all the models MKZ/FUSION were on the list
  13. Robert Iggy Cerami

    3.0T oil change advice

    Your first service should be no charge from Lincoln.. I just made an appointment for my first service (17 MKZ 3.0 AWD).. My advisor told me that I will not be charged
  14. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Complimentry Pick for Service

    As anyone used the complimentry pick up for service ? If so when they pick up your car do they write up any warranty issues that need to be fixed.. Or they just pick up for oil change and service ?
  15. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Startup and Parking Sounds

    I had a 13,15 and now a 17.. This has happened from time to time on all of them.. I gave up trying to figure out why