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  1. longislander

    What’s your next car?

    As much as I LOVE my MKZ, I don't want to get a new car that's the same as the one I presently have. I don't want a Crossover/SUV. The new Cadillac CT4 looks nice but I am not a fan of 4-cylinder engines. I only buy American brand-name cars. I am leaning toward the Dodge Challenger AWD - a big, roomy, V-6 powered coupe with a little attitude;)
  2. longislander

    Battery short life?

    I wanted the loaner. Dropped off the car, drove to work in the loaner, and picked mine up the next day. First car I bought at Hassett was a new 1987 Mercury Sable!
  3. longislander

    Battery short life?

    Funny, drolds, mine (also 3.0T/AWD) was replaced yesterday at 30 months and 20K miles! Hassett must be having a run on MKZ batteries;) I got a ruby red '17 MKZ for a loaner. You?
  4. longislander

    So..how do these lease?

    Congrats! I love the color you chose. You got a fine deal, but more importantly, you are going to LOVE your beautiful, smooth-riding, comfortable, luxurious MKZ! Here's mine:
  5. longislander

    So..how do these lease?

    Being a Ford stockholder qualifies you for X-Plan pricing also. There is a holding period requirement.
  6. longislander

    So..how do these lease?

    I am 28 months into my 36-month lease so what I have to tell you is ancient history but my $47K sticker price 2017 3.0T AWD leased at $450/mo., 10,500 miles per year, with $2K down. This MKZ is my favorite car ever, and I attribute that to the 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 under the hood. It makes every single mile an absolute blast to drive!
  7. longislander

    Wheels on mkz 3.0 awd

    I have a 2017 3.0T AWD in the Select trim level with the standard 18-inchers. To me they are among the nicest no-extra-cost wheels around, in polished aluminium with dark-painted pockets. Most other cars' standard wheels are dull looking silver-painted.
  8. longislander

    2019 Due ?

    Along those same lines, I ordered my 2017 3.0T/AWD in the Select Plus trim level because I did not want the low-profile tires that come with the 19-inch wheels (no moonroof either). I couldn't have ordered this in 2018 let alone 2019. Losing flexibility in configuration will result in losing sales.
  9. longislander

    Twin Turbo

    I have the 3.0T with AWD, but a Select trim with 18-inch wheels and no Driver's Package. I was a little hesitant that the engine would overpower the "base" chassis setup (without the Torque Vectoring, sport suspension, etc.) but have had no issues.
  10. longislander

    Have my 2018 Reserve 3.0T AWD

    That's my favorite color combination, it suits the MKZ "to a T".
  11. longislander

    Have my 2018 Reserve 3.0T AWD

    Congrats! The 3.0T makes this car an absolute thrill to drive! What color combo did you choose, and which wheels?
  12. longislander

    2019 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide

    I felt the same way about my '17. I wanted the 3.0T AWD, but not the 19-inch wheels. In '17 I was able to order a Select trim with the engine and wheels I wanted but for '18 the 3.0 was only available on Reserve trim which included the 19s. I understand simplifying the order process, but it forces a customer to take something they don't want, or perhaps makes him look elsewhere.
  13. longislander

    2019 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide

    I didn't see the white-trimmed seats or the carbon fiber trim mentioned
  14. Changed trim levels 2019 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide.pdf
  15. longislander

    Continue to impress

    bce and Funktastic, you guys are gonna absolutely LOVE your cars when you get them. I have mine for 13 months now and I swear I love it more every day in every way...looks, comfort, features, ride/handling, and most of all, the power! Seriously, my favorite car I've ever owned, and that includes BMWs and Cadillacs. You'll see for yourselves soon enough!