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  1. ajschicago

    9/28/19. New SYNC 3 update available.

    I attempted to update via USB flash drive, and I removed the drive just after I received the "Update Complete" message. Based on what I've read in this forum, specifically from bbf2530, it seems I removed the drive before the download was actually complete. I assume this as I continue to receive the popup message, see attached, every time I start the car. I'm going to attempt again once I have an hour or more driving planned. Can anyone confirm that once the update takes place this popup will go away? Very annoying. 2019 Reserve 2.0, fwd.
  2. ajschicago

    3.0T turbo?

    @MKZMark From your last post, can I assume all post-2017 2.0 MKZ's are the twin-scroll 2.0's? I've seen some conflicting info about the use of this engine into the MKZ lineup. I know the twin-scroll version was originally launched in 2015 but with Ford, not Lincoln. Thanks for the cool pic, btw.
  3. ajschicago

    Automatic settings?

    I'm with Chris109 with this, my '19 does the same with the driver seat & wheel after you pushed the start button, but my '16 did not. I don't want them to stay on after I push the button, but I do like them to come on during the remote start. So, in this regard I'm with Fusionff on this feature. So, that said, if I change it to Last Settings will the seats/wheel default to where they were set when the car was last shut off? As an aside, even during a Chicago winter I cannot keep the seats on past level 1. Level 3 is WAY too hot!
  4. ajschicago

    2019 v. 2016

    In December I took possession of my 2nd MKZ, a 2019 FWD 2.0 Reserve in Ceramic Pearl, taking the place of a 2016 AWD 2.0 Reserve. As my lease end date was approaching, I wanted to take advantage of existing stock & end of year deals so I didn't get *exactly* what I wanted but pretty close. The biggest omission from the option list (and one I'm already feeling) is the AWD. Had I had more time behind the wheel in the FWD version before I signed the lease, I likely would have made a different choice. But I regress.... I'm very pleasantly surprised by how much quieter and how much smoother the ride is in the 2019. I wondered if there are any others here who have moved up a few model years like me and noticed this fairly pronouced difference. It's hard to succinctly quantify, but it's immediatly noticeable on nearly all road surfaces. I couldn't find any info suggesting there were substantial improvements in suspension or sound insulation between '16 - '19 so maybe someone here has some insight. I will say I don't care for the design of the updated climate control. Too fussy, but it works. The rest of the car feels great. Glad to still be part of the family, the Z has the features & style at a better price point then the competition so it wasn't hard to say yes to another one.
  5. ajschicago

    Musty A/C smell

    Very timely post....Just noticed this happening with my '16. I've only had the A/C on twice so I was hoping that as I used it more with the warmer temps it would go away. It doesn't seem to last long, only a minute or two. I'll try the blower trick next time I drive it. Thanks for the tips!
  6. ajschicago

    2017 AWD Snow Performance

    Interestingly, I was going to create a similar post to this albeit with a much different tone. I have a 2016 AWD 2.0 with the stock Michelin tires (245/40R 94V) and my experience in a recent snowfall was very different. There was a light cover of snow on the expressway with minor icing and and the lack of traction and overall control was alarming. Other cars of all types were passing me as I couldn't exceed 40 - 45 mph without the car fishtailing and sliding even on a straight stretch of road. It was worse then driving a RWD only vehicle. Any application of the gas and the rear end would break free and sway with no evidence of traction control working. Needless to say, I got off the expressway ASAP. Had it not been for the other vehicles clearly not struggling, I would have just written this off as just bad conditions. I am concerned and irritated by this, as I really had hoped AWD would prove itself in bad weather. Is this a known issue with these Michelin tires? A problem with the AWD system and if so, how would you troubleshoot this without replicating the conditions? Im due for a 15K check up at the dealer & I will certainly bring it up however any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.
  7. ajschicago

