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  1. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Precise reason why I chose this dual camera: The powered rear sunshade will have enough clearance to function. A itty bit may rub against the camera as the shade goes up, but does not interrupt function or get stuck when retracting down. Rear camera unit records in 1080p as well. You can have the shade up while the camera still sees everything just fine. I have taken my vehicle surveillance to the next level: Razo d'Action 360 Camera! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07M8P8Q2Y?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Pricy for sure, but I really like this unit. I still use the Aukey DR02 since those cameras are good for showing vehicles in distance. But the Razo 360 camera comes into play for side views and potentially defense against car vandals. It's fun to use for other things beyond just dash/parking surveillance. The 4k resolution is really nice too.
  2. https://www.motor1.com/news/345257/lincoln-zephyr-return-rumor/amp/ https://leftlanenews.com/lincoln/lincoln-mkz-successor-to-resurrect-zephyr-name-get-rwd/ https://carbuzz.com/news/is-the-lincoln-zephyr-sedan-making-a-comeback https://www.caranddriver.com/news/amp27180235/lincoln-zephyr-mkz-sedan-future/ https://www.autoevolution.com/news/lincoln-mkz-could-be-replaced-with-all-new-zephyr-rwd-sedan-133854.html These all have appeared around Corsair's debut. My initial take is MKZ will evolve into the Mustang's equivalent in time. The current S550 will stick around longer, but that will be so Lincoln can pioneer a CD6 coupe that will be one step ahead of the Mustang. What helps Lincoln stay exciting are the new advancements that keep it ahead of Ford cousins. Combined with more invested interior and passenger involvement, to justify that luxury premium feel of spending more. Engine Choices: 3.0T will be a given. I would absolutely love to have a 5.0L Coyote Grand Touring Hybrid for the top tier performance choice. That motor is under works for future Mustang but might have a surprise show up in a vehicle like this first. If destined for creation, such a vehicle will come 2020 - 2021 (with solid information coming as 2019 begins to end). Here's hoping! I'll definitely hold off caving to the Aviator in order to return back in a heavily evolved MKZ.
  3. There it is...the Corsair appears. Website information that is. Actual reveal will be in about 9 hours from now. Lincoln did good justice inside and out for this segment. This is a very nice vehicle.
  4. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    ACC allows for larger gaps between vehicles than what most drivers are used to. Even at the smallest distance setting, it allows for what the system is programmed to consider a safe distance. Faster you go, the larger the gap between vehicles. Quite the amount of drivers ride too close depending on speed, especially if they do not use ACC. I'll admit the one thing to beware with ACC is the gap may invite poor drivers to literally cut in front of you if traffic starts to tighten up. In my MKZ, I would turn off ACC as some drivers will lane change abruptly due to the distance gap, and upset the cruise with sudden brakes. I would drive "close enough" to a vehicle in front, of mine, just to deter abrupt lane changes. So once traffic is getting heavier, I usually drop the ACC. On a side note, the latest ACC on the Aviator is able to adjust based on Speed Limits signs. I actually will like that feature at times. Want to see if it will allow for a grace speed limit factor. ...and now, two more days till New York Auto Show presses should spill the beans on remaining vehicles. Though Ford leaked the arrival of the HP 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang.
  5. Zalvern


    That is not too bad on price to fix. Heard of horror stories of damage being in the thousands. Glad you got that sucker. Once these critters become pests, I have no mercy on eliminating them (I have dealt with squirrel in the attic before).
  6. Zalvern

