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  1. I've decided my issue with the THX sound system is related to our 2013 MKZ having a Panoramic roof. We drove a 2013 MKZ with the THX sound system but regular instead of Panoramic roof and it sounds much much better. The bass is much deeper and sounds so much better (and even louder) I don't know if they needed to use a different THX sound system in the vehicles with a Panoramic roof or it's just the way it sounds different because of the roof. I know it sounds crazy but we had a chance to test it in a few different cars and IMO, the Panoramic roof made the difference in the THX sound system. Even the simple regular 2013 sound system sounds better (without Panoramic roof ) than the THX sound system with a Panoramic roof!
  2. lowfatdog

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    Oh they know about it! The engineers were supposedly given videos of it happening on my 2013 MKZ. Originally the dealership claimed it was user error and even claimed they gave us a copy of the users manual pages where it showed how to properly open up your door. LOL! I hate Liars especially when they try to make it look like it's your fault. :-) They never gave me a copy of the manual pages or discussed it with me. When I read that in the repair order, I just about came un-glued! After I showed them video of it happening on multiple occasions, They finally believed me. It also happened on our loaner MKZ, This was 16-18 months ago so yes, they know about it!
  3. Comparing the standard 2013 MKZ stereo to the 2013 THX stereo, I feel the regular stereo sounds better with today's music. I couldn't believe it considering the THX stereo is supposed to be so much better. I didn't notice much of a difference switching between the two DSP settings. If I had my choice, I would go back to the regular stereo.
  4. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    After months of dealing with this car, Ford (Lincoln) was "FORCED" to buy it back. More things went wrong. It got to the point to where our contact at Lincoln (not the dealership but Lincoln) would not return our phone calls. Once you close the door on communication, you can expect for the customer to take it to the next level!
  5. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    We have now received word from Lincoln they will not replace this vehicle. They again stated "That is why we give you a limited Warranty". Multiple issues within one month of ownership and this is the way you treat you treat us? Thanks for letting me know how you treat your new customers Lincoln! It will be remembered when we go to buy another Ford or Lincoln! After buying 5 or 6 brand new Fords I think this is going to be our last one.
  6. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    After 18 days (yes 18 days) in the shop we got the MKZ back today. I got a call from Lincoln right after all this happened because I sent them an email in which I insisted the car get replaced. since then, Ford or Lincoln did not call me even though they both said they would. They never updated me about anything or said hey how's it going, I finally got a call yesterday saying the car was ready. I guess them being silent tells me they are just going to ignore me and make me keep this piece of crap car. have owned 6 new fords and one Isuzu (years ago). This might just end up being the last Ford or Lincoln we buy. It's been in the shop 4 times and they kept it 18 days...we have only owned the MKZ 49 days. The lights and sunroof appear to be working now. no electrical problems in the 30 minutes I drove the car.
  7. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    Yesterday the Air conditioner kept turning on and off again. I now have video of that happening also. I asked the dealership to replace the vehicle with another one just like it. We don't want our money back, we like the MKZ style and features. We just want one without problems! It's a lease. We no longer feel this car is reliable to purchase after the lease is up as planned. Of course my salesman kinda blew it off and said he would look into it and talk to us Monday. I also left a message on the general MGR voice mail. I not holding my breathe. I'm sure it's something they never want to do is replace a vehicle.
  8. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    I don't know if it's related but the light in the trunk is not working either.
  9. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    Okay, a new glitch to talk about. It seems the vehicle has decided it's going to turn on and off the recirculating button for the Air Conditioner randomly. She took video of it happening. I told her to start taking video of anything that goes wrong if she can safely do it. I have a funny feeling this vehicle was made on a Friday or Monday!
  10. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    Today 2 new glitches. She could not get the door to unlock by walking up to the vehicle without using the remote. That does not bother me as much as the next problem. I noticed a couple days ago the alarm went off for no reason. I figured I had somehow pushed the button while it was in my pocket. Today the alarm has went off multiple times while my wife had the vehicle. I never mentioned to her the alarm had went off on me the other day since I figured it was accidentally triggered. She is simply irratated beyond belief. We called the shop and I guess they said to drip it off Monday for a couple days. How do you check to duplicate these issues? Do they put hundreds of miles on the vehicle or leave it idling for hours? Neither seems like a good option to me as the Carr owner. She is ready to take it back and insist on another car! I wonder what options we have?
  11. lowfatdog

    Glitches or something much worse...

    Today we noticed the piece of trim (and or the panel) on roof console (at the back) that's holds the panel in place was cracked. We took it over to show them. I don't think he wanted to replace the whole panel (where you can tell it is damaged). They might need to replace the whole panel on top but he is going to see if just the trim piece will fix the problem. They cleaned off some of the paw prints. I told them not to bother since they would need to take the panel off again in a couple days to fix the problem. The guy came out and removed most of the marks on the driver side although he did not see the ones on the other side of the panel. They(the ladies behind the counter) were nice about it and seemed to genuinely try to make sure the wifey was pacified about the paw prints. Another new glitch today. While driving with the air conditioner on (auto), the air conditioner system shut down. The air shut off completely. This happened three times and it seemed to act as if someone was pushing the power button. It seemed to even make the noise as though it was pushed once. I waited until it got extremely warm in the car before turning it back on hoping it was just the auto system had turned it off. That was not the case. The check adaptive lamps light came on while in a drive thru.
  12. Our 2013 MKZ has been in the shop three different times. This is within one month of owning the car! The rubber molding in the sunroof was not installed correctly. (FIXED). We had a error message pop on the screen that stated "check adaptive lights". took it in to the shop and waited over an hour for that one. They found nothing to fix, since then this error message has came back on again but they can't figure out what's wrong. They want us to drive it and diagnose what we are doing when it comes on...are we turning a corner, does the light come on within a couple minutes of starting the vehicle....light out or dark out? Now the most troubling problem. None of the over the head console buttons work. Sunroof, switches and lights. I took it in today. I guess it's a weird problem? The fuse that blew is something new and nobody has this part. It has to be shipped in. They cannot diagnose or fix the problem without this "fuse". When they get the part in they will schedule an apt to bring it back into the shop. The technician left his dirty paw prints all over the interior roof panel (it's a cloth like roof panel). Hopefully this will come out! Needless to say we are not happy with our car!
  13. The mileage on our new 2013 MKZ is pathetic! The first time we filled it up (just left the dealership) it showed we would get about 480 miles on a tank of gas. The next time we filled it up it showed like 360. After it got filled up yesterday it showed like 315 until empty. I know they say wait 2000-3000 miles before checking but the figures normally don't change very much (1 to 2 miles per gallon). They also say to vary the speeds which is being done. Unless something to do with this EcoBoost engine really does get better after break in it will never come close to what is stated on the sticker. The sticker on this car states 33 mpg on highway and 22 mpg city. 26 mpg is supposed to be a combination of both. We have around 700 miles on our vehicle. 500 of which is highway miles and 200 worth is city. The city driving (we do) is not start and stop at every block either. It is averaging 21.3 miles per gallon. That figure is based on our trip meter with the last 500 miles of driving on it. It got filled up yesterday and got reset on the other trip meter. It is averaging 21 mpg after 44 miles most of which is once again highway. IMO there is no way this vehicle will ever get the mileage advertised. I really hope I am wrong!