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  1. Zalvern

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    Heh, its like looking at a MKZ version of my 2014 Fusion, which used to be Sterling Grey as well. The H&R Springs were good. Only had some times where the bottom front bumper panel would happen to scrape, but nothing too bad given the drop. Looks great Devin! You would probably be fine putting that rear motor mount on if you wanted, plus the front wheel hop reduction is nice. Now its the transmission mount that would be more...*ahem* noticeable with vibration increase, while the engine mount is just a pain to install because of that huge bolt. That Edge ST was very underwhelming, so its great to hear you're sticking to the MKZ! If I didn't lose mine, now I would have upgraded both the downpipes and seek a more optimized exhaust to really let the 3.0 flow to the fullest.
  2. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    I still lurk and participate. I await to see if a MKZ replacement comes for 2020 MY, before I cave to buying a Mustang GT and get a Lincoln later. Seriously I'd just like the Aviator's GT setup to be in a MKZ-like body. Or even a Continental and I'll be right back in the Black Label line (Destination interior is sweet). Anyways feel free (to anyone) to PM me in regards to my thoughts and opinions involving the 2.0 and 3.0.
  3. Zalvern

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Well I had a 2.0 Fusion prior to the MKZ days, so I can chime some things in. One thing, since you have the 2013 MKZ, back in those days the 2.0 Ecoboost did not have twin scroll type turbocharger. So unfortunately the lag is just going to be a part of the beast's nature at times. The 2.0 Ecoboost from then would mimic off the 2013+ Focus ST range. If you want to upgrade the diverter valve for your MKZ application (it is located behind the wheel well fender on the passenger side), you would use this one I believe: https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/blow-off-valves/t9354-go-fast-bits-dv-diverter-valve I did not know about GFB back then, so I went with Mountune's Recirculation Valve on my 2014 Fusion: https://www.mountuneusa.com/mountune-Uprated-air-recirculation-valve-Focus-ST-p/2226-trv-aa.htm Since you said: My goal is to get a better response when I step down on the throttle I would just recommend getting the Livernois Throttle Enhancer, between the two items. It should give you the sensitivity improvement that you seek with the throttle. The nice thing about that device is it works in like, all Ford and Lincoln vehicles and easy to install and swap around. I appreciate it even in my Focus now since it can at least feel like its packing more torque off the line despite being NA, and I still use it to this day without any issues. Doesn't add any power what so ever, but makes the throttle body more responsive based from the pedal input. Also nice to reduce foot fatigue if you want to cruise with little throttle input.
  4. Zalvern


    Dang, the tasty soy wiring strikes again! This is why there are various lawsuit attempts going on from those who suffer from vermin attacks on their vehicles. It makes me nervous to put a vehicle in storage, just to come back and find it all chewed up. I was surprised to learn that vermin actually will become adamant to eat and make residence within modern vehicles because of the soy-based wiring material. Sadly expect to turn towards insurance for help because its probably not going to be cheap (should go under comprehensive coverage which I always find worth getting the lowest deductible for). Entire harnesses will have to be replaced and rack up thousands of dollars for parts and labor. It is a fire hazard and thus unsafe to drive in this condition, do not risk it. Do investigate for a nest, it'll be a bunch of stuffing/leaves/etc. and what not stashed somewhere. You will want to maintain traps and repellent if ever putting your vehicle in storage again. Peanut butter and snap traps around the vehicle should help catch the pest(s). The problem is when these vermin (Rats, Mice, even Squirrels...) become smart and adamant to keep nesting and eating until killed.
  5. Zalvern


