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  1. That's a good change interval range for the Ford 6F transmissions as well, or 1-2 year interval depending on drive style.
  2. Here are some review videos: The 10R80 alone gave the 3.0 Engine far better performance justice. The Hybrid power, is just absolute rich icing on the cake. John Davis: "Our clients aren't so concerned about fuel economy. ...They do like power and performance." Oooh...almost there Mr. Davis! But you gotta give a sedan and/or coupe style vehicle a chance!
  3. The 6R80 is far more durable and programmed better for performance compared to the 6F55 (or 6F50, 6F35). Transverse based transmissions are always built with economical value in mind (lower production costs and fuel economy), over performance. First number informs how many gears present (6 gears in this case), with the F/R indicating wheel drive layout (FWD or RWD based), and last number being the nominal max torque input capacity estimate. The last number is usually multiplied by 10, then presented in Newton meters which can be converted to pound feet of torque. For the 6R80, you take the 80 and multiply by 10 for 800 N-m, which is then about 590 lb ft of torque converted. Know that this is not a rating limit that marks when the transmission would fall apart due to going beyond the limit (many Mustangs go over 590 lb ft of torque yet stay stock on the transmission). It is just a marker for when transmission longevity is definitely expected to decrease faster than in stock form when exposed to over rated heat, rotational energy, and vibrations. If your vehicle becomes able to go beyond the limit, but you don't actually drive it every day demanding such power, it will last just as if it was stock then. Lifespan depends all on the actual usage, maintenance, and demand habits of the driver. In regards to the 6F55, its only rated for about 550 N-m, which is about 405 lb ft of torque. This is why I suspect the 3.0 MKZ and Continental are really strict in unleashing anywhere near the real performance of the 3.0 Engine. From Lincoln's standpoint, the safety net is too small to allow for more performance and aggressive shifts to account for any valid factory warranty claims. Even if you tune them for more power, they're still going to hold back to a degree. These 6F transmissions are performance bottlenecks, as the 3.0 Engine is performance minded while the transmission (and PTU) are economy minded. The same will apply to the 8 speed transmissions found in the Ford Edge ST for example, as I've seen people wishing the 8 speed would replace the 6F55. Do not expect that transmission to be any better because its a 8F35/8F40 transmission and rated even lower than the 6F55. It does the same shift lag behavior, and its not because Ford doesn't know how to tune a transmission properly. It is done on purpose.
  4. Unfortunately it is a normal part of the transmission behavior. All 6F series transmission vehicles will exhibit this at some point. Every vehicle I've driven with 6F35 and 6F55 (what the MKZ has now) is a sloppy mess if not cruising between 2nd and 3rd. Firming it up with engine/transmission motor mounts and a tune by Livernois can help make it somewhat better, by becoming more aggressive. Though strict torque management and safety systems will still hold it back from displaying true power. While this has been a known flaw of behavior, proper fluid changes still should yield a healthy daily driver lifespan. But the 6F family is old, and will never be refined for smooth performance. Therefore I am tired of settling for that transmission design flaw, and so no MKZ or Continental for me until a better one is made.
  5. If Sync 3 ever locks up, the hard reset command is to hold down the audio power button and next track button for about 6 seconds. It should help you get Sync 3 up and running again while driving.
  6. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I didn't pay it any mind. I figured it was a typo. All good!
  7. Link: 2020 Lincoln Aviator final specs drop — it makes even more power than before What a surprise, almost 500 HP and 5 more torque than even the GT500 at stock crank ratings. I really hope and look forward to this type of PHEV powertrain making it's way in a non-SUV in the coming year. Be it Mustang, CD6 MKZ, or Continental. Ford and Lincoln could hype up PHEV performance, especially if any remaining sedans or coupes get this touch and perform well.
  8. Zalvern

    Bottom end

    There are two choices: 65mm BBK and 70mm Ford Performance. Either one will bolt on perfectly and match the intake manifold inlet. The manifold is a plastic material, but it will resist heat soak better than aluminium beyond just being cheaper. The larger throttle body compliments an Air intake and Intercooler upgrade in promising unrestricted intake manifold air delivery, and the IAT2 temps drop further over stock when in motion. My MKZ was resisting heat soak when under load much better over stock, whereas in stock form temps would just rise as more was demanded out of it. It's a final touch mod, if you want to optimize a bit more after doing other upgrades. Unfortunately I do not have my FORScan logs reflecting this anymore.
  9. Zalvern

    MKZ or Lincoln 3.0T forums?

