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  1. drolds1, Thanks for your reply. Yeah, my head was spinning also. Three days later, I'm still laughing to myself every time I think about it. I don't understand what rationale that sales guy had, if any. Earlier I said it was the weirdest car buying experience I had in a while-but I've been buying/leasing used and new cars from new car dealerships for more than 30 years, everything from new BMWs to used Plymouths, and upon further review I have never had an experience anywhere near as weird/disturbing as that one. In fact, almost all the experiences I've had were good to excellent, whether i ended up buying or not. I am in Upstate New York. I believe you generally don't get quite as good a deal here as you can get in places like So. Califonia, Dallas-Fort Worth, or New Jersey, where the sales volume per dealership is generally higher, and there is more competition. Still, it's obviously nowhere near as bad as what that guy was trying to pawn. I like your X-Plan idea. Mustang Club is probably out for me as 60 days is too long for me to wait at this point. But I went to that Experimental Airplane Association website you linked to and looked at their X-Plan member benefit page and didn't see any reference to a waiting period. Do you know if that is in fact the case? If there isn't a waiting period (or if it isn't very long), then yeah I'll join up and take advantage of that. It would certainly be 40 bucks well spent. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. bbf2530, What you're saying is true and I understand you're not defending him....but at that point I decided his offer was so outrageous, I would just answer his question without getting into the details. Basically...that offer was so high it seemed very unlikely to me to be able to negotiate it down to a more reasonable figure. I mean...my current lease they came in a bit high roughly 100/month more for their first offer-so yeah, I negotiated the cap cost down over a half an hour or so-but from this Lincoln guy's reaction I didn't get a cue that was even an option, or else it was going to be a knock down drag out marathon, and I don't have the patience for that anymore. Also, I doubt he thought I didn't know how leasing works, since I had discussed some details of my current lease with him, and I made sure he knew I understood the importance of credit rating to getting the best interest rate. I also discussed the details of what my "money down" was to cover, so he knew I was acquainted with the concepts such as acquisition fee and cap cost reduction. If he thought I was a dummy, he is probably not very smart, himself. And to be jacking up the interest rate by more than 3 points on top of offering no discount other than the factory lease discount-that just tells me that the guy wasn't serious about doing business with someone who is even half-informed. So I'll let him wait for the next dummy to come along. Though they'll have to be really dumb to go for that. I gave the locals their shot, due to their small inventory they weren't my first choice anyway, but I thought I'd be a nice guy-now it's time to move on. I've only bought or leased one out of my last five cars in this town. Looks like it'll be one out of six, soon.
  3. OK. There may be something to that, but even by those standards the lease price he quoted to me was beyond ridiculous. At first I had assumed it was a very highball starting point for a round of negotiation. But his silence and response after my counter-offer led me to believe he was serious. Which was sad. Furthermore, I ran his numbers through a lease calculator using the residual and money factor figures for the MKZ I gleaned from Edmunds. Supposedly, I was getting the $2500 lease incentive from Lincoln, with no other discounts off of MSRP (and quite frankly, that sucks). But even using that horrible cap cost, the lease figure I calculated came out $95 a month cheaper than his quote-which means he was also not giving me the Tier I interest rate (despite the fact that I stressed to him that I checked my Experian this morning and it was well above 800.) So either he was ripping me off, or in effect, calling me a liar-either one makes me not want to do business with him.
  4. OK. So I actually rented a 2018 MKZ last week, just to take an extended test drive and make sure I like this car. For the most part, I liked it a lot. So I just got back from my local dealer. After some preliminaries we got down to business. I explained I was interested in a Reserve II AWD, interior: Cappucino, Exterior: flexible. Nothing on the lot, we'll do a search. Came back with one. MSRP: about $47.6 K-Him:"you interested?" Me: "Yeah". Him :"Want me to run numbers?" Me: "Yes, please". Comes back with $720/month, $1500 down. Me: "More than I was expecting to pay." Him: "Really?!? How much were you expecting?" Thinking this was possibly an opening to negotiation, I come back with: "more like $500/month". Him: (stunned look) "Oh no...not at Lincoln, man". Me: (after a pause to hear if he had anything else to say), "Well, I guess I was aiming for the wrong car then. OK, thanks. Take care". Walked out, fast. I mean, come on...... Haven't had a buying experience like that in a long time. Off to a more distant dealer.
  5. Thanks longislander. Your lease was a couple of years ago, but it is useful info-and again, your lease is in line with what I suspect a 2019 at 47K or so would lease for. That is helpful. And yes I agree-a 400 HP turbo V-6 is tempting. They sticker a bit higher now, though. About 51K minimum, I think, since the configurations are different for 2019. You did well.
  6. bbf2530: First off-thank you for your reply. Yeah, I had basically gathered from reading this board both this year, and in the past, that buying rather than leasing seemed to be more popular with the posters on this board. And a relatively large number of those seem to special order (such as yourself). Which is a good way to go-but I've never been decisive enough to order a car. Not yet, anyway. And I agree my question was a bit generalized, which probably was not one of my better ideas. I guess I figured coming right out and asking if anyone wanted to tell me what they paid seemed a bit ....gauche. But your reply is very helpful, because yes, I am familiar with the money factor and residual figures that should be available to me if I lease an MKZ, but finding good figures for acquisition costs is more difficult. I gather what I can from TrueCar, KBB, etc, as well as looking at the websites of dealers who advertise their discounts up front. But that is an incomplete picture. But having a real person let me know what they paid is very helpful (and in this case, you pretty much confirmed what I expected). From what I have gathered, the discounts on the 2019's (including incentives) are in the ballpark of what you reported for your 2018. I've only got two weeks left on my current Acura lease, and I definitely like the MKZ overall better than my Acura. My only other contender is Infiniti Q50, but I think I like the MKZ a bit better. I will probably hit my local Lincoln dealer first, but they don't have anything on the lot that interests me, so I'll see what they say about bringing a car in-if I like their deal I will take it-if not my next nearest dealer is about 50 miles away-and there are quite a few within 100 miles or so-and I'm willing to travel-I've only bought or leased one out of my last five cars in this burg. Probably will go for a 2.0 T Reserve II AWD. May try to stretch to a V6. I'll see how it goes. Thanks again, bbf2530.
  7. So.....no one has leased an MKZ recently?
  8. So how do these cars lease? I know the residual and money factor figures. But how much in your experience do dealers discount these cars? Test drove one and (still) like it. But the last time I was lease shopping (2016) IMHO the lease deals were not too competitive vs. comparable cars (Acura TLX, Infiniti Q50, Hyundai Genesis, Audi A4). But the refreshed MKZ had been just starting to hit the lots back then. Anybody here have any leasing experiences recently? Thanks.
  9. DrakeR

