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  1. fusionff

    17" Wheels on 2019 MKZ 3.0T AWD?

    Im pretty sure he meant 'Fender Ineterference', meaning don't get a large tire where it will rub the fender, or quarter panel. Also too low of a wheel offset can push out the tire and could cause some rubbing issue on the quarter panel.
  2. fusionff

    New here w a 2017 MKZ Black Label 3.0T AWD

    Congrats on finding one of these bad boys, I'm still smiling after four and a half years with this monster. Welcome aboard.
  3. fusionff

    First time Lincoln owner - Shutdown bargain buy

    Congrats on the purchase, and welcome aboard. I still love driving mine, I'm amazed at the power this great car has.
  4. fusionff

    So my car died. 2015 2L turbo

    A loooong time ago, I helped a woman out with a similar issue. I followed the negative cable from the battery, and it was not connected to anything, it almost seemed like it was cut. I was able to splice the wire and reconnect it where it was initially, and all was good again. It may be worth a shot to check it out.
  5. fusionff

    Should I buy it?

    Not sure if you noticed, but the front right wheel is different from the others, that one wheel is from an earlier year than 2017. You can easily pick a one that matches, but the wheel was most likely damaged pretty bad somehow.
  6. fusionff

    MKZ Seat movement/noise (TSB)

    Another update on the seat issue, my new Lincoln dealer performed the TSB repair on both front seats back in March of 2021, and the movement or clunk feeling is now gone. My previous Lincoln dealer didn't install the parts back on March of 2020, they simply lied to me and said they did. Thankfully they closed down in June 2020 and I now deal with a good Lincoln dealership.
  7. fusionff

    Izzy's Showroom

    That's awesome, congrats and it's well deserved.
  8. fusionff

    My MKZ was crashed into me

    Your friend can't drive stick, and he apparently can't drive an automatic either. Tell him to stick to the bus or Uber. 🚍 Sorry to hear about your situation, I can't offer any advice on the repair. But I hope you get it figured out, good luck.
  9. fusionff

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone has a fun and healthy Holiday!
  10. fusionff

    New Lincoln page

    Same crappy site, keeps kicking me out, just like it always did.
  11. fusionff

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    Congrats, and Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll enjoy it more than the Camaro.
  12. You can order drom Discount Tire Direct, same company but they will ship your tires directly to a local installer near you. There is a list of installers, with all prices listed, on their website. You choose an installer and they ship your tires to them directly. The installer will contact you when the tires arrive, and you'll already know what the cost is for mounting and disposal, etc. I've bought tires for my truck and my Fusion through them, great prices both times. You can call them with questions or for advice. Discount Tire Direct .
  13. Yeah, I looked this morning and I did notice that same reflection. Now I need to forget that I ever read this thread, and hope that I won't notice it ever again. This thread blows!...
  14. My windows are tinted, and I never noticed that reflection in the slightest bit. Maybe it's the type or brand of tint that's possibly causing the reflection. Welcome aboard.
  15. fusionff

    2020 front seat removal

    Negative first always. Hopefully your setting will still be there, but they may get lost. I had my battery replaced earlier in the year by the dealer (Warranty), and I don't believe that I lost any presets, not sure on that though.