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  1. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Just to add in: Make sure to get an inverted torx socket. A set of sockets like these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000VUR6CO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If I remember right, it was E-5 size inverted torx socket. After that, its a easy swap. Don't be afraid to tug on the diverter cap cover, it is on snug. As for tunes, long ago darkstar and even I tried getting SCT to show interest in support the MKZ 3.0 engine line but they kept putting it off. Gave up, and just had to stick with Livernois which won't grow either. Good job if SCT finally decided to add the MKZ. I wish you guys the best of luck on your mod endeavors.
  2. Zalvern

    Zalvern's MKZ Closing Sale

    I should of been more clear. To let all those tires and wheels go for that price of 1000 flat, I ask the buyer to pick them up in Cincinnati, OH. Making that a pick up special only.
  3. Zalvern

    Zalvern's MKZ Closing Sale

    I should update this thread, as only the summer tires and MKZ wheels remain. That being said, I just want to rid of them to free up garage space. $1000 for all of them. That's 8 tires with 4 wheels. Avoid shipping costs if you pick em up in Cincinnati Ohio!
  4. Zalvern

    2020 Explorer 3.0

    I expect the 3.0 to make its way into some Ford vehicles, and it'll be more like Lincoln just gets to debut the 3.0 at first. The rumor mill believes with the Ford Edge ST, there will be an RS version down the road that will take on the 3.0 Engine for it along with the dynamic torque vectoring, limited slip front diff, and launch control. Once it gets an dual injection update, it would be a promising contender to a variety of performance based vehicles. I'll admit, that is partly what I am waiting on now for my next vehicle purchase. If a Ford Edge RS happens with a dual injection 3.0 Engine (can see something like 450 HP and TQ being its baseline, as they pushed the Focus RS), and that will win me over to consider a CUV as my fun daily driver. I loved my MKZ but being a single childless man who will always love performance aspects with vehicles, even for a practical designed vehicle, I want that performance support advantages to enjoy a aftermarket. Its still good to have a vehicle you can drive your parents or grandparents around casually, but then go daring on a drag strip or race track too. I hope to see the 3.0 again someday and want it to go beyond just Lincoln vehicles, unless Lincoln somehow makes a step towards real performance aspects.
  5. Zalvern

    Thinking About a Lease Swap

    Airflow, I might seriously consider it. I'll send you an PM later discussing things. All your vehicle lacks is the black label but it was pretty much the same as mine. I'll then see if I can off my Focus lease. Interested in the Ford Edge ST for more space along with its various performance improvements? Sure it loses some power but the transmission might make up for it (definitely test drive that 8 speed first)!
  6. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    The police finally have the hit and run driver of the truck. Now to pursue justice. I won't go too much into detail, but the driver will not be escaping their crime.
  7. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Ingot Silver. Just a SEL trim which cuts back on some convenience features that may be standard in a Titanium. I actually like the SEL's wheels better than the Titanium. You'd think it would be the other way around. Halogen headlamps are better designed than I remember as light at night isn't bad at all. At least the trunk has a hood strut as well to pop it open completely. Also is it perhaps on 2018 models but the back up camera FPS is 60. Even my Black Label MKZ was only 30 FPS (though my vehicle was built in 2016 truly despite being called a 2017)...some people may not notice FPS differences as well, but I could see video being smoother on this Focus which is nice. The only "Mods" I have on it is my dual dash cam of course. My Uniden R3 (still nice to know when radar is going off), and Livernois Throttle Enhancer since I can use that in any Ford/Lincoln vehicle. Gives it a placebo turbocharged effect by making the throttle more snappy.
  8. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I was still in the lease under the Motor Company (Ford/Lincoln and their lien holder is Cab East LLC, via Lincoln Automotive Financial Services). It is required to have gap insurance if you lease a vehicle which is part of the final purchase price. So I won't have to suffer the outgoing remaining balance. While my account is still active since this isn't a easy payout case (with it involving a culprit on the run) my MKZ lease at least is just postponing any payments till everything clears, it won't ding my credit or relationship as they know whats up.
  9. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I settled on a sedan focus since it had the Sony system in it. Saving more than 50% in fuel costs, can be lazy with wash cleaning (just a 'nother Focus on the road) and not picky about parking. I'll be saving aggressively for a future car, yet will wait till various improvements are made. port/direct injection with forced induction motor like the 3.5L EcoBoost or 5.0 Coyote are something I'll want, maybe the 3.0 will get it in the future. I'll be waiting for this unless I go for performance hybrid instead. Insurance and police still in pursuit. That truck has been impounded. Once I learn of anything more I'll lawyer up and fight for additional financial compensation.
  10. Thermostat will fit, as it is the same part shared with the Ford Fusion Sport. But the real question is: Are you actually hitting overheating thresholds with coolant temperature readings? One of my rookie mistakes when modding was thinking those lower T-stats help make more power. It doesn't, and actually can hurt some efficiency especially on a daily driver. Your warm up periods will take longer and even slow down the HVAC system effects of providing heat or A/C sooner. I did not like this on my Fusion back in the day when I put the Livernois T-stat on and got their tune. It hardly made any better performance. You want vehicle fluids to hit operating temperature ranges and then ideally, stay within that threshold under all forms of driving. For the MKZ this is 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Cylinder temperatures should peak around 250 to 260 degrees even under the hardest loads. Even with my tune and mods, and hop lapping at a drag strip, I could not get it to heat over than standard thresholds with stock t-stat. The only thing I did was use Quantum HP Gold Coolant which aims to maintain heat thresholds and reduce wear on the coolant system (free of sodium) and thus is a very high life coolant (150k miles or 5 years). I love that stuff personally as if you shake it, it heats up fast but also loses heat quickly when exposed to a convection system (the radiator in this case). So as soon the stock t-stat opens, or I just let off the throttle on a hard pull, it would immediately cool down. This is good for the fact the turbochargers are both engine oil and coolant cooled on the 3.0. Coolant also helps warm up the transmission faster but a lower t-stat will reduce that too (and on the 6F55, you want to get it up to operating temp fast). All that t-stat does is open sooner than intended but that is only needed if a tune is actually that hot enough to break past heat thresholds and make the vehicle struggle to cool down even when sitting. Hope that helps. I wasn't going to bother with any additives either. Not all heat is a bad thing per say, and some is good to try and withhold longer for the engine to function best.
  11. Zalvern