    Oil Consumption

    @brucelinc Yes, it sat for over 24 hours before I checked it and took that picture. I'm picking it up shortly & will check the oil again before I drive it tomorrow to test that theory. I didn't check it immediately after the March oil change, so that's a fair assumption it wasn't topped off completely.
  8. The dealership completed my first oil change on my 2016 at just under 9000K miles in mid-March. I checked the oil last week at about 10,800 miles and was surprised how low it was, see the picture for reference. I was also a bit surprised how dark it was as well. Even before the oil change it was never this low or this dark. Took it to the dealer and not surprisingly, I was told this is normal. (I'm already skeptical of the dealership for other reasons) This seems a bit off to me and the last two cars I owned (one of which was an Ecoboost Ford) never went thru oil this fast. In fact, I've never owned a car in 25+ years that burned thru a quart of oil in 1800 miles. I have the 2.0 engine and it runs fine, no smoke or burning smell and no drips on the garage floor, so i'm stumped. Anyone else have a similar experience or words of wisdom on this?
  9. The rear speakers in my 2016 w/ the THX system are almost inaudible when you have the fade settings set to "0" or the mid-point on the adjustment screen. Since it was only recently I ever sat in the back when the radio was on, I have no idea if this is how it has always been since I took possession a year ago. You can manually set the fade to where you hear them when listening at a normal volume, so it doesnt appear to be bad speakers. Further, I brought the car into my local dealer for unrelated small issue that turned out to be a fuse. I asked them to look at the speaker issue as well and the dealer explanation was inconclusive. The new service manager didn't have the info on hand when I was picking up the car (after 5 days) and was clearly a non-technical person. She told me they were going to order a new "radio" (her words, !!!) and call me when it came in. That was over 2 weeks ago, haven't heard a thing. Since it took them 4 days to find a blown fuse and come up with this non-diagnosis, I'm really not looking forward to taking it back for something so minor. Overall, this service department has been a real disappointment. That said, has anyone else noticed this in their MKZ? Could it just be how the balance/fade is programmed? Thanks.
  10. ajschicago

    Use of bike carrier/rack

    Does anyone have experience with using a rear-mounted bike rack (see attached) on their 2013 or later MKZ? I'm concerned that the black plastic or composite material on the upper third of the trunk-lid will get cracked due to weight and/or scratched by the clips used to attach the top portion of the rack. The one photographed is listed as a match for the make & model, but In my mind I need a little more assurance. I don't have a trailer hitch, and would prefer not to install one just to carry around my bike. My car has the pano roof so top mount racks are out of the question. Any info is appreciated!
  11. My 2016 has all the options mentioned except the Driver Package, the Technology Package and the V6. The Pano is really nice even when you don't have it open. The interior has very spacious and unique feel, especially for people riding in the back seat. It's one of the first thing people comment on once they get inside. If you live in a cold climate, I would absolutely get the Climate Package. I use the heated seats and steering wheel daily from about October to March. Same goes for AWD, highly recommended if you live in climate where ice/snow is typical. As for the Drivers Package and V6, I find the 2.0 combined with the AWD is fine for me, the car is very smooth, quiet and handles so much better then I even expected during daily driving and the Drivers Package just seems a bit overkill for the price IMO. If I had to cut anything from the option sheet to save some $$$, I would omit the multi-countour seats. I like them, but rarely really use them.
  12. ajschicago

    2016 MKZ

    Thought I would add these, I don't see any other with this color/wheel combo. It's my personal favorite and I had to have it.
  13. Just chatted with Lincoln Concierge and they said if oil, air pressure, fuel or battery levels are outside of normal we will get an alert via the app. Others alerts may be added in the future. I agree, I liked having that info on demand. Oh well.
  14. I've read that Ford substantially changed the design of the 2.0 EcoBoost for model year 2015 Ford Edge. The new design featured a twin-scroll turbo configuration and the manufacturing moved back to the U.S. I've read some conflicting info online about if this new engine was used in 2015 & newer MKZ's or if the all MKZ's 2.0 use the same design since 2013. I think it would be odd for a manufacturer to produce two different engines of the same displacement and very similar power output. I have the 2016 2.0 AWD and it's been great so far.
  15. ajschicago

    Interior rattling - Dealer Service?

    Good news, the dealer was able to locate the noise after some crafty troubleshooting and it was as simple as a dry rubber trunk seal. They put some grease on it and the noise is gone. I would have preferred they just replaced the seal, but the noise is gone & I have a record if it ever comes back. Apparently it took some time & effort to find the cause, so my impression of dealer service is better now then it was in the past.