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  1. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Potential new owner

    Sweet ride... the R badge says it all
  2. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Potential new owner

    Gunny, I have leased 4 MKZs since 2013.. First one was a Hybrid, great car comfort, great ride quality and great mileage... But not for me need more power on my long rode trips through the back roads of the South West.. After that is was all 3.7 FWD and two 3.0 AWD... I would get the Lincoln over the Alfa.. The MKZ as been around longer and more reliable also if you have any issues Ford/Lincoln dealers are easier to find then an Alfa dealer .. Before I switched to Lincoln I drove Mercedes for over 30 years, mostly big German land yachts..
  3. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Memory Seats

    Yes sir nothing in CA is free when it comes to driving ... One of if not the highest gas taxes in the country
  4. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Front Fascia - Spot the difference

    What color is your car .. Gold ?
  5. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Be Safe out there

    Just got back from a 1700 mile trip in my 2020 MKZ from Los Angeles to the back roads of So.Utah and No AZ.... car was great lots of power when needed and handling was amazing.. averaged 25.1 MPG for the total trip.. car now has 4000 miles on picked it up March 20....
  6. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Joined the 3.0t MKZ Team

    Congratulations .... Great choice
  7. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Mystery Chime when exiting

    Sometimes a chime goes off when I turn off my 2020 and exit ..its not all the time and I cant figure out what its for... anyone notice or know why ?
  8. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Steering wheel noise.

    I am not sure but I think there was a TSB for some steering bolts or something on my 15
  9. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Locking 2020 no audible

    Noticed that one too👍
  10. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Locking 2020 no audible

    I did notice the mirrors also don't not fold when shutting the door.. Don't know if you have the motion seats but my 17 used to turn off in I want to say 15-20 mins .. On my 20 they do not turn off at all they other day I was on a Sunday drive and they stayed on for over 40 minutes before I turned them off.. Also excuse my ignorance but what is LKA ?
  11. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Locking 2020 no audible

    Yes not worth a trip to dealer.. wondering now since yours is doing the same if its just they way the 2020s are set up?...I got to say that Lincoln saved the best MKZ for last .. its come a long way since the 2013 model and seen improvements through out the models cycle of life.. Since the shutdown I have managed to put 1500 miles on my new Z, going on Sunday drives and taking advantage of no traffic on the LA freeways.. Great car hopefully in 3 years when my lease is up that Lincoln will find its way back to making a sedan
  12. Robert Iggy Cerami

    Locking 2020 no audible

    Don't know if I have a glitch or it is normal for 2020 .. When locking the doors I get only the lights flashing as a confirmation.. but if I press the lock button a second time I get the lights and audible.. Also no audible when unlocking .. All previous models had both sound and lights
  13. Robert Iggy Cerami

    OBDII Link for FORScan

    My 13 Hybrid had the blue comfort light .. My 15 (3.7),17 (3.0) and My 2020 (3.0) all had Blue and Red lights when the settings were set to comfort or sport
  14. Welcome Trey.. Congratulations on your purchase, you came to the right place for any questions regarding your MKZ.. If you have a chance look into some of the old threads on this site, you might be able to find some of the answers to tips,tricks,mods ect.. Enjoy
  15. Robert Iggy Cerami

    The End of my 2017 MKZ; Rise into 2020 Mazda 6

    Yes final orders are no longer taken at least on the West coast … I tried to order mine the middle of March but no possible .. They found one fully loaded with everything I wanted .. the only negative for me was that it as a Pano roof … Not a fan but its growing on me