    3.0T oil change ?

    Just a big 27mm socket. It's quite easy. The housing has your torque specifications on it as well. It is most just snug enough till you get resistance being 15 nm. Also always remove the filter first before you remove the drain plug from the pan. It also helps to loosen the dipstick and oil fill cap to reduce any pressure. This makes it so the oil will not gush out upon removing the drain plug. If the car was running prior to starting the change, allow 15 to 20 minutes for majority of the oil to return to the pain. After refilling with fresh fluid, again wait awhile before checking fluid readings since it takes awhile for some oil to pass the check valve. But it should always be exactly 6.0 quarts (a gallon and half) of engine oil going in. Make sure the oil dipstick's lowest dot is filled with oil, but avoid passing the hash marks and filling the top most fill dot on the dipstick (sign of being too much. I'm really going to miss how easy it was to change all fluids on this vehicle...for a modern car.
  12. Zalvern

    Zalvern's MKZ Closing Sale

    I can offer in regards to the 2015 Black Label PVD Onyx Chrome wheels to have the tires dismounted if a potential buyer only wants the wheels. This will factor into the price for the service to have it done. Made some price changes. I am open to negotiating but do already try to factor in a good deal already.
  13. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Well now, thats a little trip at the finish line. But perfectly explains the symptoms. Glad it's a minor fix regardless. If stock tune is popping it off, then you can ask to get a replacement covered under warranty. Constant removal of those plastic tube connections do fatigue them. But it's not too expensive.
  14. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Tech probably did not secure the charge pipes on strong enough. So one most likely blew off under pressure. This happened to me when installing the intercooler and I wasn't aggressive enough in rebinding the intake pipes. You will definitely hear the turbo spool but car will be a slug to throttle. Oil smoked because you were actively driving hard and the car heated up, but then suddenly pressure rates (boost and oil) declined. It should otherwise be ok if they only find a vacuum leak due to a intake pipe coming loose. At least you tested out going hard on the throttle early on. If it's all done correctly, there shouldnt any issues, but techs may rush cause warranty only gives 20 hours of (low) pay and it's easy to slip up on minor details upon reassembly.
  15. Zalvern

    Zalvern's MKZ Closing Sale

    Pardon the late response. Sadly I could not find those bolts. Also did get a buyer for the FP throttle body so its sold. Livernois tuner is sold. Only have the bbk left but it reuses stock bolts anyway.