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  1. KenZ

    Change Oil Soon?

    FWIW - there also seems to be a time factor in the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (IOLM), I don't drive a lot of miles. On my 2017 MKZ 3.0 purchased 7/28/16 - Mine came up with the reminder 8/8/17 (6,600 miles), 7/20/18 (10,700 miles), 7/12/19 (16,302 miles) and 7/15/20 (19,077 miles).
  2. KenZ

    Center armrest storage

    Ordered one on May 23, said it shipped on May 25, arrived in Georgia on June 8. Seems that transit from China has sped up a bit! Also discovered that the old tray fits nicely on top of the new tray - just have to slide the old tray forward a bit - like you see in the pic. Room for even more stuff!
  3. KenZ

    Spring Wash & Wax

    5 minutes, automatic car wash, $10, shiny car. Just as happy! 😂 😂 😂
  4. KenZ

    auto insurance plug-in monitor

    Shop around. While I had always hoped that being a long-term customer would get you the best rates from your insurance company - that just doesn't seem to be the case in today's world. I have had to switch car insurance companies about every 3 years to keep any semblance of a reasonable rate.
  5. KenZ

    MKZ Seat movement/noise (TSB)

    Glad to see this post. I thought I was losing my mind. I would feel the seat shift every three or four times I would drive the car. Nothing major, just a little click as described in the TSB. Thought maybe I was putting on weight! 🙂 Will have them look at it on my next maintenance visit...
  6. KenZ

    Sync Freezing Up

    If you shut off the engine and re-started the engine - but did not open the drivers door and close it, it probably did not force a re-boot. You have to open the door. You can force a re-boot while driving by pressing the radio power and FF buttons at the same time until the screen goes blank. It will then restart. I think my 2017 with Sync3 has frozen maybe once. My prior 2013 with Sync2 froze a couple times which is when I tracked down the re-boot instructions in the owners manual. As tech heavy as the cars are and the extreme heat and cold they are subject to, I am surprised Sync doesn't freeze more often. My iPhone, iPad and Windows computer all freeze much more often! 🙂
  7. KenZ

    Hybrid MPG

    2011-2012 was a different technology. 2013 MKZ went to a different type of battery and technology. If I remember correctly, the top EV speed in the 2011-2012 model was 47 MPH, so you are where you are supposed to be. The software upgrade was specific to the 2013 MKZ (Fusion and C-MAX) - and only those made in a certain date range if I remember correctly.
  8. KenZ

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    Can't imagine you would have a problem. I had a MKZ Hybrid from 2013-2016 and often left mine sitting unused for a 3-4 weeks without a problem.
  9. KenZ

    Hybrid MPG

    I had a 2013 MKZ Hybrid (traded in for a 2017 3.0T). Beside improving the MPG, the software update also changed the maximum MPH where the electric engine would automatically disengage. Before the update, the electric engine would automatically disengage at 62 MPH. After the update, I believe it was raised to 85MPH. So, if you can run on electric up to 85, you have the update. FWIW, it has been a long time and this is all from memory - I am pretty sure it is correct - or I could be having a "Senior moment". 🙂
  10. KenZ

    Time keeps changing on clock

    I am not sure of your model year, but I an MKC with Sync 2 and MKZ with Sync 3, both of them have the ability to synchronize the clock to the GPS time. Do you have that turned on in the clock settings?
  11. KenZ

    Sync 3 Screen

    If Sync gets hung up while driving, pressing and holding the Power Button (radio, not car!) and fast forward button at the same time - will reboot the Sync system. You may have to hold them 5-10 seconds before the screen goes blank and the reboot begins, You can release the buttons at that point...
  12. KenZ

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    In theory, it is data from about 1 year later - but exactly what timeframe that covers is not clear to me. In my area, which is rapidly growing, I look for streets/roads/new exits that I know have been built (and when) and get a sense of the timing. On the A9 chip, I find roads that were new about 12-18 months ago from now, but nothing newer. I have been buying chips for various cars since the A4 Chip (2013) and the data lag has been consistent over the years.. In all cases, the data is only as good as the people providing it. The A9 Chip still has a local shopping mall name wrong - even 5+ years later. It sold 5+ years ago and changed it's name. At one point, a new flyover ramp on a local highway took almost 3 years to appear on the chip. Or in other cases, local restaurants or stores that have been closed and torn down for a couple years - are still listed. You will also find that different companies make suppositions on the data that are not always correct. For example, I found that the A3-A9 chips all identified a local training center for a retail store - as an actual retail store which it is not. Also had that happen on corporate offices for restaurant chains, telling me a restaurant existed where it did not! Quite frustrating sometimes. Waze and Google have it right, so I know the information is out there, just not with the people providing these chips. Overall, the vast majority of data is good, especially in areas that don't change much.
  13. KenZ

    2013 z loaded. Footwell lights?

    I had a 2013 MKZ (but traded it in on a 2017). From what I remember, there was an ambient lighting system that was turned on and controlled thru the settings menu on the center stack screen. I am not sure if was an option or if you have it, but you may see it if you look thru the menus. It definitely had footwell lights as well as some other lighting in the doors. It was fairly low lighting and was on all the time when it was it was dark.
  14. KenZ

    Get New Tires Other than Dealership - Warranty?

    The dealerships reflect the management philosophy and business models of their ownership. I have a Lincoln dealer about a mile from me and another about 15 miles away. I use the one that is 15 miles away for service. Why? Because the one 15 miles away bends over backwards to get my service business. The one a mile away makes me feel like they are doing me a favor by servicing my car.
  15. KenZ

    Gas door

    My 2017 MKZ has the free pick up and delivery option which I used and loved. When I was talking to the service guy about bringing in my 2015 MKC for service (no free pickup and delivery on this model year), he told me they would do the same pickup, leave the loaner, and delivery back to me for $50. It is about 15 miles and 20-30 minutes with traffic - so frankly, it was worth paying. It may be worth checking out if your Lincoln dealer might do that. It is one of those things I don't mind paying for!