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  1. fusionff

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    I was considering a Charger HC for a while there, but I think i made the better decision with an MKZ.
  2. fusionff

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Nice choice on the wheels, and your car is certainly not dirty in those pictures.
  3. fusionff

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Congrats, you'll never get tired of the 3.0 with Drivers Package, I sure haven't yet. Welcome aboard.
  4. fusionff


    Congrats, it looks to be in great shape. Welcome Aboard. My car came directly from the dealer storage lot the morning that I test drove mine. Later after I decided to buy it, I gave them two requirements: Do not put a dealer sticker on my car. Do not put any dealer license plate frame on my car. Ok, there was a third later on, no front plate bracket, even though it's required in my state.
  5. fusionff

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    I can't possibly see any issues starting after 2 1/2 weeks, unless you still have the original battery. Don't worry about a thing.
  6. fusionff

    New Owner!

    Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it. Welcome aboard.
  7. fusionff

    want to put 2017 Conti rims on a 2016 MKZ

    Check out this thread.
  8. fusionff

    2019 Due ?

    Congrats! Your story sounds very similar to mine. I ordered my Rhapsody Blue MKZ earlier this year, which did not get ordered for at least a month by the dealership. The dealer received a Black MKZ just after I had placed my order, with a few more options, and made it available to me for the same price as my ordered car. But having the Black Z is not as bad as I remember, having had a black car in the past, it seemed more of a PITA to keep clean back then. No regrets at all going with Black over Blue, plus it looks great in Black. Enjoy yours.
  9. Here is a link to the video, and there is a second one down a bit to check out.
  10. fusionff

    Unable to locate

    I just did the same, all good again.
  11. fusionff

    Unable to locate

    Yeah, there's been issues with the App lately, I couldn't start my car one day, that sucked. But right now my car shows as 'Unable to Locate' too. Everything else is working though.
  12. fusionff

    2014 stalling issues

    Although your MKZ is not on the list, there was a recall, #16S31, which sounds an awful lot like your issue. Fuel Pump Malfunction Leads to Recall of Multiple Ford Vehicles The code should be stored, at least if it wasn't cleared by your family member. But at least you have a code to mention since this issue could be dangerous, and will hopefully be repaired finally.
  13. fusionff


    Best of luck with it, and Welcome Aboard.
  14. fusionff

    Tire Inflator Location

    It should be under the floor in the trunk. At least that is what's stated in your owners manual. Welcome aboard.
  15. I think there is a Climate Controlled Seat Module that controls the seats, located under the seat (I think). But first, I'd check the fuse(s), all wiring connections under the seat, and filter. And is this issue affecting one seat, or all?
  16. This is a heating seat issue I assume? If so, then you have a burnt or broken heating element, which usually occurs in the seat pad. Read this thread, my repair write up is there. https://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/10703-heated-seat-issue/ Edit : Looks like bbf2530 beat me to it. But you don't need a wiring diagram for the repair.
  17. Sorry to hear that you've got an issue already. Hopefully the dealer can figure it out. Keep us updated, not sure if the posters above are still here.
  18. fusionff

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    The best offers are usually 5 months for $25, or 6 months for $30. I've never seen the full year for $60 offer, but I see now that they are coming to their senses and offering the yearly deal at $5 per month. I renewed with the 6 months/$30 deal in September (Select Package), and remember that these are Promotional Deals, meaning don't forget to call them and cancel right before it's about to expire. But you probably already know the deal about cancelling.
  19. fusionff

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    If us Jets fans depended on wins for food, we'd all be wearing skinny jeans. Glad it worked out, maybe if you open it up again you can get it to fit better.
  20. fusionff

    Who'da ever thought???

    It looks like new sitting there in the showroom, best of luck with it. Welcome aboard.
  21. fusionff

    from prius to MKZ

    Congrats on the HUGE upgrade. Welcome aboard.
  22. fusionff

    2019 Due ?

    I have the 20 speaker system, and there are no rattles, thank the lord. I don't have a rear sunshade, since I have the panoramic roof, so maybe that's a source for some rattles.
  23. fusionff

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    Not sure if it's exactly like a 17 Fusion, but the videos below might help, if you haven't seen them yet. Go to 1:29 in the 1st video. The 2nd video shows the interior panel folding down, not sure if our MKZ is the same.
  24. fusionff

    Lincoln Way app down

    My App is fine, never had an issue. Now the owners website, I've been locked out for probably months, I just get the 'Circle of Death' in the center of the screen, and it never signs in. Tried a few browsers with the same result.
  25. fusionff

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    I'm thinking if the heat and cooled functions in both seats quit at the same time, it's more likely to be the seat heater control module, which should be located under the passenger seat. I'm sure that you've checked the fuses and wiring connections first, and if not, start there.