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  1. Zalvern

    2020 Explorer 3.0

    3.0 on Ford Explorer ST confirmed, so there it is with Ford taking the Lincoln exclusive. Knew it was coming. Mated with the 10-speed transmission, boosted torque up to 415 and its RWD based. So jealous, and tempts me to the SUV side...though may not have dynamic torque vectoring (yet)? https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a25861043/2020-ford-explorer-st-400-horsepower-photos-info/
  2. Zalvern

    3.0T oil change ?

    There is a yellow drain plug on the oil pan. You do not need to remove any covers to access it, and pretty easy to spot. As stated before, loosen the oil dipstick and filter housing first then untwist and pull the plug out quickly once ready to collect. Align the edge of whatever container or pan you use to collect oil, as it will flow forward at an angle like a water fountain due to some pressure, it does not flush straight down. Edge of collection container should line up with the drain plug. Do that for a non-messy change. Once oil is drained, attach the plug back. Finally after changing the filter, you can seal it up, close the oil dipstick, and fill 6 quarts of new oil. Wait 10-15 mins then check the dipstick (system has a check valve so accurate reading upon filling is not exact). As long oil fills the bottom hole and within hash marks when around ambient temperature, all is good.
  3. Zalvern

    3.0T oil change ?

    The filter is pretty straightforward. Along with changing the filter, you also change the O-rings as new ones come with the filter. The only challenging part is replacing the smallest O-ring, which small pliers should help flex it on. Or heat it up, lube it with some oil, and it should go on easier.
  4. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    I'll give Livernois the credit thier tune works and stable. Especially since I had that flawed motor head with coolant leak while tuned. Yet suffered no serious damage even when I did drag strip runs. Just those weird misfire moments till it was fixed. Livernois is the most conservative in tuning for the public. The aggressive competition tunes have to actually be local and show actual investment in such aspects. Or if seeking special tunes like E85/E30. I did not get to try the VP Racing 100 Octane tune. Livernois swears against having customers data log. That Livernois have propriety software to maximize recommended limits without data logging (something I always heard them say). It gets debated a lot on other forums involving Livernois tune vs another rival. My take is: Livernois is the choice for safety and simplicity, but not the absolute optimized for best performance due to their non data logging approach. I do try to keep an open mind because of PCM adaptive learning technology in many modern cars now. Example being: Adding 10mm increase to the throttle body allows some more top end power with the 3.0 at the cost of more fuel usage with stock tune, as it's one easy way for Ford to control fuel economy targets. It is how Ford equalize the MPG between the 2.7 and 3.0 engines, when the 3.0 definitely can make more power due to displacement alone). Still getting Unleashed gets rival competition which is good to have so both sides may strive to improve. With choice, go with the one you feel is best. Though I am personally planning to step away from aftermarket tuning and enjoy only bolt ons for simplicity and less headache. The new things like 10 speed transmission are adaptively learning better.
  5. Zalvern

