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  1. Airflow

    End of the MKZ?

    I hear you. Knock on wood, our Stelvio has been trouble free since taking delivery in the summer. I was really pleased with the quality of my MKZ. It has held up great over three years. The 3.0T engine is still silky smooth and powerful after being tuned and driven sportingly along the way.
  2. Airflow

    End of the MKZ?

    Come with me to Alfa Romeo! We got the Stelvio for the wife last year and love It. I now have a Giulia on order. You can customize from sportier variants to more luxury focused. I loved my MKZ and wanted a Lincoln coupe or at a minimum a refreshed MKZ, but Ford sadly went another direction. The Alfa’s are different from the German competition and have amazing handling without riding rough. The Giulia runs 0-60 in 4.6 seconds! Check it! Lol. On another note, this forum has been great! There are a lot of wonderful people who have been a pleasure to converse with online. I have enjoyed my time here and will miss all.
  3. Airflow

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Congratulations! It was a beautiful car! Let us know what you get next.
  4. They need to put more effort in than this. This isn’t going to sell. What’s the point? To not paint the calipers is silly. And they should have done something with the chrome trim.
  5. Airflow

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    I think from a looks perspective this is a big improvement for the Corvette. It will be interesting to see how it sells. The starting price is rather enticing, however, I am curious what comes with it and how desirable options start to increase the cost. I may check this out next year when my lease is over. But right now I’m really wanting to see the Mach E.
  6. Beautiful! What springs did you use? Any performance mods?
  7. Monochromatic Package is interesting to see. Are they blacking out all of the chrome trim or is it just painting the grill the same color as the rest of the car? I am excited to see a new wheel design.
  8. Airflow

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Looks perfect. The spacers moved the wheels out just enough to fill the fenders fully without looking like things are sticking out past the sheet metal. I like how it still has a little space between the top of the tires and the wheel well. Nice work!
  9. It is beautiful inside and out. Youthful with with a nice confidence to it. I really like it. But 280hp is not enough for me. Drop the 3.0L in with rear biased all wheel drive and aggressive body and wheel changes and I’m a buyer. One can wish.
  10. Airflow

    What’s your next car?

    Uh oh. The MKC order bank closed?! My wife’s MKX goes back in June and we need to decide on what’s next. I hope we can find something with the colors and options that she likes from dealer stock.
  11. Airflow

    Lincoln to Debut All-New Corsair at New York International Auto Show

    The CT5 looks okay from the front, but goes all wrong towards the rear with that odd kink in the window trim. I hear what you are saying about a rival though. Let’s see if Lincoln surprise counters in NY.
  12. Airflow

    Lincoln to Debut All-New Corsair at New York International Auto Show

    I like the Corsair name too. Imagine that size vehicle with the 450 hp GT powertrain! That would be a missile.
  13. Airflow

    Lincoln to Debut All-New Corsair at New York International Auto Show

    That’s what I have read as well, but with the 2020 MKZ in theory to be released this year they need to announce a plan to continue as is, refresh it, or scrap it soon. Hopefully that is discussed in New York as well.
  14. Airflow

    Lincoln to Debut All-New Corsair at New York International Auto Show

    I have been waiting for this announcement. I just wonder if this is a replacement for the MKC alone or also for the MKZ.
  15. I tried searching, but don’t seem to see it; what is the exhaust tubing diameter of the 3.0T specifically from the cats back?