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    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I got the usual 6 months Sirius Select deal for $30, he said he couldn't do the $60 for the year offer. Him: How about 5 months for $35? ------- Me: No. Him: How about 6 months for $35? ------- Me: No. Him: Since you've been such a loyal customer, I can offer you 6 months for $30. Is that good? ------ Me: Yeah, ok.
  2. fusionff

    just had a used MKZ delivered today!

    Congrats, and Welcome Aboard.
  3. fusionff

    Autogeek 25% off sale

    Autogeek is offering 25% off again, this time for St. Patricks Day, use code SHAMROCKS. Only 14 hours left for the discount. Free shipping on orders over $75. Free gift included with orders over $125. Some items are less at Amazon, so check before you click.
  4. fusionff

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I have to call again in a couple of days, hoping for the $60 yearly offer due to calling them less often. I've heard they are offering $99 for three years now, somehow I doubt that will be offered to me though. Anyone heard of this offer?
  5. fusionff

    Rim Corrosion

    Pick up one of these, and have the tire swapped out at a local tire shop or dealer. Or maybe you'll be able to find one cheaper. One Two
  6. fusionff

    2017 MKZ 70k miles with new wheels

    Welcome aboard.
  7. fusionff

    2017 and up grill removal

    I'm almost positive that the bumper cover needs to come off, like 99.7%.
  8. fusionff

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    That's a great video, I plan on installing front & rear cameras in my Z (Possibly the same cameras) when the weather warms up a bit. On another note, I am in possession of your center armrest. Since I'm keeping my car for a long time (Hopefully), the one part that always wears out is that armrest pad. Now I have a BL interior armrest ready for when & if I need it.
  9. fusionff

    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    I saw a Chroma Elite Copper Black Label MKZ with Thoroughbred interior at a dealer back when I was shopping for my car. It did look pretty good sitting all cleaned up, but I really knew that I wouldn't like it as my choice, seeing as how I'm keeping mine for a looooong time. Plus it was a 4 banger, so I wouldn't have taken that one.
  10. fusionff

    Out to dinner

    You parked it all wrong. Next time closer to the curb on the left, and leave more room on the right for the morons door to swing out.
  11. I have the same Gracenote Version as yours, I really don't care about an update that I don't have right now, it's just a bit strange though.
  12. No updates for me either. But I have Navigation Maps Version NA: 1 15, so I'm missing something...
  13. Don't worry about what version the Lincoln Owners site has your car listed as. On the site, when I can get on (Pathetic website ), my car is listed as Version 2.3. I've done two updates since I've owned it (14G381 last that I can remember), and I don't care what the website says anymore. I haven't checked for an update in my car lately, so I'll see tomorrow if 14G423 is available to download, or downloaded already.
  14. fusionff

    Where to mount a Heads Up Display?

    I wouldn't consider that a 'Heads Up' display, and putting that dead center in front of you would just be a distraction. Just an opinion.
  15. fusionff

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    I have no issues with my Michelins, they are fine in the rain. No idea in the snow, I'll cruise right through any snow with my truck, and give my Z some rest .
  16. fusionff

    Automatic settings?

    I always use last settings. When remote starting, the seats turn on level 3, and the steering wheel turns on, no matter what I last had it set at (or off). The meaning of 'Last Settings' seems to be the temperature setting only.
  17. fusionff

    Automatic settings?

    My 18 turns on either heated or ventilated seats and heated steering wheel when using remote start, depending on outside temperature of course. That with either 'Auto' or 'Last Settings' in the menu selected. It doesn't matter whether I shut the seats and steering wheel off when I last shut the car down, because I almost always do. That's the whole point of using remote start, get the engine warmed up, and the seats too. When getting in and pressing the 'Start' button to initially start my car, the seats and steering wheel are not activated. I guess they figure with your a$$ in the seat, you can reach the buttons and do what you want. That's with me shutting it all down when I turned it off last. I'll test with leaving it all on soon... ______________________________________ _____________________________________________ But yeah, in the 'Remote Start' menu, there is an option to activate the seats and steering wheel, or not activate. Below are the menu options for Remote Start, at least in the 17-19 MKZ.
  18. fusionff

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    I was considering a Charger HC for a while there, but I think i made the better decision with an MKZ.
  19. fusionff

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Nice choice on the wheels, and your car is certainly not dirty in those pictures.
  20. fusionff

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Congrats, you'll never get tired of the 3.0 with Drivers Package, I sure haven't yet. Welcome aboard.
  21. fusionff


    Congrats, it looks to be in great shape. Welcome Aboard. My car came directly from the dealer storage lot the morning that I test drove mine. Later after I decided to buy it, I gave them two requirements: Do not put a dealer sticker on my car. Do not put any dealer license plate frame on my car. Ok, there was a third later on, no front plate bracket, even though it's required in my state.
  22. fusionff

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    I can't possibly see any issues starting after 2 1/2 weeks, unless you still have the original battery. Don't worry about a thing.
  23. fusionff

    New Owner!

    Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it. Welcome aboard.
  24. fusionff

    want to put 2017 Conti rims on a 2016 MKZ

    Check out this thread.
  25. fusionff

    2019 Due ?

    Congrats! Your story sounds very similar to mine. I ordered my Rhapsody Blue MKZ earlier this year, which did not get ordered for at least a month by the dealership. The dealer received a Black MKZ just after I had placed my order, with a few more options, and made it available to me for the same price as my ordered car. But having the Black Z is not as bad as I remember, having had a black car in the past, it seemed more of a PITA to keep clean back then. No regrets at all going with Black over Blue, plus it looks great in Black. Enjoy yours.