    Welcome and I appreciate the little recognition. I had fun taking the "pioneering risks" in pushing the 3.0 a bit further. Some experimental, and learn what helps and what is just a waste. No regrets there. Best modeling partner are the Fusion Sports, but 2019 marks the end of them. The MKZ is a niche vehicle to mod. I wouldn't expect any other forums to go deep into it. I count it lucky we at least got a Livernois tune and bolt on upgrades by darkstar too. Along with the other shared parts. But I'm out of the scene for now. For me to return, the MKZ needs to really evolve now akin to how the the Aviator is. I will still always lurk around and chime in on discussions or direct messages though. Most real performance forums get way too drama ridden and forget to just agree to disagree if opinions/theories clash.
  10. Zalvern

    Last coat new synthetic .

    Ah this sounds like an equivalent of CarPro's Reload. Combined that with Hydro2 Silica gel spray for hydrophobic renewal. Stuck with that product line on my MKZ and enjoyed the results. But I'm always interested in trying a comparison product when it comes to detail cleaning. Of course I'll wait till I have a cherish ride again.
  11. Zalvern

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Very nice photogenic shots you got there. I wish you the best of luck in selling, and hopefully the new owner takes care of it just as well. I'm sure you're just raring to go in enjoying a 3.0 Turbo MKZ!
  12. Zalvern

    Livernois Tune Times...

    If you want to max out on bolt ons, have at it. Unlike the Mustang, the MKZ only has a few in comparison to "optimize". I'm not surprised at triumphing over the SRT though. Dodge's NA pushrod engines have fallen behind in technological advancement, most likely in favor of production costs. If I was staying stock and accept the vehicle for what it is, the Dodge vehicles are fine then. But any mods will shine on Ford/Lincoln vehicles and make them grow more powerful in comparison.
  13. Zalvern

    Bottom end

    Hm highly doubt anyone has gotten far enough to even consider upgrading the turbochargers for more power. Much less going to block internal upgrades. Transverse engine has less after market support going for it. So looking at full custom upgrade work if talking about turbo and engine internal upgrades. The Fusion Sports benefit more so from taking MKZ parts. Better crack open the wallet if going serious in custom work.
  14. Zalvern

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Dealing with drag strip DA can always change up the output expectations, so sounds like your MKZ is doing very well. The 3.0 engine is a good hot block. Nice and reliable when everything is operating as expected. It is only torque management that's such a hassle to learn. One mod I've been curious about is swapping Continental 3.39 gears in place of the MKZ's 3.16 stock. I won't ever get to test it, but throwing that out there as another option for those into drag strip play.
  15. Zalvern

    C8 Corvette's Reveal

    Found this playbook guide which informs on the options and accessories: https://www.corvetteblogger.com/docs/2020corvettestingrayplaybook.pdf Pricing is TBD. This is only for the every day Stingray level, aka the affordable trim. I never was a purist for anything, and welcome the challenge known as change and adaption. I will never be loyal to one brand only, nor dismiss it a chance to change like this. Though perhaps that is my filthy millennial mind at work. 😛 But for being a millennial, my student loans are paid off, live on cash and use credit for incentives only (not a penny of interest for them!). Year long Emergency savings secured and 401k + Roth IRA are maxed in contributions. Now I can rightfully pay and play with these big boy toys. Achieved all a year later after my MKZ's demise. Miss that car, but got a better horizon now. My future C8 can wait since I rather dump my junk DCT Focus for a better daily, and wait for 2021 MKZ/Continental announcement. C8 is not something I want to expose to daily driver life and maintenance.