    Multi-Contour Seats Question

    Never mind. I just looked at the 2017 MKZ owners manual online-even though these MKX multi-contour seats in the video look identical to the seats in the MKZ-I see they have different controls, so you are correct. Thanks.
  10. DrakeR

    Multi-Contour Seats Question

    These aren't the same seats as in the MKZ?
  11. DrakeR

    Multi-Contour Seats Question

    Well, since you own one, I expect that you're right.. The video I saw uses the headrest button to move the headrest up and down, then when you move the same button sideways it looks like it moves the whole upper part of the seat forward-but it is difficult to tell in the video whether it is just moving the headrest, or the whole top of the seat. Probably an optical illusion on my part, it is probably just moving the headrest, Thanks.
  12. DrakeR

    Cooled Seats

    That's pretty impressive for the MKZ. Most cars in this price range have "ventilated" seats not actual cooled seats, if they have anything at all.
  13. Hello. I've been considering leasing a 2017 MKZ. One of the available options that interests me are the multi-contour seats. I test drove a 2016 last year that had the seats, but I neglected to really mess around with them as much as I should have to test them out. Now the dealer nearest me doesn't have any in stock with the multi-contour seats. One thing I was wondering about....I watched a Lincoln video about the multi-contour seats on Youtube. In the video, it looked as though the upper part of the seat back is articulated and able to move. Can the upper part of the seat back alone be reclined backwards, or can it only be tilted forward,from the upright position? Also. do the multi-contour seats add any additional movement capability to the headrest? Thanks.