    Yes, that main subframe bolt was the most challenging part to make an otherwise, easy part change more difficult. I ended up taking mine to shop to finish the install with darkstar's engine mount. The mechanics ended up using the breaker bar because the impact gun was failing to make it even budge without strong arming it. Bolt did not break or anything though. I don't know how different the CPE mount is per say, but with darkstar's engine mount I did not feel the need to adjust the idle rpm as the vibration increase was really sutble. You had to concentrate on the steering wheel just to feel it. It was a great piece to reduce some wheel hop. Never did get to try the transmission mount which should of taking it to the next stage. Given how challenging that bolt was, I did not bother to retrieve the engine mount after my MKZ was totaled. I just let it go.
  6. Tune is not needed but does make much better use of an intercooler upgrade better. I know Livernois can provide MKZ tunes at least for your MY. Going back to the 2.0L engine, if I had to do it over again...hmm. Basically while not cheap, I'd just stick with C-PE parts. They have a intake as well as charge pipe replacements. Installing intercooler does take some work, but can be done with no lift or power tools. Did both installs myself for the 2.0 and 3.0, just time consuming. But if you got the cash to buy the labor install, it is just more peace at mind. Plus nothing more aggravating than having the charge pipes blow off after you reattached everything, make sure those suckers are leeched on tight! I had fun pioneering some 3.0 mods, but those days are over now that my MKZ is gone. I believe most mods have hit their peak anyway.
  7. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    The Genesis G70 is smaller but comes with the more luxury perks, as long you do not mind its rear and trunk space. Better brand choice if wanting to stick with something equal to Lincoln level. The G80 is the actual rival to the MKZ. G90 rivals the Continental. It's on my possibility list too, depending how they improve in the coming years. I'll still like a comfortable but exhilarating form of performance as my all year daily. After having my MKZ as my early new year model, no regrets but think I'll play the year after game now (which is why I wait for 2020 Mustang Bullitt as well, plus other small tweaks that may happen).
  8. Zalvern

    What’s your next car?

    Will admit I'm considering the Stinger as well to replace my Focus with in 2021 as my all around daily, especially if Lincoln drops out. Having both a Mustang and Stinger offset each other quite nicely, plus thankfully...I have a family friend who can help with having a good Kia dealership experience (something that people complain about).
  9. Here you go: https://cp-e.com/shop/product/ford-fusion-2-0t-fmic-δcore-front-mount-intercooler/ I recommend that one as it allows you to keep the active grille shutters and adaptive cruise control. Best choice really, and I used it when I had a 2014 Fusion Titanium in the past.
  10. Zalvern

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Thank you and likewise, sorry to hear your Continental was lost too, but best you walked away with no one harmed. It's that distracted driving that is by far the worst thing about driving on US roads. With March approaching, I'm looking forward to some 2020 vehicles to come out!
  11. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Yep, this is why I'll hang tight till 2021. The MKZ as we know it may become a memory, but I totally expect a "Mustang-styled" Lincoln to arise. It may model after it but with Lincoln's style (so don't expect it to be Bullitt amazing loud like) but bring things like four doors (better rear space) and AWD. Lincoln will at least maintain one coupe/sedan (hopefully both styles. I also say the Continental should stay around and start offering those coach door variants more freely. Those things will really catch more eye if going RWD based. The 80th Continental Coach Edition sell out should gave Lincoln the hint. This is why I'm about to make my decision to acquire a 2020 Mustang Bullitt after all, since I really expect it to be the last of its "kind". 10 speed I'll get later.
  12. Zalvern

    3M Clear Bra

    Leaf blowers for car drying are great. I only got the metro vac and master blaster because they were at a garage sale, for far less than what they retail for. Real lucky find that was. As drolds1 point out: the less one uses any kind of cloth to dry, the better. Keeping the vehicle hydrophobic will make it very easy to blow off all the water. It does not need to be a fancy or expensive either, but more power will aid in drying faster.
  13. Zalvern

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    Yep, I know people complain often about the weight of vehicles today, but torque is higher than ever for a reason. Plus the Dynamic Torque Vectoring helps, even better if you run the right season tires despite having no suspension upgrades. I miss that MKZ sleeper of mine, since I relocated the badges from the rear as well. If you tune up, I say even a 2017 stock Mustang auto will fall short behind the MKZ. Now 2018+ forget it, especially if they're 10 speed auto, but the stick will definitely demand some shifting skills. My Lincoln dealership enjoyed the fact I had mods and what not going for it because yes, most of the market will be your stereotypical older folk person driving a Lincoln. They never gave me a issue with service (especially when I had my engine work), and enjoyed I was very considerate and cooperative in return (and patient, because won't lie, there were so many hang ups and delays when service work was needed, but that is life). I still wait to see what becomes of the MKZ for 2020+ MY, since Lincoln really hasn't made it official if it gets axed or not. Information has been so tight lipped on the MKZ's future. I'm hoping for it to live on and become better though so that I yearn for it again.
  14. Zalvern

