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  1. fusionff

    Be Safe out there

    I was seriously thinking of driving my car from NJ to TX for my June trip, my car needs miles on it. Then I came to my senses, and booked a flight. ✈️
  2. fusionff

    Joined the 3.0t MKZ Team

    Very nice, Congrats and Welcome Aboard.
  3. I figured a few of us here can use this, and this works for ANY vehicle, NOT only Ford /Lincoln vehicles. Claim this by June 30th, and you can use it at a later date. My truck is overdue for an oil change, I'll definitely go this month. Pass the info on. Front-line and essential workers can get The Works, , courtesy of FordPass Rewards. The Works* includes a Synthetic Blend Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Vehicle Checkup and more, at participating dealerships and Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center locations. A lot of jobs qualify for this offer, see the details HERE.
  4. These guys are unbelievable, after this large automotive dealership group (All American) bought out my Lincoln dealership (Prestige) 2 years ago, they shut it down today. I got an email a few days ago, so basically a 3 day heads up for their customers. Real nice, so Lincoln of Paramus in NJ is now closed. I'm so glad that I bought my car days before ownership changed. I kinda figured this might happen. Luckily I have a Lincoln dealer that's even closer to me than they were, and not being a Black Label dealer is the only reason that I did not initially go there when buying.
  5. fusionff

    Another MKZ- (2020) replacement

    Congrats, and it's easy to understand sticking with another MKZ, and a well equipped one at that. Best of luck with it.
  6. fusionff

    Center armrest storage

    I saw my package this morning when I got off work, it was delivered sometime yesterday. I did not expect much when ordering this, but it surprised me what a decent piece that it is. Great fit, and thicker plastic than I expected.
  7. fusionff

    Pre-Collision Warning Option

    The easiest way to tell if the car has the Technology Package, is to simply look at the dash. In Picture #1, the two lower buttons along the right side of the display will be present, so that vehicle does have the Technology Package. In Picture #2, those buttons are not there, so that vehicle is not equipped with the Technology Package. #1 #2
  8. fusionff

    Center armrest storage

    That just ain't right, I ordered before you, and mine is still 'In Transit". I guess they are delivering from the south to the north. I'm glad that you approve, I was worried about the quality of this thing.
  9. fusionff

    USB C Port for MKZ

    Didn't we do this thread already? Sync 3 and USB C
  10. Taken from the rear seat, interior.
  11. Cutting into that door panel makes me cringe a little. 😬 The distance from the tweeter to midrange speakers, center to center, is 4 7/8 inches. And here is a picture of the right rear deck speaker, not sure if it helps or not.
  12. fusionff

    Anybody ever seen one of these?

    The red outer lens is 'smashed' off of the left tail light. The other side is normal. don't waste your time going...
  13. Caught the first flyover over the NYC area today, great to see these birds during this crises. I arrived just as they came over the Hudson, just missed some great photos. According to a press release from the Air Force Thunderbirds on Monday, April 27, the first of the series of flyovers on Tuesday, April 28 will include, “Flyovers in Newark, New York City and surrounding boroughs will start at noon (EST) and last approximately 35 minutes. Flyovers in Trenton will start at 1:45 p.m. (EST) and last approximately 10 minutes. Flyovers in Philadelphia will start at 2 p.m. (EST and last approximately 20 minutes.” Click HERE for the announcement routes. Trenton & Philly areas coming up shortly.
  14. fusionff

    Center armrest storage

    If you read the 'See Feedback' from my link, one reviewer said this below. Quick delivery and fit my 2014 mkz perfectly. Great quality too Also, now there are somehow 3 more available. .
  15. fusionff

    Center armrest storage

    ........Well that was certainly fast! I guess shipping 'crap' is more expensive nowadays, my delivery date is: Thu, May 21 - Tue, Jun 16.