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Always good to see more 3.0 owners arise. Welcome! Definitely is it worth getting Driver's Package for the full experience! May it serve you well.
  6. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Very nice to hear SCT finally gave some 3.0 support. Good luck to you guys! Livernois always needs a rival or else they get lazy. If you ever want some brand new summer rubber for more fun, still got my Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and full set of winter tires + pvd onyx 2015 black label wheels! Just PM me! I will ship now (pictures in sale thread). Even with tunes, tires are the most important mod for safety and performance!
  7. https://www.motorcraftservice.com/ Main website for all workshop service, diagnostic, and parts for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, etc. Make an account, and can then rent a service book subscription for 3 days just for $21.95. You can download and copy pages before the subscription expires.
  8. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    After my experience, I'm just biding my time with my cheap lease. I'll have cash ready to enjoy something real nice when I'm ready for it. I'm waiting for more on CD6. Ideally with newer techs like: 10-Speed Transmission Dual (Port and Direct) Injection Fueling Electric torque motor (like on the Aviator) Next gen Mustang may be my call. But I do wait and see what Lincoln will replace the MKZ with. Either an all new sedan or coupe, or just something that looks great but isn't an Utility Vehicle.
  9. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Stay with stock plugs, even if you get every single bolt on possible. They're already a step colder from standard ford plugs. The misfire issues were signs of 3.0 engines with faulty cylinder heads that had either oil or coolant leak and foul the spark plug (I posted pictures elsewhere). This shouldn't be an issue anymore. http://www.autoperformancealbuquerque.com/auto-performance/# If you want to get in touch with darkstar in regards to the intercooler. I haven't spoken with him in some time though. His unit is best as to keep the Active Grill Shutters installed to retain some mpg benefits (cause mpg will drop when you tune and bolt on upgrade). That's all you need really as the exhaust output isn't as restrictive. There are gains with downpipe and exhaust but doesnt throttle back power either like a hot intake system.
  10. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Excellent! Yes you can just trim back the front half for a better fit. Though what I did is drilled two holes so the brackets could still bolt down the front half. Then it's all good and secured.
  11. Saw this in my news feed. Awesome yes, but very...bold of Lincoln given the current Continental sales. There has to be more to it to justify making it a 6 figure priced car. The cost puts it with competing with buying a Telsa, and artificial scarcity in production isn't always a win over. Sure, Jay Leno will probably add one to his collection. I hope this special platform is also a unique CD6 for this limited edition. Coach doors and more rear space should also include many features the upcoming Aviator is getting. This also is a perfect way to bring a RWD based Continental along with the Grand Touring 3.0 Electro engine for high torque. THAT would be enticing to me to imagine a spacious Continental. If Lincoln does not, and make it this more expensive with outdated cutbacks (seriously no more 6 speed!), itll hurt great potential.
  12. Put up with the bad heads for nearly 2 years. It was stronger than ever after work was done and actually liked seeing how little carbon build up was despite lacking dual injection or those catch can systems. But alas, it was short lived. I did not even get to test it at a drag strip before the end. I was confident once launching was mastered, and good DA would have had me break into 11.9's. May another take its place! Good luck with yours hrlinc!
  13. Don't feel bad. I came to this forum because I knew it was lowkey and smaller traffic than your typical performance mode forum. I sorta dropped some talk at Fusion Sport forums but that was just to assist with my own interest to find the similarities and differences between the 2.7 and 3.0. I dont expect much hustle and bustle here, which is nice in a way compared to say...Mustang or F-150 forums. I'm not one to ask much help because I tend to undergo self discovery vs asking around. But I do enjoy learning. I HEAVILY lurk all kinds of forums, yet am really just absorbing any potential wisdom. Cars and Computers are two things I self educate myself before ever asking questions, as it's something I enjoy being my hobbies. I tend to hop to the front page and see what active topics are going on if the MKZ crosses my mind. Not always though, so then i may not see what's up for days or a week. After all I don't really have my ride anymore. I figure if someone is really interested in myself, they'll attempt to contact me. I try to never ignore those mistakenly who make efforts to outreach me (cause I know how much it sucks when you get blown off by someone or group). Anyways glad you are finally getting the new heads. It's nice to see them all shiny and what not!
  14. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Totally understandable. It was a "rewarding nightmare" to install that thing alone. On the plus side its what really got me to get knowledgeable with the 3.0 layout. The benefit is you can keep the stock active grille shutters in full working order with this intercooler upgrade (most others just make you remove them and run with a annoying DTC). Just two tips to inform the shop when they install it: 1. The plate underneath the Intercooler that latches to the Grille Shutters has to remain removed. Its too little space after the bigger intercooler is put in to use anymore, which the main under shield still will be enough to prevent road debris from reaching internals. The grille shutters will still remain in place because the larger intercooler will give them less wiggle room, compared to the smaller stock one (which is why that plate connection exists). 2. On the grille shutters there is a metal bolt on the lower half that must be left out upon reassembly. The grille shutters will be fine without it (they have additional clamps and bolts so missing one will not risk them falling apart. If you do not remove it, the shutters will get stuck against the Intercooler when trying to close. Like with the grille cover, just leave it out. I have a picture of that bolt still, as you can see it bumps the intercooler and prevents the shutters from working correctly, and will throw a DTC as a result of them getting stuck: Other than that, make sure those charge pipes are on REALLY good, especially on the hot side. Then its all good to go.
  15. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    He is serving jail time for the actions, and at this point I have no input in regards to his future but I know him hitting me wasn't intentional, which is an important factor on how to judge a person. The foolish mistake was just leaving me there, and that applies to anyone. Honestly what was messing me up prior to this event, was another foul person taking advantage of me financially, intentionally,who I once trusted (we've all been there in some way), and I view worse than the guy who hit me for precisely that difference. I had rid myself of the negative by focusing on my travel job and at least keeping my MKZ which brought joy and still within my budget to maintain. My MKZ was more enjoyable than said person, who tried to get me to drop the car in favor of her...well you see what my choice was when I woke up and got away. I was on my way to my goals of debt freedom, but the loss just accelerated my plans. If you really care for a car and the time spent, it's not easy to replace even with something identical. It's better to go into "fianacial wisdom mode", utilize all the disciplines you know that will better lifestyle in the long run, and be patient with the basic vehicle that gets the job done. Slashing the monthly payment, dropping back to regular fuel, and the place I work at is only 10 mins drive time (no highways so it's not like I'd even enjoy bigger power now). These are boons indeed that do not make me think "I wish time could go back" just to potentially save the car. This present and upcoming future will be better indeed. ...and that gentlemen is how you evolve and become a greater person from tough times!