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  1. You can order drom Discount Tire Direct, same company but they will ship your tires directly to a local installer near you. There is a list of installers, with all prices listed, on their website. You choose an installer and they ship your tires to them directly. The installer will contact you when the tires arrive, and you'll already know what the cost is for mounting and disposal, etc. I've bought tires for my truck and my Fusion through them, great prices both times. You can call them with questions or for advice. Discount Tire Direct .
  2. Yeah, I looked this morning and I did notice that same reflection. Now I need to forget that I ever read this thread, and hope that I won't notice it ever again. This thread blows!...
  3. My windows are tinted, and I never noticed that reflection in the slightest bit. Maybe it's the type or brand of tint that's possibly causing the reflection. Welcome aboard.
  4. fusionff

    2020 front seat removal

    Negative first always. Hopefully your setting will still be there, but they may get lost. I had my battery replaced earlier in the year by the dealer (Warranty), and I don't believe that I lost any presets, not sure on that though.
  5. fusionff

    Cabin Fan Mouse trouble

    The video below will show how to remove & install the blower motor, it's a Fusion but the same basic blower as ours.
  6. fusionff

    2020 front seat removal

    Any seat removal is basically the same, 4 bolts and a wire harness or two. It helps to raise the seat up for easier access to the bolts. Also pulll any associated airbag fuses and remove battery connections, wait a bit before starting to remove any possible airbag deployments.
  7. I wouldn't let that steer me away from that car, being from the North East, that is normal. And it sure is a good looking Z!
  8. fusionff

    Car cover

    I have a Covercraft 'Noah' cover for my car, only using it in the winter when the snow rolls in. It works great, the cover comes off and the car still looks freshly washed. It looks like they replaced that cover model with another name at some point, I don't see it available anymore on their site. I had the same cover on my 07 Fusion, and left it covered for 51 days straight during a rough winter, and when i removed the cover, I only had to go over the car with my California Car Duster.
  9. fusionff

    Rear Differential Fluid

    The Drivers Package was also available on the Black Label trim level with 3.0, so the seat color would not give away if you have that option, if your MKZ is a Black Label MKZ. Congrats on the MKZ purchase, and welcome aboard.
  10. Always go with black all weather mats. I had the gray Weathertech mats in my truck, since the carpets are gray. They always looked dirty, the black mats hide those nasty scuff marks. Sold those gray Weathertech mats as soon as my black Husky Liners arrived.
  11. fusionff

    Out with the Old, In with the New

    Congrats on the '18, and for finding the mirror fold option.
  12. fusionff

    Heated/Cooled seat problems.

    The seats are Ventilated, not cooled, so if you're turning them on right away when your car is hot inside, you'll be blowing hot air through the seats. Wait until the interior cools down a bit before turning the ventilated seat option on. And if you have the seats turn on automatically with the remote start, turn that function off, that only heats up the seat before you sit down.
  13. fusionff

    Another MKZ newb

    Yeah, the power in this thing still amazes me, and so does the banging stereo. It's great that you held out and found exactly what you wanted. Congrats and Welcome Aboard.
  14. Yeah, the quality blows, but check your radio or VIN for this new offer. I created a new account for this, no CC on file. ***** No Credit Card Needed. ****** After 3 months, it just shuts off, of course the emails and mail offers will roll in, but just ignore them as usual. Check HERE.
  15. I had my battery replaced last week while it was at the dealer for a few minor issues, they kinda just put a new battery in for me. It was 3 years and one month old. I didn't grill them on specs, just waited for my car at home and haven't even check it for myself yet. You went in for a battery test, and got a new battery, why get all upset over it?
  16. fusionff

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept.

    I'm a lot of years away from replacing my awesome Lincoln, so this gives me hope of a Lincoln sedan as a possible replacement for my Z. And i sure hope it runs on gasoline, and has more horses than 400.
  17. fusionff

    Mixed blessing

    I'm guessing he said to check the label because you might have 18" wheels, vs his 19" wheels. There's no perfect pressure, that sticker is only their recommendation anyway. I do keep my 19's at 40 psi also.
  18. Off topic..., but you can take music off of an old Ipod. There is a program called Podtrans, which I had to use when my hard drive crashed years ago, works great. You can retrieve a few songs for free each day (Just to see how it works), or pay ($30 IIRC) for the full use and unlimited song retreival.
  19. fusionff

    Pano roof repair issue

    If by 'Astray Door' you mean the forward storage area on the center console, then it most likely can be adjusted. Mine didn't align perfectly after the dealer had it for detailing, and they were able to adjust it back to nornal, which I didn't have much faith in them doing correctly.
  20. You know, I love having a heated steering wheel, but that sounds like way to much work to install it yourself. I wouldn't bother if my car did not have it.
  21. fusionff

    Adjusting tilt wheel

    Yes, the option is in the menu, check your Owners Manual or watch the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm4dw5FfpoQ .
  22. fusionff

    New guy with 2019 MKZ

    Your car looks at home at the beach, and mine is jealous being buried under 15 inches of snow today. Welcome aboard.
  23. fusionff

    No more Oil Life reading on Lincoln Way app

    Android (S20+), and oil life works fine, 18 MKZ.
  24. fusionff

    No more Oil Life reading on Lincoln Way app

    I just updated up the Lincoln App, and the Oil Life remaining is still there. So I guess the update did not wipe it out for you, I'm guessing. Or maybe todays update brought it back. .
  25. fusionff


    You know who you gotta call... ...Lincoln Ghostbusters.