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  1. newlinux

    Anyone do 20" Rims on 2017 MKZ

    I stayed with 19s and am fine with that. Comfort is good. Look is good too with my custom wheels.
  2. newlinux

    Lincoln Way app stopped working...

    Just an update after months... Took it to dealer. They decided to replace the TCU and then everything worked again for a while. Winter is here so I went to use remote start --- and nothing. App has stopped working again. Modem number is blank again. Guess another appointment with the dealer. All fixes seem to be temporary.
  3. newlinux

    Lincoln MKZ Favorite Color?

    Chroma Carbernet Red Premium Metallic. I bought it for it's uniqueness and the detail. Even partially painted to wheels to subtly match the color.
  4. newlinux

    Ceramic Coating

    I had Ceramic Pro done to my car. It is amazing. I just got the car back, I'll post pictures when I get time to take them... The car feels different, and looks shinier. I'm very happy with the results. Should be a so much easier to keep clean and looking great.
  5. newlinux

    Lincoln Way app stopped working...

    Well, this stopped working for me again.... Time to contact the dealer
  6. newlinux

    Sync - buggy

    I think only once have ever had connectivity problems and I plug my phone in almost everytime (Android phone, however). That time I just had to wait little longer and then it worked. I use sync and Android Auto, but mostly Android Auto. I usually plug the phone in before starting the car...
  7. newlinux


    I think I've seen maybe 3 total on the road since I started driving mine at the beginning of this year. Still not very popular around here, but the Lincoln dealerships are small (the 2 within 30 miles of me are both ford dealerships with small Lincoln sections). But I see dozens of ford fusions weekly :)
  8. newlinux

    Dark-painted wheels now standard on Reserve?

    Yes looks darker. I can't exactly tell the color - maybe close to gunmetal? Progress to even have that as an option. I'm not fond of most of their wheels and changed mine to black/matching car color wheels.
  9. newlinux

    Wishlist for next MKZ

    Tops for me would be (not necessarily in order): Heads up display 360 degree camera Improved transmission (8 or 9 speed) Better wheel selection Ventilated back seat option Better app (ability to see more info about car, ability to control more things) Wireless charging Camera Rear view Mirror like on many of cadillacs (especially useful win panoramic sunroof is open) All this is icing though... Love the car.
  10. Is this all the colors, even for a black label? If so it looks like my Chroma cabernet red metallic exterior and vineyard interior are gone...
  11. newlinux

    Updates to my MKZ

    I don't like everything all blacked out either... So I understand that. If I had gotten the black one, I definitely wouldn't darken the tail light. The red looks sweet on the black, IMHO. I do like to always tint my windows, but that is partly for functional reasons, not just looks. Thanks for the input guys. I'll add that to the list of enhancements.
  12. newlinux

    Updates to my MKZ

    Thanks. What do you guys think about tinting the tail light? I go back and forth with whether or not it would look better on my car. I wouldn't go all the black, I'd keep it legal. Other than that, my only other plan for the car is a ceramic coating sometime in the next few months.
  13. newlinux

    Updates to my MKZ

    Well, I'm 5 months in and still loving the car. My primary aesthetic complaint was the stock wheels. I now have found and installed new wheels. And I also tinted the windows. Wheels are 19" Niche Misanos, with the barrel custom painted to match the car (it is subtle, but looks better in real life than in pics, especially with the car moving).
  14. newlinux

    Lincoln Way app stopped working...

    Dealer reset the TCU and all works now. Thanks.