    Lincoln Continental FMIC

    It's great you're still making offerings for these vehicles!👍
  7. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    If you're thinking about the Corsair, ordering should open week of May 13th. Then vehicles should start arriving in August 2019. 2020 vehicles will be out before the actual 2020 year rolls over (I got my 2017 MKZ actually in July 2016). Here is a buildout sheet: http://www.bblfleet.com/fleetdocs/ford_buildout.pdf Edit: while it says "MKC", that will also reflect the Corsair as the following model.
  8. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I've seen a Fusion Sport axle back, but if one was to improve the exhaust: I would just drop the suit case resonator and muffler for a "Hi flow H-Pipe Resonator" and then into true dual exhaust mufflers. An increase of quarter inch piping diameter all around from stock (I think is 2.5, so increase to 2.75). Have to go custom with a shop regardless, if seeking a complete exhaust upgrade. Of course this would have to be fabricated all custom, combined with darkstar's catted downpipes (you might as well go full turbo-back for best performance). The 3.0 should (in theory) have a deeper tone compared to the 2.7L in this case. Though I would recheck to see if the firing order is the same between the two.
  9. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Ah ha yeah, definitely a shaky camera warning should be applied. Actually he bought these from low mileage salvage vehicles. There is another video in his channel showing them. Definitely explains why this motor is capable of more power, and intentionally bottlenecked for fuel economy. Once the airflow goes up though, fuel usage increases. Thus fuel economy drops faster compared to the 2.7L but the power gap widens...but hey, gotta pay somewhere to play. Tsk this definitely means catted downpipes are a nice power upgrade.
  10. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    I'm now becoming allured by the Aviator, which is a first ever in regards to SUVs. My Black Label dealer has been in touch and would like me to come out and try out their demo unit that is to arrive around April 25th. I don't think it'll be a Grand Touring (later release in the year and ordering banks isn't open for it) but would let me get a chance to see the new 3.0 layout in longitudinal form. My hope is the 3.0 Engine (with the hybrid) in the Aviator has PFDI technology and if so...I just may put down a deposit depending on MKZ and Continental information for 2020.
  11. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Good to know you got it, and helpful to share what change ups worked best for you. Interesting video I came across when browsing Youtube: Someone who finally dissected the turbocharger between the 3.0 MKZ and 2.7 Fusion Sport. The many small factors like this is what adds up to higher performance between the two.
  12. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-ford-edge-auto-transmission-m14-x-119-bolt-w715622s439/?c=Zz1lbmdpbmUmcz1lbmdpbmUtYW5kLXRyYW5zLW1vdW50aW5nJmk9TVMxNTI3MDUmcj0xOCZhPWxpbmNvbG4mbz1ta3omeT0yMDE4JnQ9cmVzZXJ2ZSZlPTMtMGwtdjYtZ2Fz That should be the behemoth bolt right there. https://www.tascaparts.com/auto-parts/2018/lincoln/mkz/reserve-trim/3-0l-v6-gas-engine/engine-cat/engine-and-trans-mounting-scat Is the page with all mount hardware.
  13. Zalvern

    Lincoln to Debut All-New Corsair at New York International Auto Show

    😄 The Plebs' Corsair is revealed: Well...It looks more aerodynamically friendly to drive? I mean nice to see the box look gone. Definitely give Ford credit for the space improvement. But main dislike: Well the front, it's got this goofy grin I cannot unsee. Not to mention I can see people calling this thing "cute" now that I look at it more. I know my mother and/or sister would probably like it (Meaning nope, not for me). Nice features though, as I'm surprised it got a HUD option. This excites me for the Corsair reveal though, to hopefully nail it like the Aviator did all around but on this platform size level.
  14. Zalvern

    How do I update the map?

    Looks like the latest is now A10 cards: https://www.amazon.com/Ford-Lincoln-Navigation-Canada-Updates/dp/B07NPD6TB7 One of the sellers is at about $50 which seems good considering it just came out not too long ago. Best to upgrade every 2-3 and stretch it out.
  15. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I did not have mine fitting like some OEM finish either. I mostly just trimmed down the inlet side so the box would sit securely between the body frame air inlet and massive D4900 battery I had at the time. The box did cave a little inwards at the small curve but I was after function over form anyway. Well...I definitely had it snug since my accident that box, nor the battery go anywhere. Now I was able to make the brackets fit, but again twisted and forced the curve a bit more into place. Steps i did was: 1. Remove upper flexible intake hose (it's a two piece design) and attach it firmly to air box. 2. Pre-screw the two brackets on the air box to the chassis frame with box. This is the only way you'll utilize the brackets and force an otherwise oversized CAI to fit. 3. Tug and tighten the lower intake hose to the air box. 4. Wrestle in the air box till it felt really secure against the battery on the back half. If it just wont go in, I would take it out and slightly trim down the inlet mouth with a sanding dremel bit, then repeat attempt. I ignored that Steeda positioning screw cause being sandwiched in made it more than enough secure. Dont forget to make clearance for the hood strut by cutting a groove for it. I also still kept the gasket trim in place too to maximize the sealing against the hood. 5. Once the box was in, I tugged and tighten the upper flexible intake hose (already attached to the CAI) onto the plastic intake pipe. An 8mm socket can remove the screw so the pipe flexes around while staying on the turbo inlet. This can help with positioning. Box will be slightly twisted in at the small curve, but doesn't restrict air or anything. Actually might of been beneficial in creating a ram effect with air, as with some DEI thermal padding on the box's inside, I got great IAT1 temps and heat soak recovery, many times better than the stock air box. Vehicle Motion would even hit sub-ambient temps at times which is excellent. So while the box was never perfect fitting, the function was perfect. The flexible intake hoses will stretch some more, but be fine and readjust to stock air box if needed. The longer the steeds cai stays in, the box will mold to the forced shape. So I found it easier over time to take out the CAI and put it back in as I didnt have to fight it in as much.