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  1. RAB

    All Season Floor Mats

    I don't know how much the 2019 floorpan differs from the 2014, but I went with the Weathertech mats for the first winter in my 2014, and in the spring I had to do a lot of carpet cleaning, mostly around the gas pedal and dead pedal. Since then I've been using the Husky liners and I'm happy with the fit and coverage. When I compared pictures online before buying, the Husky liners seemed to have better coverage than the Weathertech liners. I hadn't seen the MAXpider liners before, and they do look nice. From the picture they seem to have better coverage than the Huskys around the dead pedal and under the brake pedal, but a little less coverage around the gas pedal.
  2. RAB

    Intelligent Access? (not really...)

    I avoid the horn honks by not completely closing the driver's door, but instead slowly closing it and stopping just before it latches. I imagine a very strong gust of wind could blow the door open, but I haven't had any problems. Another thing that usually works, if you'll be staying close to the car like when helping a passenger exit or grabbing something from the trunk, is holding the keyfob up to the pillar behind the driver's door (by the keyless entry) while closing the door. But then if you step too far away from the car you'll get the honks.
  3. RAB

    Economy meter maxed out all the time

    The fuel economy gauge (below the trip odometers in the menu) should have a horizontal line showing the average fuel economy, and a vertical bar graph that constantly moves up and down showing your instant fuel economy. The TSB solves the problem if that vertical instant economy bar disappears.
  4. RAB

    Economy meter maxed out all the time

    The first time I reported that problem with my 2014 MKZ to my dealer I told them, "I think there is a TSB about that." They "reset the gauge" with the "OK" button on the steering wheel which, of course, didn't fix it. My next maintenance visit I reported the problem again and gave the service rep a piece of paper with "TSB 14-0116 Fuel Economy Gauge/Bar Stuck" written on it. She didn't type that in the service order, but she did attach my note to the order. The tech performed the TSB and my gauge has been fine ever since. My car was still under warranty at the time, so I don't know if or what they would have charged to apply the TSB otherwise. My notes say TSB 14-0116, which I got from Alldatadiy, not 14-0016 as droids mentioned. I don't know which of us has a typo.
  5. RAB

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    I'm in the process of having the panels replaced on my 2014 with panoramic roof (assuming we're talking about the same panels, 1 on each side of the rear window, and 1 above the front windshield). I thought I might like the matte black look of the panels on my Tuxedo Black MKZ once all the "coating" peeled off, but they didn't look good at all. I took it to the dealer during the last week of my factory warranty, and it's covered and they ordered the new panels. The extended CPO warranty wouldn't have covered it since interior and exterior trim, moldings, etc. are excluded. Unfortunately, the new front panel arrived cracked and they're still waiting on a replacement, but they replaced both back panels and they look beautiful.
  6. I recently bought the new A9 card from the eBay seller that KenZ mentions above, and it works well. It came in a plastic SD card holder, not in the cardboard sleeve that lincoln.navigation.com shows, but I didn't need instructions and I saved $48. I was using the A4 card that came with my 2014 MKZ, so I figured it was time for an update. On the Friday before the card arrived, I went to a restaurant I had never been to that was about 20 miles away. The restaurant didn't exist as a POI in the A4, so I had to enter the address. When the A9 card arrived the next day, I inserted it then searched for that restaurant and it appeared as a POI, so it was nice to get some instant gratification!
  7. I also get good reception with the Stubby. Before installing the Stubby last summer, I took note of the reception of all my AM and FM presets at various locations with the factory antenna, and there is no noticable difference after installing the Stubby. I've since noticed that one distant FM station has poor reception during bad winter storms, but I'm not sure whether that's due to the Stubby.
  8. RAB

    2016 MKZ Windows found open

    The panic alarm going off when I exit the car is the problem I have. When the car was new to me I even complained to the dealer while in for routine maintenance and they couldn't find any problem. It took a while before I realized that it mostly happens on weekends when I'm wearing jeans (tighter pockets), and the panic button was getting pushed when I got out of the car. I try to be careful about it, but I was excited to see in the FORscan/OBDLink Mods thread that the "Panic Alarm Setting for Key Fob" can be set to "Two Consecutive Press Activation" and I have a note to ask the dealer to do that the next time I'm there. Hopefully they'll just do it and not claim ignorance. I do like the case idea, but I'm in a nasty winter weather area, so I use remote start fairly often this time of year.
  9. RAB

    Lane Keeping System dead

    I like that it's so easy to turn it on and off, since I run into situations where I don't want to argue with it to stay where I need to be on the road. Stretches of construction where it's necessary to drive a couple feet left of the white line, snow covered roads where traffic is "making it's own lanes" but every now and then the lane markings become visible, and the occasional road that is in such bad shape that driving left of the lane marking is necessary to avoid all the potholes near the curb are all situations where I like being able to quickly turn it off with the flick of a finger.