    3M Clear Bra

    Automotive grade paint today is far tougher on its own than it used to be, especially clear coats which already is a form of protection against the actual paint layer. Wax deserves some good credit too. All the minor chips and dents that clear bras protect against, would often just scratch the clear coat layer, which is easier to refinish and not demand much money or time to do from a reputable and professional body shop. The shop will know their paint care best after all. I've been extremely lazy (in my terms at least) with washing my Silver Ingot 2018 Focus, after putting all my best into my now gone MKZ. I've washed it only like twice since taking it in July 2018 and hilariously people compliment me how clean my car is. If I get bird poop or something, I just clean the spot with ONR and give it a quick wipe down then be on my way. It has no dents or chips other than what is clearly a side door ding from another person being careless (not big thankfully so I know at lease end, I do not have to worry about fixing it), but my avoidance with other vehicles on the highway shows at higher speeds, with the front of the car still being victimless of chips and dents. I avoid bigger vehicles like semi trucks if I can help it, be it speeding pass them or slowing down to keep distance. While I mentioned fondness for ceramic coating in my previous post, I am consider skipping it for my upcoming next vehicle later this year. I will use my favorite car care products, and let my body shop provide professional waxing and paint correction care when needed. My favorite products are Car Pro Hydro2, Car Pro Reload, Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Wash & Shine, and good ol' Distilled Water. I also have Car Pro Reset and Car Pro Tar X but rarely use them. Equipment I have is a Metro Vac n' Blo and Portable 5 Gal. Pressure Washer with two tanks, quality Chamois cloths and a ACDelco portable polisher. I tend to jump around with waxes but find many of them favorable. When I had paint protection and ceramic coating together on my MKZ, my 20/15 vision still saw all the abominable micro scratches that just...happen over time with a daily driver. I still can see them even on the "self healing" Xpel film I had, and it wouldn't go away till polishing in some wax to benefit it. I don't buy those "never wax again!" claims anymore.
  15. Zalvern

    3M Clear Bra

    I had the Xpel version on my MKZ. Then came a time it had no bra on, because the warranty will not cover if the bra gets torn by an "outside" source, thus I had it removed. So take that 10 year coverage as a grain of salt, because its more so about just covering natural defects. I'll share my thoughts and opinion. Everyone will feel different about it. I've seen plenty of raves and reviews of course about clear bras, and so of course that is why I put one on my MKZ since I "wanted the best for it". But at the time, I didn't really think on my own life and driving experiences to actually believe if clear bra is something I should justify. I made the choice from review hype, not because "I hate seeing my vehicle get peppered with chips and dents on the front, and constantly taking it to the body shop so it looks fresh again". Honestly, that doesn't happen as much these clear bra services make it seem like it will. After ditching it (as I did not want to pay again for another new bra and install), my MKZ never did get any serious rock chips or dents from areas I had the bra applied, and I gave it the full frontal package too. The only dent it got? Rear quarter panel, a spot that wouldn't have been clear bra'd anyway. Sure the clear bra will reduce the chances no doubt, but what if those chances are really not happening as much you may think? Truth is, the clear bra services are over exaggerating how often these chips and dents will happen. It really depends on one's living atmosphere and driving style if they will benefit from this form of insurance. For me, I do not plan to ever clear bra another vehicle again, and use the money elsewhere. I rather just take it to a body shop I've made good connection with, because I know frontal paint chips or dents aren't that often for me. Plus being a daily driver, many quality touch ups that are not bank breaking will really suffice. All my vehicles without bras have never gotten chips or dings on the frontal half of the vehicle, prior to my MKZ being the only vehicle I gave clear bra a shot on (and then the MKZ going without a clear bra and until its demise, was flawless to the human eye) because of my driving style. Faster I go, the more I want to maintain distance from other vehicles, and traffic being very slow or stop n' go is hardly likely to bring risk of road debris being flung around. I was more pleased by my ceramic paint coating for less time spent cleaning the car making most of my washes just needing a distill water rinse and use of ONR Wash & Shine. Great for glass, wheels, and everything to just be easier to clean on a daily driver. Now that I will definitely get done again for any vehicle I drive frequently throughout the year. Think of this: In regards to past vehicles that were driven without a clear bra, How often did you end up with displeasing chips or dings on the front ends of the vehicle? If you hardly or never been bothered by the appearance of a chip or dent (and even know a body shop that is good service to you), I wouldn't concern myself about it. Now ceramic paint coating on the other hand? Great stuff if you want easier cleaning sessions for a daily driver because of how often they will get dirty. But skip it if you just love wax and detailing bonding time with a car. I feel ceramic coating is great for daily drivers, and while say the weekend only vehicle or garage show queen can get by without it, the coating can compliment them too for more paint luster. My MKZ literally was cleaned only with distilled water and ONR Wash & Shine like 90% of the time. I rarely went to pressure washer stations to get the paint looking peerless and clean, nor spent many hours. Well that's my two cents based on my experience. Good luck on your decision!