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  1. fusionff

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    I'm thinking if the heat and cooled functions in both seats quit at the same time, it's more likely to be the seat heater control module, which should be located under the passenger seat. I'm sure that you've checked the fuses and wiring connections first, and if not, start there.
  2. fusionff

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    Is this a car that you've had for a while? Or is it new to you? Did this happen to one side first, and then the second side? Most likely it means that the heating element is broken at some point, and it usually occurs in the seat pad element. The seat pad and back pads are connected by a wire in each seat. It happened in my 07 Fusion, drivers side seat bad had a spot where it burnt and the wire had separated. When turning it on, the light stayed on for two seconds, and then went out. This is a common heated seat element failure, in pretty much all makes. I pulled the seat, opened it up and found the burnt spot. I ordered a new seat pad and installed it, and it worked fine again.
  3. Looks good, Welcome Aboard.
  4. You can check if there are any open recalls on your MKZ ---> here.
  5. fusionff

    Metal chrome trim cleaning suggestions

    I've used Turtle Wax Chrome & Metal Polish on exhaust tips and chrome cladded wheels, and it worked great. This a new formula from what I used, but it should work similar. Mothers & Meguiars (and others) make similar cleaners.
  6. fusionff

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    That was a common issue on the Fusions, Zephyrs, and early MKZ. A new interior door handle is what you need, it's pretty simple, and there a a bunch of videos on Youtube to assist you. Most videos show a Fusion, but it should be very similar. You can try this trick for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCt7T5LOf9E One repair video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he2Frs8tcxk
  7. fusionff

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Plug your phone with a USB cord. Android Auto should be available, and Spotify will be available there.
  8. fusionff

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Congrats, and Welcome Aboard.
  9. fusionff

    Proud New Owner of a 2010

    It looks to be in great shape, Congrats and good luck with it. Another tip to treat it well --> Don't forget to park it away from the other cars, even if it's a spot waaaay back from your destination. Welcome Aboard.
  10. fusionff

    2019 Due ?

    I would also strongly recommend AWD, 350hp on the front wheels will get old very soon. Plus Torque Vectoring (Included when choosing the 3.0 AWD) makes for better handling in turns, and quicker response in emergency situations.
  11. fusionff

    What does this do?

    That will turn the Lane Keeping System on/off, which is part of the Technology Package. If you don't have that option, the switch probably does nothing.
  12. fusionff

    New owner of a 2015 hybrid!

    Congrats on the Black Z. Welcome Abaord.
  13. fusionff

    Tuned 3.0 at the drag strip

    Nice, and I never knew that Island Dragway existed in Jersey.
  14. fusionff

    2014 cabin air filter

    Here's another video, I think it's a little better explaining the procedure. He also says it's the same with the 2017 MKZ. Disposable filter is my choice too.
  15. fusionff

    Just purchased 2013

    Congrats, and Welcome Aboard.